WIP 1020: $62,600 on His First Land Deal — Why Land Investing Is So Lucrative

Many people want to get into real estate. Few get started. And even less succeed. Today’s guest has a very relatable story. He started in real estate in 2003, but was in and out for years until he really found his footing with land. Today Will Lowery has locked up land deals and is well on his way to passive, financial freedom. He joins Brent Bowers to break down his first deals and some of the biggest lessons he’s learned along the way.

If you’re interested in learning from the same source Will did, consider doing what he did and apply to Brent’s Land Sharks program.


Show notes:

  • (0:43) – Beginning of today’s episode.
  • (1:07) – Will’s background and how he got into real estate.
  • (7:17) – Don’t let perfect become the enemy of good.
  • (13:50) – Will breaks down his first deal.
  • (20:05) – How much Will made from his first deal.



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