WIP 1084: The Exact Steps This Real Estate Agent Took to Generate Over $400k in 18 Months

In this incredible episode, you will discover how one real estate agent was able to go from making 1% to 3% commissions, to generating over $400,000 in just 18 months of wholesaling real estate.

Brent speaks with James Michener, the real estate agent who cracked the real estate code and took massive (sometimes imperfect) action to achieve explosive profits in his real estate business. James started small but with the new strategies that he learned (and more importantly, implemented), he now owns 21 doors and has made almost half a million dollars in less than two years! Discover how he did all of this on today’s episode.

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Show notes:

  • (0:47) Beginning of today’s episode 
  • (2:15) Don’t try to change an unmotivated seller into a motivated one. It doesn’t work that way
  • (8:12) Our goal as real estate entrepreneurs is to achieve passive cash flow 
  • (9:30) What does his lifestyle look like right now?
  • (13:45) There are two ways to become efficient in wholesaling. It’s either you talk to more people or have high(er) quality conversations
  • (20:33) It’s all about being authentic, which is the trick to winning more deals
  • (21:01) What’s the secret sauce for not being “slimy”?
  • (23:06) Be specific, be likable, and be a real human being and communicate naturally with people
  • (28:25) How James likes to help real estate agents develop their business from zero to a hundred deals



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  • Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki 
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