Posted on: October 28, 2016

Could this (new) marketing channel be the future of Wholesaling?

In Wholesaling, we’re always looking for more deals. If we don’t have deals, we don’t have a Wholesaling business! If you are like most other Wholesalers, you are probably utilizing many different marketing channels.

It could be direct mail, bandit signs, door hangers, post it notes, driving for dollars or all of the above!

In part two of a two part series (to listen to part one, CLICK HERE), Cody continues his conversation about the future of Wholesaling with genius marketer, Kiley Newbold. With this INCREDIBLE new marketing channel, Cody was recently able to do one of his biggest deals to date, which was over $73,000!!

If you want to hear the details on that MONSTER deal, CLICK HERE to listen to that Episode of the Podcast.

Cody’s guest shares how he uses this marketing channel to find motivated sellers with laser precision, like a Sniper. If you are a Wholesaler who has been searching for “The Next Big Thing”, you can’t afford to miss this episode.

Just be sure to keep it on the down low:-)


  • Are the days of direct mail quickly coming to an end?
  • How to find qualified leads with pinpoint precision
  • 3 reasons why Facebook could be the most POWERFUL marketing tool on the planet!
  • What is re-targeting and how it could help 10x your profits!
  • The biggest mistake you could be making in your marketing cycles…and how to avoid it
  • How Facebook can actually help complement your existing marketing channels (like putting it on steroids)
  • How to reach the right people, at the right time with the right message
  • Getting in early: How to beat your competition to the punch
  • and so much more…

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Episode Transcription

Kiley Newbold: I want to make it a point there that I think is really important for people to, to think about. And this is where the analogy of the fishing, where we have to diverged from that a little bit because when you’re out fishing and you throw a net and you pull them in, the fish you aren’t going to keep, you just have to put them back in the ocean, right? Or in the sea, or the Lake or whatever. And when you come back to fish later and that fish is big enough, you hope that maybe it gets caught in your net, right?
But the benefit of Facebook marketing is once someone has come to your website, we now can remarket them. So we can remarket them for as long as we want. So, we don’t just set them free back into the sea, we tag them. I guess to use the fishing analogy, we tag them and we now know where that fish is all the time. And that’s a massive driver of success. And for you specifically Cody, we see great results with retargeting ads.

Cody Hofhine: Okay, so hold on. Just so I can kind of break this down granular, because I know this is like your back of the hand. You know this stuff. So you, you hit them first with this Facebook ad. Someone gets on Facebook, they see my ad, they see we buy homes fast cash in Utah. They click on it and they end up saying at this point it’s not for me. I know I’m to be selling here in six months, but at this time it’s not right. And then at that moment you do what’s called, I believe you said re-targeting. I guess explain that little process. So you retarget. What is it that retargeting essentially means?

Kiley Newbold: Okay. So think about yourself for a minute. How many times, this is rhetorical, how many times have you seen an ad on Facebook, if you’re reading a blog or something online, you see an ad for something, you click it and you make a purchase or a, we’d form decision right on the spot. And the answer to that question, our behavior is people is we don’t usually do that. We like to think about things. We want to kind of look deeper and understand. So when we put an ad out on Facebook, we throw our net out there, we’re bringing in a lot of fish and if someone lands on your website, they may for any number of reasons, not fill out your web form, right then and there, it could be because they’re not quite ready to sell their home, right?
It could be because I’m the nephew of my aunt and I know my aunt needs to sell her home, but I’m going to go talk to her first before I put my info in. Right? Or I got to talk to my husband, wife, whatever it might be. And then you lead the website, right? Because you were surfing Facebook while you were at work on your lunch break and you saw one of our ads. So now I’ve got that data. I’m going to create a specific ad for those types of people and I’m going to show them that ad again on Facebook. And that ad again, right message, right people, right time. So, that message is going to change slightly. And what we’re trying to do is nurture that person, closer to converting, which in this case is filling out the lead form, right?
Or picking up the phone and calling. And with the investors I’m working with right now, I see this behavior universally across the country. That people will come to the website, they’ll browse through a few pages, a handful of them will fill out the lead form right then and there. But most of them, many of them come back later and fill out that lead form. So the retargeting ads, is our way of staying in contact with that person once they’ve left the website. This is another quick little nugget that you can do on Facebook. You can also tell Facebook to take that retargeting group of people and create a lookalike audience based off of that. So now you’re marketing to specific people that had been to your website and people who are similar to…

Cody Hofhine: That Look like them.

Kiley Newbold: Correct.

Cody Hofhine: That sounds so absolutely out of this world are almost like, Holy smokes, how does this possible? Again, I can’t say any other words than I love Facebook. Everyone asked me how it works, what I do, I have no idea. I leave it to the professional. I leave Kylie with what he does best to do it and it has been awesome. Now we just barely did a podcast where Tom interviewed me, and you’ve probably heard this podcast if not definitely go back, but there was a deal that I made and I have it still here on my notes because it was my biggest one I have ever done this.
The biggest deal I’ve ever done. It ended up being $73,135 and 45 cents and that deal, Kylie, and you know this too came from Facebook. I absolutely love Facebook and I’m telling you that’s not the only deal we have done from Facebook and I don’t want to jump ahead, but ultimately we’re going to lead to the point of where other areas, it’s helping other marketing channels close as well by by having Facebook. So we’ll get to that point in a second. But Kylie, seriously, keep going. Indoctrinate us with Facebook. Let’s hear it.

