Episode 355: The Only 3 Ways to Get a Deal

February 04, 2020 by , Filed Under:

In the wholesaling world, there are only 3 ways to get a deal: you can buy them through marketing and advertising, you can wait for them to find you (through referrals), or you can be proactive and reach out to distressed property owners. Today’s guest chose the last option…

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Episode 352: From ZERO to $100,000 a Month

January 30, 2020 by , Filed Under:

Many months ago, Earon Bevans painted houses and sold mobile homes to make ends meet. Seeing his potential, his wife challenged (and encouraged) him to do more and Earon gracefully rose to the challenge. Fast forward 16 months later and he’s now one of wholesaling’s top superstars, sometimes earning…

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Episode 350: How to Breakthrough in a Tough Market

January 28, 2020 by , Filed Under:

Having great conversations with sellers and putting in the work but still can’t get that well-deserved breakthrough? Today’s episode is exactly what you need to hear! Gabe Dominelli and Jaimie Osborn are two rockstar wholesalers from Wichita, Kansas. While they’re currently running a very successful and profitable wholesaling business…

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Episode 347: Building a Massive Cash Buyers List

January 23, 2020 by , Filed Under:

What is the primary ingredient of a very successful and highly lucrative wholesaling business? If you answered a massive and robust cash buyers list, then you’re right! The importance of a massive cash buyers list is no longer up for debate, which prompts us to ask the question: how…

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Episode 346: Doing Deals in Omaha on the Radio

January 22, 2020 by , Filed Under:

Are you looking for a marketing channel that’s scalable, provides massive returns, and requires very minimal maintenance? Radio marketing checks all the boxes! If you’d like to know more about it, today’s episode is for you! Today’s show is hosted by Chris Arnold, a rockstar wholesaler who runs a…

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