Posted on: January 05, 2017

PNP- The Secret to Supernatural Success in Wholesaling!

Many people ask me how I became so successful in Wholesaling. It’s not every day that somebody gets into something they have NEVER tried before and experiences super natural success…and in a short amount of time.

Obviously, there are a lot of factors that have contributed to my success (mentorship being one of the biggest) but there is something even MORE powerful than mentorship alone, and I’m going to talk about it today.

If I had to identify one “key” to my success, it would probably be…P.N.P.

I’ve talked about P.N.P MANY times before. Unfortunately, based on a lot of the questions I’m asked by Wholesalers, it seems like I’m being asked the wrong questions. P.N.P is the answer to MOST of those questions!

In fact the moment I engaged P.N.P in my own business, MAJOR things started happening!! I didn’t have to look for “Big Mo” (momentum), she started chasing me down! Are you employing P.N.P in YOUR Wholesaling business? If you’re not…you should be.

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Episode Transcription

Let’s talk about how to explode your wholesaling business with PNP. What the heck does PNP stand for? All right, so here’s what PNP stands for. Now, before I tell you, I’m going to tell you this, this tip is for you. It’s just you and I and I’m telling you some really, really awesome advice right now. I want you to use this advice today. What you want to do is you want to use this advice today.
So whatever you’re doing in your wholesaling business, if you want to have explosive success, explode your numbers, I want you to use PNP today. And after I tell you this, I want you to think back in your mind to people that you know, who’ve influenced your wholesaling, all of that initial joy and excitement that you had when you first got into wholesaling. And all that potential is the money you can make.
Notice the people who do the best always have this trait of PNP. So here’s PNP. Here’s what it is. Are you ready? Progress, not perfection. Progress, not perfection. Now what is that going to do? Progress not perfection is going to give you laser focus, the right type of hustle, and it is going to give you speed of implementation. So do you ever see this? Sometimes you’ll see somebody who gets started in wholesaling and right out of the gate they do like 20 deals, 50 deals, a hundred deals in there. Why is that? Is there any differences? Anybody smarter, better looking? That’s definitely not me. You know, are they luckier? No, it’s progress, not perfection. This comes directly from my mentor Jeff Walker, who is an amazing individual. He’s not in the real estate space, but it’s important to have mentors for this reason. Progress not perfection means that you are laser focused on, for us, revenue and deals.
So while other people are just starting out, right, what are they always worried about? Oh, I want a really nice business card. Right? They’ll take like 30 minutes designing a business card. That’s crazy. I don’t even have a business card. No business cards, no business cards. Right? So they have business cards they want, they focus on, you know, should I be an LLC or an S-Corp? Right. Or should I do this in my own name? They’ll focus on, “I want a really cool domain name like” Oh, that’s so great that you secured that name. Then they’ll build a website. Then, and this is the worst, this is the worst one is then they’ll buy before they even done a deal. They’ll start setting up processes in some crazy complicated CRM like Podio, which is like off the wall crazy because Podio does not create deals.
Yes, you need a database, but there are free, easy, simple databases that just collect names. That’s all you need when you first start. Focus on revenue. Progress, not perfection. Progress, not perfection. I have it. If I were to walk the camera over to my office right now, you’ll see a big sign above my desk that says progress, not perfection. There are other signs too like persistent till failure quits or don’t stop at the first stop sign or make it happen, but progress not perfection is the singular thread that runs amongst all successful wholesalers. This attitude of just make it happen. Get on the phone, make the sale, go towards revenue, meet with the seller, meet with the buyer. That’s what’s important. It’s all of that. The new guys who come in, who start and they’re struggling and it’s like they’re stuck in the mud and they feel like they’re working hard and they are working hard.
But they’re on a treadmill because they’re worried about things like education and things like. Remember when it comes to education, if you have a progress, not perfection attitude on education, what you’re going to be focused on is instruction, not education. Education is a cancer in wholesaling. You want to be focused on instruction. Remember what Albert Einstein says? All knowledge comes from experience. All knowledge comes from experience. So just get out there and make it happen. So I want to encourage you today, especially if you’re just starting out in wholesaling, I want you to maintain a mindset of progress, not perfection.
What is progress, not perfection? Working on what is right in front of you that is towards revenue. Not business cards, not websites, not cool domain names, not LLCs and S-Corps, not databases, not education. Wholesaling, if you don’t already know, is very, very simple.
You find a homeowner with equity who has a problem, you put the home under contract and you assign the contract to a cash buyer. That’s it. That’s all the education you need on wholesaling. Questions like where do you find the buyers? Where do you find the sellers? Where do you find a good title company? All of those. Don’t be anticipatory. Don’t be in preparation mode. When you get to that bridge, cross it.
Right now, all you need to worry about if you’re just starting out as build a nice big fat salivating juicy cash buyer list and start wholesaling right away. So remember, progress, not perfection. It will increase your speed of implementation. Bam, I love it. So if you want to explode your wholesaling business right now, you want to get started, you want to do your first deal in the next 30 days, go to Wholesaling Inc, Click on the coaching tab. Either myself or one of our team members will call you back if we like what you have to say. We might just invite in to be a tribe member and be a rhino.

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