WIP 1055: #Replay – $37,000 Per Month in Passive Income – Achieving Legacy Wealth Through Land Notes

Remember Luke Harris? The guy who generated $37,000 a month through land deals? The one who made passive income possible through land investing? If not, then make sure to check out Luke’s story! Luke went from being a forester, working on building forested land, to going full-time into real estate investing, generating passive income through land. The key to his success was choosing a niche, taking massive action, and not stopping until he hit pay dirt! 

In this short episode, Luke shares how he got started with investing in land notes, and why land investing is one of the best kept secrets in real estate investing today. If you want to achieve financial freedom just like Luke, make sure to visit Brent’s Land Sharks program right now, and learn his systems and strategies to build your own thriving land business. 


Show notes:

  • (0:56) Beginning of today’s episode 
  • (1:49) How long has he been doing land? 
  • (3:45) A rundown of Luke’s business model
  • (6:38) Some of Luke’s most significant challenges as a full-time land investor 
  • (10:30) Do you need a ton of money to get started in land real estate?
  • (12:03) Luke’s advice to newbie wholesalers who want to get started on land



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