WIP 1043: Millionaire Before 30 – The Steps You Need to be Taking to Become a Millionaire Before 30

If your goal is to help a lot of people and become successful in the real estate industry, you can’t afford to miss this episode!

Our own Brent Daniels is joined by co-host Albert Bui in a must listen episode where they reveal the secrets to becoming a millionaire in real estate before the age of 30. In this extensive episode, you’ll discover the strategies you need to be employing in your life AND in your business to achieve this massive goal. They share tips and techniques for profiting in today’s changing market and do an extensive Q&A session where they answer all of your burning questions on proper mindset, advanced cold calling techniques (along with scripts),  Private Money, Brent’s thoughts on Tim Ferris and the “4 Hour Work Week”, and so much more.

So fasten your seatbelts and turn your speakers up, because you’re in for a wild ride!

If you enjoyed this masterclass and want to jumpstart your wholesaling career head over to Brent’s TTP Training Program and get an exclusive opportunity to learn his systems and strategies.


Show notes:

  • (0:52) Beginning of the episode.
  • (2:49) Real estate all starts with a lot of hustle while trying to build relationships
  • (6:14) The more people you talk to, the luckier you will be in real estate (and why this is critical to success)
  • (15:48) The truth about going after MLS deals
  • (19:00) Selling is an emotional decision backed by logic (and how to leverage this knowledge)
  • (29:45) How to add value to probate leads
  • (31:21) A unique strategy for buying and selling properties off the MLS
  • (36:15) Why starting with driving for dollars can be the most effective way for someone just starting out (the pros and cons)
  • (48:55) Why you need to be on target with your offer pricing now more than ever before and some strategies for coming up with the perfect offer
  • (54:50) Why flipping can be one of the biggest mistakes for new real estate investors
  • (55:52) You win when you build a predictable and repeatable system for sourcing discounted properties
  • (1:19:00) The blueprint guide for millionaires over 30



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