Kiley Newbold: All right, so there’s a couple of other things to consider if you’re marching down the path of Facebook marketing. So we talked about the creative side, that’s the right message. We talked about the targeting side, that’s the right people. That also kind of encompasses right time. Facebook has a lot of tools. When and in what formats you deliver your ads. I think the other thing to think about is, and maybe Cody, I’m jumping ahead so you can redirect me if you want, but one of the things to consider is how Facebook fits into the overall digital marketing ecosystem.
I think that’s something that’s really important for people to understand, is that online marketing, it’s an ecosystem. That’s the way I think about it. So as Facebook drives more people to your website and Cody, do you care if I share some stats?

Cody Hofhine: No. This is what it’s all about. Like the no fluff, no BS zone. This is all what it’s about. So if this will help my listeners, my tribe, understand Facebook, absolutely share those stats cause I know it’s been nothing but good and I give you all control. Share them.

Kiley Newbold: Okay. Perfect. So when we started running Facebook ads for your wholesaling business, the traffic to your site increased by X. So five times as many people are coming to your website,

Cody Hofhine: what does that equate to in numbers? Do you have those datas or is that too granular?

Kiley Newbold: No, I do. So you’re getting about a 2,500 people a month coming to your website now and you had, about 500 people. So it’s actually more like five X.

Cody Hofhine: Okay. So five times I had a, before Facebook I had 500 people going to my website throughout the whole month. I turned on Facebook with Kylie, and now 2,500 people hit my website every single month. And we’re only four months maybe into this. And you could tell maybe if that’s incorrect, but please correct it. But about four months of Facebook marketing.

Kiley Newbold: Yes.

Cody Hofhine: Was that instant? Or are you saying that’s what it took to get to that four months or is this no baby. Right. And we turn this on month one it was doing this.

Kiley Newbold: No. That works like a faucet men, we turn it on and it just starts flowing. So your traffic jumped up to that the very first month.

Cody Hofhine: Okay. So let’s be on it. Does that, not even faucet, that’s like a fire hose. Taking a drink out of a fire hose. It went from 500 to 2,500 that is, and that’s instantly. I absolutely love hearing that by the way. Because it’s a, it all equates the money and leads and conversions for me.

Kiley Newbold: That’s right. So Cody, coming back to what you were, I think you were kind of going down this path that the important thing to think about now, so we’re sending, you know, 2,000, 2,500 3,000 people a month to a website. About 75 to 80% of those by the way, are coming from Facebook. Right. Which makes sense. If you look at the data going from 500 to 2,500 when we turn on Facebook, most of those coming from Facebook.

Cody Hofhine: Absolutely.

Kiley Newbold: But if you think about what I was saying earlier about how people’s behavior online. A lot of those people were coming to the website off of a Facebook ad. They’re reading, they’re watching your testimonial videos, they’re on your page about how it works. And then they’re going away to do whatever they need to do to be ready to make a decision.
So they’re talking to their wife, they are, maybe having a one more conversation with a real estate agent before they decide it’s not worth it, whatever it is. And then they’re coming back to your website. But the way they come back to your website is where it gets interesting. So what might happen? There’s so many scenarios of how someone can end up back on your website.
They could type in the URL directly and land on your website. They could perform a Google search and type on, excuse me, click on one of your organic listings. Or they could actually type in your name or, and click on one of your PPC ads. Right.

Cody Hofhine: Which is pay per click by the way.

Kiley Newbold: Yes. Paper clicks are now getting involved in the process for, for getting this need to you. And the way most websites work, and a lot of the investors I work with use InvestorCarrot, which is a great website and a great platform. The way it attributes a lead is by the last source that pushed them to the website.
So let me explain what I mean by that. If someone sees an ad on Facebook, clicks on it, comes to the website, there may be during their Workday, I said, they’re on lunch trying to figure out what they’re going to do with the grandma’s house that they’ve just inherited. And later that day they talked to the rest of their family members who are part of the decision making process and they decide, let’s talk to this wholesale investor.
They then come back to your website by typing in your name in Google, clicking search, and then they click on your PPC ad, come to the website, fill out the web form, bam. You’ve got a new lead. On the back end of InvestorCarrot. It’s going to say or whatever website you’re using, it’s going to say, this new lead came from PPC because the last source that it came from is PPC and it’s vice versa, right?
It’s possible that someone clicks on a PPC ad comes to your website for the first time. Now, I mentioned earlier, they’re in our retargeting pool, right? So now they go away, they’re surfing Facebook and they see an ad and they go, that was that place I was looking at earlier. I should go back and give them my information and talk with them.
InvestorCarrot is going to give credit to Facebook for that one, even though PPC kind of initiated it. And so that’s why you got to think about digital marketing as sort of an all inclusive ecosystem. Certainly, you want to look at each marketing channel. And make sure that what you’re budgeting there makes sense but it’s an overall ecosystem that helps drive just drive success. And Cody, now that you’ve given me the free reign to share some data, I’m going to share some more data from, from working together before we started running Facebook for you. Well, let me put it this way. After we started running Facebook, the number of web leads that you get every single month has doubled.

