Episode 273: Exceptional Wholesaling Wisdom & Insights from the Co-Author of “Ultimate Guide to Wholesaling Real Estate” David Dodge

May 16, 2019 by , Filed Under:

If you’re new to wholesaling and you’re struggling to find or close those deals, you’re in luck. Today’s guest is a seasoned and very successful real estate investor who has extensive experience in real estate investing, fixing and flipping, managing properties, brokering, wholesaling, and even coaching. And he generously…

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Episode 269: What You Need to Win at Wholesaling

May 02, 2019 by , Filed Under:

Some people get the impression wholesaling is a difficult and complex process. In today’s episode, America’s #1 wholesaling coach Tom Krol proved that statement is nothing more than a gross misconception. While wholesaling can seem a bit tricky for newbies, it often gets easy once you get the basics…

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Episode 265: 10 Beliefs to Become World-Class Wholesaler

April 18, 2019 by , Filed Under:

While world-class wholesalers attribute their success to numerous factors, there is one thing they all share that has contributed to their massive success—the right belief system. And that’s what TTP guru and world-class wholesaler Brent Daniels talked about in detail in today’s special episode. If you have been doing…

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