WIP 1038: #Classic – Value Bomb – A Masterclass on How to Achieve Massive Success as a Wholesaler with Tom Krol, Brent Daniels, Pace Morby, Jamil Damji and Flipman

Get ready for an action-packed session because we’re in for an exciting treat! This one’s a classic.

Today’s episode is all about bringing value with our hosts Brent Daniels, Pace Morby, Flipman, Jamil Damji, and the father of the Rhino Tribe himself, Tom Krol. Join our gang of seasoned wholesalers as they share some wisdom, insights, and tips about how to achieve massive success as a wholesaler…and in life. Learn how these showstoppers continue to climb their way up the success ladder and effectively dominate their markets.

This is truly a life changing episode for anyone who is willing to listen with an open mind and apply the principles that are taught here. Jump right in and see what happens when the best of the best wholesalers get together in one remarkable podcast episode!

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Show notes:

  • (0:50) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (4:14) Is it better to go face-to-face or lock up deals over the phone if you’re in the same market?
  • (5:12) 80% of your deals can be done over the phone, but you have to use your own discerning ability to get contracts done
  • (6:37) The key is ABL: “Always be leading” and why this is critical for success
  • (16:46) Whenever you’re doing deals, boil it down to childlike understanding and don’t leave until you get that contract
  • (19:30) In real estate, “delivery” is everything (what is it and why it matters)
  • (20:16) You don’t want to be a deal creator; you want to be a deal finder
  • (23:43) If you want to increase your deal flow, you have to increase your average deal size
  • (28:11) Why it’s important to dominate only one marketing channel at a time
  • (28:31) The most important KPI is how many incoming leads can be converted into a deal
  • (32:37) Don’t fall for the “shiny object syndrome”
  • (33:15) Outsource anything that is not in your wheelhouse
  • (38:23) On hiring and onboarding acquisition managers
  • (46:16) They share their personal favorite marketing channels
  • (52:49) How do partnerships work in wholesaling and should you be in one?
  • (1:03:50) Advice on where to market successfully
  • (1:20:30) What does “T” for Finance mean?



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