WIP 1028: From Corporate America to Busy Mom to Successful Wholesaler

One of our rhino tribe members, Shelly Ezell, used to work in corporate America. After the pandemic struck, she knew it was time to start thinking about a new career and ended up joining her husband in the real estate world. Shelly quickly took to her new career and is now on her way to doing her very first real estate wholesale deal!

If you’ve been sitting on the fence thinking about changing careers and jumping into wholesaling houses, drop what you’re doing RIGHT NOW and start listening to this episode. On today’s show, you’ll discover how Shelly went from corporate America to full time real estate investor all while being a full-time mom.

If you’re ready to start wholesaling houses just like Shelly, check out Lauren’s Virtual Investing Mastery program where she’ll show you how to wholesale and flip real estate from anywhere.


Show notes:

  • (1:20) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (2:00) How she got into wholesaling
  • (4:35) What it was like working with her spouse and doing real estate together
  • (11:08) Strategic ways on how to keep your pipeline full
  • (11:51) What is probate and how does it work?
  • (14:23) Shelly’s experience juggling kids and entrepreneurship at the same time



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