WIP 1046: 3 Ways to Find Hungry Cash Buyers in Today’s Changing Market

If you’re a real estate wholesaler, you can’t close deals without cash buyers. For people in the real estate market, building a robust cash buyer’s list is a must. After all, in many respects, having a strong list of cash buyers is the lifeblood of your business.

But how do you hunt down high-quality cash buyers—people who’ll buy from you not just once but many times in the future?

That’s what we’re going to talk about in this quick guide with Todd Toback; he’s going to break down a three-step blueprint on how to find hungry cash buyers in your market. Let’s dive in!

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Show notes:

  • (0:42) Beginning of the episode
  • (1:34) How to build a thick and robust buyer’s list
  • (2:32) Todd lays out some concerns and fears in developing relationships with your buyers
  • (6:40) Go to your local county, get into an auction, and meet with your cash buyers right now
  • (7:55) About putting properties on the MLS
  • (8:16) How to connect with agents who have cash buyers
  • (9:55) Refresh your old cash buyers list into a new one
  • (10:10) Why it’s essential to sell to both cash and retail buyers
  • (13:43) Don’t forget about novations, especially the NPA (net proceeds agreement)
  • (15:16) Avoiding that “mentor-mentee” relationship



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