WIP 1059: From Driving for Door Dash to 142 Land Deals in Two Years

Back on the show is Elijah Bryant, giving us an incredible episode today. 

He shares how he went from driving for door-dash to how he’s been able to do 142 land deals…in just two years. Yes, you’ve read that right, two years! Elijah walks us through his strategy for finding buyers and selling properties by using reverse wholesaling. He then gives us a rundown of how he is currently finding motivated sellers in his market. So be sure to strap in and take in all the gold nuggets Elijah drops on today’s show.

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Show notes:

  • (1:02) Beginning of the episode
  • (2:03) Who does he sell these properties to and how does he find them?
  • (5:46) Elijah talks about his reverse wholesaling strategy 
  • (8:43) We can see from start to finish what they bought it for, what we could get it for, how much they put into that property, and what they sold it for 
  • (9:59) Elijah talks about where he finds his sellers
  • (10:52) What is virtual driving for dollars?
  • (13:18) Elijah shares his door-dashing journey



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