WIP 1032: Wholesaling Quicktip – The Idiot Proof Method for Prequalifying Houses Like a Pro

Have you ever been in a position where you get all riled up and excited about a potential win? You put down the phone with a smile on your face, already so determined that you’ll get that deal closed and can’t wait to shake hands with your potential seller. We get your enthusiasm!

But wait—don’t escalate things just yet. Let’s hear what Brent Daniel’s got to say first about the four pillars of prequalifying houses and potential sellers. 

This blueprint will surely come in handy in saving you from the heartache of getting turned down. It will also allow you to leverage higher prices to keep the ball rolling. If you’re up for learning more about Brent’s process you can also check out TTPInsider.com for a free and exclusive mastersheet.


Show notes:

  • (0:36) Identify the condition of the property. 
  • (1:08) Use the four layers of pre-qualifying as your scaffolding and skeleton of every single conversation  
  • (1:25) When you’re talking about the condition of the property, it’s very important to get specific. 
  • (3:10) You need to find out the timeline . The shorter the timeline, the hotter the lead. 
  • (4:39) Find out why your sellers want to sell their property.
  • (5:40) You need to understand what your seller’s motivation is. 
  • (6:46) There are so many different reasons for distress.
  • (8:06) Pull the price out of the seller and let them tell you how much they want for the property.



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