WIP 1070: Using the Sellers Money to Finance Big Land Deals and Make Even Bigger Profits

Let’s all be honest; vacant land is one of the most overlooked and misunderstood ways to make money in real estate. There seems to be a widespread assumption that vacant land is a “weak” avenue because: 

A. It’s expensive and not income-producing.

B. It just sits there, and nothing happens.

C. It isn’t exciting.

But if you open your eyes, you’ll realize there’s so much more to the picture! Land investing, whether it be wholesaling raw vacant land OR earning passive income holding land notes, is neither boring nor complicated. Jon Jasniak is here to show us exactly that. He is out there earning BIG checks and buying large tracts of land,  using one of the most powerful (think leverage) strategies—seller financing. If you want to learn more about this strategy head over to Brent’s Land Sharks program and become part of a growing community of real estate entrepreneurs who are all crushing it with land! 


Show notes:

  • (1:49) Why land is simple, straightforward, and easy
  • (7:21) Smart people can learn from their mistakes; wise people learn from others
  • (7:55) Jon shares some of the roadblocks and obstacles that he had to overcome to achieve the success he now enjoys
  • (11:23) What is a wraparound mortgage?
  • (13:23) A guide on sending out direct mail and doing seller finaning
  • (23:51) What interest rates is he paying his sellers to carry out seller financing?
  • (29:42) Why your first deal is (usually) your biggest bottleneck



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