WIP 1029: No Excuses – Meet the Wholesaler Who has Done Over 300 Real Estate Deals…from Belgium

One of the great things about real estate wholesaling is that you can make calls, follow up with leads, and get deals sold anytime, anywhere! If you’re not yet convinced, then you have to meet this incredible wholesaler.

With the use of virtual wholesaling, Dimitri Vancamp has done between 300 and 400 deals in 12 different countries, all from the country of Belgium! He runs his real estate investing   business like a pro and reveals how he got started and the foundational pieces he put in place to do things the “right way” starting on day one. Make sure to turn up your volume and stay hyper focused because today he’ll be breaking down his deal process and letting you in on the principles that he’s learned, so that you can get started faster, and how to serve your buyers and sellers more effectively while putting more money in your pocket.

If you apply the principles that Dimitri shares in this episode you’re almost guaranteed success as a real estate wholesaler! And if you want to be just like Dimitri, start by checking out Brent’s TTP Training program today, and learn how to start doing deals and making money, the “right way”.


Show notes:

  • (0:58) Beginning of the episode
  • (1:51) How he got started in the business
  • (6:29) Why you need to find a way to have a quality conversation with property owners…one way or another
  • (8:50) Dimitri’s story of doing deals in 12 different countries through virtual wholesaling
  • (17:34) His exact criteria for determining which areas will generate the highest profits.
  • (21:10) How to pull a tax delinquent list from the city
  • (22:12) How to build a lifestyle business that’s aligned with your goals and why there’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” type of business
  • (29:39) Why this business is a numbers game and how to strengthen your endurance levels to win the game
  • (31:03) Dimitri’s deal break down



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