WIP 1068: How To Buy Vacant Farm Land With No Money Down

It’s common for investors to think that money will make or break a real estate deal, especially when we’re talking about land. A lack of funds can stop a potential purchaser from bidding on a property. However, purchasing real estate without any money from the buyer’s pocket is possible. If the deal is right, the funding can easily fall into place. All you need to do is trust the process!

This episode is a quick “how-to” guide on buying vacant farmland with no money down. Brent is here to show you how the process works. To learn more about his systems, make to sign up to Brent’s Land Sharks program and be part of a growing community who strives for rhinoceros success!


Show notes:

  • (1:06) How to buy farmland with no money down
  • (1:40) No money, no time, no joke
  • (1:48) Brent introduced you to the three D’s
  • (2:48) You’ve got to pick your playground 
  • (3:25) Find a list of people who owns the land that you want to buy
  • (6:45) How to send out postcards to your land list
  • (8:58) Getting contracts 



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