WIP 1039: How a Former Waitress and Busy Mom Made $38,000 in a Single Month Wholesaling Houses

If you’re interested in virtual wholesaling, you may want to hear the story of how this single mom built a successful real estate wholesale business in just a couple of months, with very little investment money involved.

Meet Tadi, a young waitress who decided to switch her career path, venture into real estate, and closed a $38,000 deal in her first month. She simply drew a list, grabbed a dialer, and began punching numbers into her phone… Now she’s supporting her family by being her own boss and running her real estate business. Let’s discover how Tadi was able to make all of this possible.

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Show notes:

  • (0:54) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (1:46) Don’t over analyze; take action as much as possible 
  • (3:41) From waitressing to becoming her own boss 
  • (14:40) Whenever you feel that instinct, that’s when you take action 
  • (15:39) How is she able to close 6 deals and make 38,000 in a single month?
  • (16:18) You start thinking bigger when you start getting results 
  • (18:58) A breakdown of a $140,000 transaction 
  • (29:24) If you’re proactive and you’re loud, you cannot lose. It’s just a matter of time.



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