WIP 1044: Meet the Scientist Who Just Made $83,910 Wholesaling Houses…Part Time

Real estate is not rocket science. The only time you need the laws of physics in this field is when you hammer down bandit signs, and the closest thing to needing astronomy is figuring out where north is when you drive and look out for deeply discounted properties.

In real estate sales, you need to understand and relate to people. Unlike in rocket science, this step is not calculable. For you to succeed in this business, you must talk to people, understand basic psychology, and be more human (that’s the tricky part). Speaking of science, today we’re joined by Jose Gloria, a scientist who decided to take a big leap and enter real estate entrepreneurship full-time. He’s here to drop the game plan that allowed him to close $83,910.00 in wholesale fees!

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Show notes:

  • (0:45) Beginning of the episode 
  • (1:57) How could he do his full-time job and real estate?
  • (6:27) You’ve got to have progress instead of perfection every time.
  • (9:30) The foundation of wholesaling is going out there and finding discounted properties yourself.
  • (15:00) What goes through his head when he transitions from being a scientist to a real estate investor?
  • (23:14) In real estate, you’ve got to be a problem solver and learn to solve problems by being around people who’ve also solved these problems before.



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