WIP 1047: Wholesaling Quicktip – The Only 3 Ways to Get Wholesale Deals

The opportunities in the market right now are sky-high, and there are way more investment slots than real estate investors. If you can master the skill of having quality conversations, chances are you are UNSTOPPABLE. 

That said, there is a system capable of eliciting proven results. If you want to market your wholesale deal to a buyer’s list, you must follow these three actionable steps by Brent Daniels. These are proven and tested strategies that can help you win in the long run.

So what are you waiting for? No excuses now! The only one stopping you is yourself! If you want to learn more about these strategies, you can head over to  Brent’s TTP Training Program and get an exclusive opportunity to work with him.


Show notes:

  • (0:43) Beginning of the episode 
  • (1:33) There’s no competition; there’s only collaboration in this business.
  • (2:47) Make sure to have enough time on your schedule when buying leads to be able to accommodate calls.
  • (4:11) Make sure to get massive deals and have an at least 4-1 return.
  • (5:36) You’ve got to trade your time instead of money.
  • (6:09) One of the main benefits of being proactive is that you can keep all the profit.
  • (8:17) You have to have that self-awareness and look within yourself.
  • (8:27) Consistency is great, but sustainability is what creates long-lasting businesses.



  • Want to learn more? Check out our TTP training program.
  • To speak with Brent or one of our other expert coaches call (281) 835-4201 or schedule here

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