WIP 1049: Meet the 26 Year Old Who is on Track to Make a Million in 2022 Wholesaling Houses

Instead of wasting your time with unmotivated sellers, this is your sign to switch it up a bit and change the trajectory of your business by coming up with a more profitable strategy. We’re here today with a sharp-witted investor from San Diego, Greg Helbeck, and he’s going to walk us through his process of finding deals and talk about what you need to be doing RIGHT NOW to profit in today’s changing market.

Let’s find out how this 26-year-old wholesaler is crushing it in his business and is currently on track to hit 7-figures in 2022! And if you want to be as proactive as Greg and start your journey in wholesaling you can head over to Brent’s TTP Training program today.


Show notes:

  • (0:53) Beginning of the episode
  • (2:36) You have to align with investors who are making money and master your first marketing strategy (laser focus)
  • (9:06) Go out there and be proactive first and start reaching out to people
  • (13:50) The importance of mastering the basics
  • (16:43) Always look for sellers who trade price and speed for convenience
  • (19:39) Why it’s essential to  master the game of lead follow up and why “most” of your competition is missing this
  • (28:08) How positive affirmation affects our subconscious mind
  • (28:54) Stay grateful for everything, gratitude destroys fears and anxiety



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