WIP 1025: The Top 10 Things You Must Know when Buying Land in Colorado or Anywhere Else

Not everyone gets lucky enough to find the perfect area to build their dream home. Some states can be overpriced; some are not viable enough to begin with. But Colorado is green and gorgeous and offers numerous attractions! It’s a perfect fit for anyone who wants the gorgeous landscape features and scenic view. If you’re planning to purchase vacant land in Colorado, our land guy, Brent Bowers, is here to give you the top 10 tips to keep in mind before doing so.

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Show notes:

  • (0:10) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (1:26) What is allowed on the land and what is the zoning for?
  • (2:07) Why you need access to the property
  • (3:25) How to determine whether there are any protected species or wetlands.
  • (3:50) Why it’s critical to know what the surrounding area looks like.
  • (4:47) How to conduct a property survey.
  • (5:50) The importance of requesting an estimate for the cost of power on your property line.
  •  (6:35) Don’t buy a piece of land without knowing the water first.
  • (7:43) Why bad internet service can kill good deals.
  • ( 9:12) What’s a  a soil test and why you need to know.
  • (9:45) A Should you do a title search and is title insurance necessary?



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