WIP 1040: Case Study – The $114k Land Deal that Helped this 27 Year Old Leave His High Paying Job

If you’re dying to get out of that corporate job and start taking the path to financial freedom, this one’s for you!

Not so long ago, 27-year old Mason McDonald was in the same situation as you. Tired of his tedious job working in corporate America, he decided to take a different route and jumpstart his career in real estate investing. Luckily enough, he landed his first six-figure deal shortly after. Who would’ve thought of closing a $114,000 deal right off the bat?!

It’s the boring, repetitive action that helped propel him to success, and we’re about to learn how this tactic can help you in your REI investing journey as well. If you’re curious about his story, make sure to strap in and take note of the value bombs that he’s going to share with us today.

If you want to follow Mason’s footsteps, check out Brent’s Land Sharks program and let him show you how to make passive income with land investing.


Show notes:

  • (0:47) Start of the episode
  • (1:58) Mason’s journey to financial independence through real estate investing
  • (7:45) Your happiness and health are more important than a job
  • (9:44) Mason gives us a breakdown of his first land deal
  • (13:44) You need to stop pre-supposing what people will buy and think about the people who want that piece of land
  • (17:36) It’s boring, repetitive daily action that creates success
  • (22:52) This business is easy; all you’ve got to do is take action and send the mail
  • (25:39) Find people who are smarter than you and copy what they’re doing



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