WIP 1041: Adapt or Die – The Recession Proof Method to Make an Extra $400k in Your Business This Year

Things are changing. The market’s unpredictable, and cash buyers are becoming increasingly picky, usually offering thousands of dollars less on your asking prices.

The time to change is now. Adapting to current market changes puts you in a stronger position to come out of the downturn unscathed…but how do we leverage a changing market to explode our profits? Because you can absolutely make a fortune in this market if you are smart and use leverage to maximize opportunities not available to most traditional wholesalers.

Adjusting to these situations not only makes you bulletproof, but also puts you in the best position to generate explosive returns on every deal.  If you’re looking for ways to maximize your profits, then today’s your lucky day! Todd Todback is here to teach you the exact methods and tactics for earning an extra $400,000.00 in your wholesale transactions this year.


Show notes:

  • (1:01) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (1:25) When you adapt to market changes, you’re going to win
  • (3:56) Things are changing, and cash buyers are still buying, but their appetite isn’t the same
  • (4:20) You need to get the maximum return for the minimum investment
  • (5:25) Working with traditional banks has prevented us from wholesaling properties
  • (6:59) The real estate market is softening and buyers’ appetite is getting lower
  • (10:09) The benefits of putting our buyer and seller together for a new contract
  • (14:28) Eliminating mental baggage
  • (15:15) The time is now, grab it



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