WIP 1052: Lead Follow Up Roadmap – 6 Steps to Creating a Wholesaling Machine

Having the perfect follow-up strategy is the thing that differentiates mediocre wholesalers from those who are massively successful. In this short episode, Brent lays out a roadmap to a simple lead follow system that is guaranteed to produce more wholesale deals…and with larger spreads.

If you implement Brent’s system in your business, you’ll be in a position to win the wholesaling game from day one! If you want to learn more about these strategies, you can head over to Brent’s TTP Training Program and get an exclusive opportunity to work with him personally.


Show notes:

  • (0:43) Beginning of the episode
  • (0:44) Pre-qualify a hundred percent of your leads, a hundred percent of the time
  • (0:55) Condition, timeline, motivation, and price should be always be your pre-qualification pillars
  • (1:22) Bad leads can hide the good ones. How to focus on the best leads
  • (2:02) Sending the leads three by three’s
  • (4:49) Simple – It’s either they invest a ton of money into their property to get it into retail condition or sell it to a cash buyer
  • (5:08) Why your drip campaigns are destroying your chances of closing more deals
  • (5:41) At the top of every single lead you have, you need to put your average assignment fee



  • Want to learn more? Check out our TTP training program.
  • To speak with Brent or one of our other expert coaches call (281) 835-4201 or schedule a free discovery call with our team here.

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