WIP 1053: How This Wholesaler Just Did a $35,000 Deal by Driving for Dollars

Driving for Dollars is possibly the most dependable, repeatable, and inexpensive method of finding deals. Quite simply, you drive through neighborhoods looking for homes in need of repair,  and you pick up the phone and call them! It’s honestly one of the fastest and easiest ways for new real estate investors to get started but don’t get confused in thinking this is only a “new investor” strategy. Many successful real estate wholesalers use Driving for Dollars as their primary marketing channels because it’s easy to scale and will always give you deals that no other investors have access to.

Our guest today is the best example of taking action using the Driving for Dollars strategy. Meet Josh Donesky, the savvy investor who started wholesaling at eighteen and is now crushing it in his market! Today we’ll break down one of his Driving for Dollars deals that netted him around $35,000! Josh breaks down exactly how he did this deal, step by step.

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Show notes:

  • (0:01) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (3:30) The story of how he closed his first wholesale deal at eighteen
  • (7:15)  How did he split his time to balance between real estate and boarding school?
  • (13:48) In real estate, if you want to feel bulletproof, unstoppable, or a real rhinoceros, you need to have the ability to close deals
  • (20:23) Have pride that you’re out there finding the deals and helping people out of bad situations
  • (23:18) A $35,000 driving for dollars deal breakdown



  • Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
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