WIP 1024: How a 20 Year Old College Student Closed His First Real Estate Wholesale Deal

So let’s say you’re a go-getting , ambitious young adult who wants to venture into real estate. What can you do to help move your business goals forward? If you’re dead set on getting into the world of investing, and in particular, Wholesaling, the only thing that’s stopping you from achieving your goals is not taking action. Having the willingness to go out there ,build rapport, and talk to people will make you stand out and rise above all the noise.

20-year old Diego Cavazos is an inspiration to all young business-minded individuals out there. Not so long ago, Diego set his heart on  real estate and left college to start his career. At an early age, he started to gain confidence and practice his selling skills, came up with a strategy, and, of course, you guessed it right, put these things into action! Today, Diego shares with us his success story in talks about what he did to close his first wholesale deal.

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Show notes:

  • (1:21) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (16:48) How Diego landed his first deal
  • (18:43) On building relationships and building rapport
  • (23:52) The power of networking
  • (29:14) Crossing the bridge of doubt by having faith in yourself that you can do it
  • (29:44) Faith is fantastic in business but fact is better
  • (32:16) What’s Diego’s goal for the next upcoming year?



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