WIP 1095: Success Secrets – The Singular Method this Wholesaler Uses for Consistent Land Deals

Real estate agents are first and foremost in the business of communicating. At one time or another, you’ve inevitably faced the challenge of dealing with people who don’t answer your calls and emails. Often this isn’t because they’re trying to ignore you but because they’re too busy or don’t want to be put “on the spot.”

If that’s a challenge you’ve been facing… why not start using a combination of mail and texting?

On today’s episode, you’ll discover how our guest, Nathan Mikesell, uses this strategy to lock up more deals, shave hours off his day, and build more revenue. Don’t forget to head over to the Land Sharks Program for your chance to work directly with Brent Bowers and become a land shark! 


Show notes:

  • (0:45) Beginning of the episode
  • (5:59) A lot of people quit before the 3-month mark. Don’t be like them. You’re going to do it or die.
  • (11:44) What does the “big boy” check look like?
  • (12:55) Don’t look back at what you lost. Look at what you got.
  • (15:46) Nathan talked about how he locked up his 6th deal and how much money he made from it
  • (19:34) Talk to as many sellers (10-15 sellers) as you can in a day. Consistency is the key to success in this business.
  • (22:10) How does Nathan attract his target?
  • (22:47) People are attracted to people who are out there doing things
  • (25:04) Struggling to break through? Make more phone calls and text more people



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