Cody Hofhine: Correct. And I see you’ve shared that. The months where I was getting two leads from pay-per-click, people clicking on my paid advertising is going to four because of Facebook, when Facebook turned on. And so even though pay-per-click and correct me if I’m wrong, even though paper click was getting the credit, because ultimately that was the source that they filled out the form. What’s amazing is it has direct correlation. When Facebook was turned on my web leads from paper started doubling every single month.

Kiley Newbold: Yes. And I mean there’s a lot of other ancillary ways that Facebook drives that. Which one of those is just having visibility in your market. Every month, Cody, we reach anywhere from 50 to 130,000 people for you in the Salt Lake Valley with Facebook ads. And certainly not every one of those people is clicking on an ad, right?

Cody Hofhine: Right.

Kiley Newbold: But what that does is they now have you in their mind. So your wholesale business exists in their mind as a possibility. So when they go now and search, I want to sell my home for cash in Salt Lake city, and they see your PPC ad, whether it’s conscious or unconscious, is one of the great things about marketing, the psychology behind it.
They’re more likely to click on your PPC ad now. Because there’s a connection there, that name. So there, there’s all these ways that Facebook is going to drive value for your business. And the thing I love most, so I’ve done all kinds of marketing, offline, online, email. And one of the things I love about digital marketing and Facebook specifically, is you’ve got data to look at, right? So you never have to scratch your head and go, I wonder if it’s working you. We look at your results, right? Your traffic has increased 5X. Your web leads have increased 2X and you’re closing deals, right?.

Cody Hofhine: Absolutely.

Kiley Newbold: So the data tells us that it’s working, which is exciting. I love data.

Cody Hofhine: OKay. So Kylie, if our listeners wanted to reach out to you, I know you’re doing a lot of work for wholesalers in a lot of markets nationwide. What is the best way for them to reach out to you, connect with you, so they can talk to you more about Facebook. So couple things, listeners. This is something that you can attack on your own. I’m sure it’s possible for me. I know it’s impossible. I just don’t know technology at all. I barely know how to turn on this podcast, so I turn it over to the experts like Kylie.
But then there’s those Kylie, I can tell you right now that are listening, thinking, Oh my goodness, this is it. This makes sense. It’s my next step. How does that listener get involved and talk to you? So he can understand the power of Facebook and take it to the next level to have you do that for him.

Kiley Newbold: Yeah. So you absolutely can approach it yourself. Cody, I think there’s a lot of things to consider there, which we can dig into.

Cody Hofhine: No way.

Kiley Newbold: Wait, if you want to contact me. So I’ve got openings in several markets across the US my website is

Cody Hofhine: OKay. And is that the best way to reach out to you? Just in general. You’ll have a contact form from there where they can fill out to reach out to you in general.

Kiley Newbold: Yep. Absolutely. There’s a way to reach me there. And then once we’re connected I can talk you through how it works. And if you’re a part of The tribe, it’s super easy, kind of just plug and play really.

Cody Hofhine: cool. So Tribe members. That’s one benefit Kylie has done for the Tribe is when you get lined up with this individual. When you get lined up with the genius of Facebook, he gives the tribe and amazing, I can’t say it enough. Amazing discount when it comes to Facebook marketing and Kylie, I want to thank you for doing that because I have had multiple Tribe members, that are part of the Tribe, call me and say how grateful they are for working with them and the discount that you so generously give them.

Kiley Newbold: You bet man, I love working with rhinos. Massive action I love it.

Cody Hofhine: And you have absolutely adopted some of the phrases and I love it. I love that you’re being part of the Tribe and in general. Me and Tom talk to you all the time and you’re always taken on the mindset of the wholesaler and that’s why you’re so successful and why your stuff works for us.
So I can appreciate that. And Kylie, I can’t thank you enough for being on our show. I know there is multiple wholesalers nationwide that are looking for their next approach, their next cutting edge Ninja secret, and you have just explained exactly what that next secret is to find more leads that convert into more contracts. So Kylie, thank you so much for being on the show today.

Kiley Newbold: Thank you for having me. It was a blast.

Cody Hofhine: Okay, so rhino nation, if you want to learn more about wholesaling, hoteling, cutting edge secrets like you just learned today, I mean stuff that will get you to stop learning and straight to earning. Go to G R I, subscribe to our email list. We always give out gold nuggets, and golden information each and every day so that you can explode your wholesaling business. If you need help with your business, click on the coaching tab, get in connection with us, and if we like what you have to say, we just might invite you to be a rhino. Until next time. Take care of rhino nation.

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