WIP 1058: Should You Become a Real Estate Investor – The Pros And Cons of Being Your Own Boss

Real estate investing can be one of the most profitable and fulfilling businesses to own…but it’s not without its share of problems. Wholesaling real estate can take a lot of time and effort. But when everything is said and done, your hard work in finding deeply discounted properties and offering value to sellers who have few options, can be extremely rewarding. Both on a personal level and a financial level. Historically, real estate has always been an excellent tool for building legacy wealth.

Brent Bowers is here to share the pros and cons of real estate investing and clarify the benefits… and the risks associated with it.

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Show notes:

  • (0:48) The episode begins. 
  • (1:04) You are your own boss. 
  • (1:57) You can make your own schedule in real estate •(3:18) The Passive Income section provides you with freedom.
  • (4:46) In real estate, you can retire super rich.
  • (5:45) Things can sometimes get dumped on vacant raw land.
  • (7:28) Things break all the time. That’s the con about real estate 
  • (8:07) Evictions (and how they’re not the end of the world)
  • (9:00) Debt vs Leverage 



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