WIP 1018: $220k+ in Half a Year — How This Newbie Did It

A football player and a lady in a wheel chair putting up signs at 4am. That’s exactly how our guest today, David Niehaus, got his start. From putting up bandit signs, to losing $30k, to closing over $300k in his first year and a half, David breaks down his crazy start in wholesaling. He’ll break down exactly how he found and sold his most lucrative deals and provide insight you can start using today.

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Show notes:

  • (1:15) – Beginning of today’s episode.
  • (3:40) – David’s background and how he got into real estate.
  • (6:15) – How David left $20k on the table.
  • (10:05) – How David went from struggling to  closing deals.
  • (14:00) – $300k+ in a year — how David’s doing it.
  • (22:40) – $1m a year — David’s vision.



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