WIP 1057: Cold Call Breakdown – Putting this Nigerian Cold Caller Under the Microscope

In this explosive episode, Brent breaks down a cold call from one of his students who operates in Nigeria. He puts the call under the microscope and dissects what went wrong, what was done right, and how he could have greatly improved his chances of landing the deal.   

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Show notes:

  • (0:49) Beginning of the episode
  • (3:05) The seven parts of a perfect call 
  • (3:23) Understanding the condition, timeline, motivation, and price
  • (4:10) Practice the art of active listening
  • (6:52) The first five seconds of the conversation gives you the next 30 seconds of the call
  • (7:46) The six cold call responses and how to respond to each of them
  • (10:37) Your tone of voice is your body language
  • (10:56) Why it’s important to open it up with the condition of the property
  • (13:47) Always confirm and approve and why this is critical to your success as a cold caller



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