WIP 1067: Fed-Ex Driver Quits His Job to Become a Full-Time Wholesaler Just By Following the Podcast

George Edwards always had an entrepreneurial spirit in his heart. Even in his time as a Fed-Ex driver, he knew he was destined for much bigger things because he refused to settle for what most people view as a “safe” (it’s not) job with a stable (no company is stable) company. 

Fifteen years later, he was listening to the Wholesaling Inc podcast, wanting to be one of those savvy wholesalers…someday. With his desire, passion, and perseverance, it didn’t take very long for him to fulfill that dream. That’s the thing about winners. They never quit until they win. 

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Show notes:

  • (0:46) The beginning of today’s episode
  • (1:22) There’s one thing about just consuming content. It’s another thing to take that content and use it to pull income out of the air
  • (4:26) How wholesaling made him become more of who he is 
  • (7:11) How TTP has helped him in his wholesaling career and his admiration for Brent’s mentorship
  • (8:14) Why real estate wholesaling is (still) a low barrier of entry. And why anybody can do it. 
  • (8:35) If you don’t make wholesaling a business early on, you’ll get burnt out



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