WIP 1083: Are You a Real Estate Agent or an Investor – 17 Steps to a Your First Wholesale Deal

So you’ve decided to get into wholesaling but…will having a real estate license open you up to more opportunities or less?

The truth is, there are many pro’s and con’s to being a licensed agent. But as a non-wholesaling agent, you are typically pounding the pavement and fighting for 1% to 3% commissions. Most agents aren’t even familiar with the concept of wholesaling houses. 

Whether you are an agent or not, this episode is going to be pure gold. In this recent presentation directed at agents, Brent shares 17 steps to doing your first real estate wholesaling deal…whether you’re an agent or a total newbie to real estate investing. Get a pen and pad, a BIG cup of coffee, and prepare to immerse yourself in what could be one of the most important Podcast episodes you listen to in 2022!

So buckle up, because this episode will be a long and exciting one! Make sure to head over Brent’s TTP Training Program where he gives you more exciting tips in wholesaling.


Show notes:

  • (0:58) Beginning of today’s episode 
  • (2:05) Brent shares the story of how wholesaling changed his life
  • (8:01) Build a business that is a servant to you rather than you being a servant to it
  • (11:05) Be on the investor’s side because that’s where the cash flow is
  • (14:53) 6% to 10% of the market is in distress at all times.  It’s where you make your fortune
  • (19:11) “Speed, and convenience over price.”
  • (22:19) You got to find the listed targets 
  • (22:31) How to make contact with your target property owners
  • (23:21) Start pre-qualifying your leads 
  • (23:57) Find motivated sellers now
  • (24:46) You have to understand what the after-repair value is 
  • (28:35) Go to appointments
  • (28:41) Get the contract and accept it
  • (28:57) Hold the escrow
  • (30:11) Get on the phone and start talking to more people 
  • (30:50) Assigning the contract and a contract assignment means
  • (32:03) Checking the title the “right” way
  • (32:19) How to close the deal
  • (32:24) The simple way to get paid



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