WIP 1026: Novation Case Study – The Hottest New Strategy Nobody is Talking About

Todd Toback is back with one of the hottest new wholesaling strategies to ever hit the real estate investing industry, novations! A few episodes back, Todd introduced us to the newest way of getting bigger deals, making larger spreads, and practically eliminating your competition by practically creating deals out of thin air, using the novations strategy.

In this episode, Todd goes over a case study where he talks about the perks of using novations, debunking misconceptions, and why you need to have novations in your investing arsenal to make more money in this very challenging real estate market.

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Show notes:

  • (0:56) Beginning of the episode
  • (2:29) Todd deep dives a novation case study
  • (5:12) Why wholesaling is less about real estate and more about marketing and lead generation.
  • (10:15) Why homeowners are only looking for two things, and how to effectively give them what they want.
  •  (11:34) Why Novations work so well and how to implement in your business.



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