WIP 1012: Using Mass Media to Quantum Leap Your Credibility and Close a Mountain of Deals

There are numerous real estate marketing channels, but what distinguishes TV advertisements from other traditional methods? TV ads can help you reach your target audience, which means more quality leads. Also, it is influential because it gives you credibility. Many prospects trust it more than other media.

Although television can be an excellent business marketing channel, it can be pretty costly. In this episode, joining Chris Arnold is Tony Javier and Nelson Horton. Nelson will discuss his experience using TV as a medium and how he was able to close two deals with a $15,000 profit—while spending only $3,000 per month on TV ads. He will also talk about how Tony helped him set up his marketing ads and about their joint venture partnership.

If you are considering using television as a marketing medium but hesitating because it seems too expensive for you, listen to this episode.


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