Posted on: December 10, 2016

How to Think Like a 7 Figure Wholesaler!

Mark is a new Rhino who has a TON of “grit”! Based on just a few of the things Mark has already done, Tom believes it’s just a matter of when (not if) Mark will find the success he’s looking for.

Today Tom shares Mark story and gives an example of what it takes to achieve massive success in the wholesaling business. By taking some early massive (and imperfect) action, Mark decided to step outside his comfort zone and connect with a seasoned “Pro” who had already made it in the business.

There’s obviously a little bit more to the story than that, and you’ll get to hear the details of Mark’s journey today. Learn why it is “critical” to be in the right headspace to achieve success in this (or any other) business.

Your belief system is EVERYTHING!! No “stinkin thinkin” allowed!

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  • Why he believes Mark will have massive success in the Wholesaling business
  • Why you should connect with other Rhinos in your area
  • The importance of modeling people who have what you want
  • Why your belief system is critical to success…and how to change it
  • Why we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with
  • and so much more…

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Episode Transcription

This is for all tribe members. We have a new tribe member. His name is Mark. I won’t give out his last name just in case, Mark, you want to stay private.
But this guy is … I’m going to tell you guys right now, just mark these words. This guy is going to explode in this wholesaling business. I guarantee it.
So here’s the deal. So what I often do is when we have a tribe member who comes in, if there’s rhinos in the area, all-star rhinos, people who are already in the tribe crushing it, I always say, “Go and get a hold of those people.” And I did that with Mark on the phone. He happens to be in California. And I had suggested he go and see Todd.
Next day, he goes and sees Todd. Jumps in the car, drives down. No appointment, no phone call. Goes to Todd Toback’s office, my older brother, my original mentor. And you know, with no instruction other than going down to see him, and he went and did it.
Mark, phenomenal. I love it. I love it, right? You’re in exactly the right head space. Massive imperfect action. But when he got there, you know, Todd’s not really expecting him, which is great. And Mark was like, basically, well, now what? Right? So they had a quick meeting and then Mark left.
Here’s the deal. What are you supposed to do with these meetings? Here is the reason why you want to see him. So this is why the rock stars and the tribe should connect with the rock stars. And the rookies should connect with the rock stars. But the rookies together shouldn’t connect with each other because you always want to be spending time with people who are already at the destination where you want to get to, not people who you’re holding hands with on the same journey.
Right, so sometimes people, when we say spend time with the people who, you know, the top five people who you spend time with, you’re the average of, sometimes people mistakenly think that means there’s negative people and positive people and I’m going to spend time with positive people. That’s not really what that means. If you really deep dive that and where it comes from, what you really want to make the distinguish of, how you really want to distinguish the people you spend time with is you want to be spending time with people who have already arrived at the destination that you’re trying to get to. This way they can reach across that divide and they can pull you over.
So why meet with Todd? Why meet with other wholesalers in your territory? If you’re lucky enough to have tribe members, we now have tribe members all over the country who are crushing it. And if you happen to some in your area, why take the 20-, 30-minute, 60-, hour-and-20 minute drive to go and see them? A few reasons.
Number one is because your belief system in this business is one of the most important things. What do I mean by that? So one of the biggest doubts in this business, especially if you haven’t wholesaled a deal yet or you haven’t really wholesaled a lot of deals, is: Does this business really work? Right? Why would anybody ever sell their house for pennies on the dollar when they can just call a real estate agent and get full price? It doesn’t even make any sense. The whole premise of the business is totally illogical, right? Why are these people giving their houses away? So it’s very hard to overcome that. Can you do this on a consistent basis? Sure you can get a deal here and there, but can you have it running without you consistently every day, big deals all the time?
So why do we meet with tribe members who are crushing it? The reason is to spend time with those people who are already where you want to be so that it will change your belief system or strengthen it, so that you know it’s possible.
Right, I remember hearing a story … I was listening to an Audible book and I can’t remember the book and I don’t even remember it, the facts are going to be all wrong. But the story remains the same, which is there was something about a two-minute mile or a four-minute mile, and everybody was saying, I’m sure all of you guys are familiar with the story, everybody was saying, “It can’t be done. You can’t run a mile in under two minutes or under four minutes,” or whatever the situation was.
And nobody could do it. Everybody tried. Everybody was trying. And scientists were coming out and saying, “It can’t be done. It can’t be done. It’s impossible.” And then of course, as most of you guys probably know, one person broke the two-minute mile or whatever it was. And then all of a sudden right behind them there was all a whole string of people that did it.
So that’s the reason why we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. It changes our belief system. It’s a cold. Everybody catches it, right?
So when you have these meetings, what are you supposed to do? Build rapport. Those are the people you’re supposed to be spending time with. If you can drive down and set it up and, say, you get down over to see an acquisition, a wholesaler who’s crushing it, what you want to do is you want to see the operations. Show me your checks. Show me your bank account. Where are these checks? Where are the deals? What’s your pipeline look like? What does that look like? You want to see it. You want to feel in your gut. You want to see the deals. Can I go out with your acquisition manager? How can I be involved? Can I listen on the phone to what you guys are saying? Right?
So yes, it’s awkward. Mark, you’re a rock star for doing this. It’s going to pay off. I would suggest getting back down there again and seeing if you can spend some time actually watching the deals take place, whatever you got to do. But those are the guys and girls you’re going to want to be spending time with.
So Mark, huge congratulations on massive imperfect action. You got a result. And that is the key to this whole business. You’re going to explode. So you just keep doing exactly what you are doing. It is key. So I just wanted to say it’s just awesome. Awesome. Great job, brother.
All right. Talk to you guys soon. And yeah, we’re the average of the five people we spend the most time with. So the more you’re doing that, the better. Talk to you guys soon. Bye-bye.

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