WIP 1069: Full-Time College Student Closes $110,000 in Wholesale Deals in 8 Months

If you’re a self-motivated college student that has no problem keeping up with your studies and wants to earn extra income, this one’s for you!

Meet Owen Scott, a new real estate investor who’s been making chunky deals virtually, all while being a college student abroad! He has now made over $110,000 and has become a money-making machine in just 8 months! Owen proves that real estate wholesaling may provide the right opportunity when you go out there and start having quality conversations with people. If you want to copy his game plan, head over to Brent’s TTP Training Program where he gives you a blueprint to become a successful real estate wholesaler…regardless of how much experience you currently have. 


Show notes:

  • (0:59) Beginning of the episode
  • (2:07) How long did it take for him to get his first deal
  • (2:55) What is a tired landlord’s list?
  • (8:24) How did he get so caught up with the script and the right words to say to property owners?
  • (15:38) A nitty-gritty deal breakdown
  • (17:22) Owner’s occupied vs absentee owners’ properties
  • (26:20) Go out there and start making good quality conversations with other people
  • (29:19) You need to get ready to be punched in the face in this business. Keep pushing until you get there.



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