Posted on: January 05, 2017

How Gaining Peoples Trust Can Make You a Fortune!

If someone told you that you only need to do this one thing to seamlessly put homes under contract, would you do it? No, no, it’s nothing crazy or anything, just one “simple” thing that **MOST** of your competition probably isn’t even doing!

Is your curiosity peaked? Well, it should be.

In today’s episode we speak with Atlanta Wholesaler, Brandon Barnes. Brandon has mastered this “one thing” and has made a good chunk of money in his territory doing so. Discover his secrets to always being a “go giver” and the importance of gaining people’s trust in this business.

You’ll also learn how being fired led him to some massive opportunities, why he sought a mentor, and the exact details of a recent deal that lead him to a $24,000 pay day!

You can’t afford to miss this episode!


  • Who is Brandon and how he got into wholesaling
  • How he met one Rhino who changed his life
  • What it was like to be fired from a job
  • How he did his first deal
  • Using probates to find deals
  • Gaining the trust of the people you serve
  • Closing on a $24,000 deal
  • Why it’s important to make sure everyone wins in the transaction
  • What he would do differently if he could start all over again
  • Which books have inspired him the most
  • Focusing on one thing at at time
  • and so much more…

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Episode Transcription

Hello, this is Cody Hofheinz with Investor Grit. We’re bringing you yet another podcast for Wholesaling Inc. powered by Investor Grit. And today we are going to deep dive yet another wholesale deal that has helped our guest that’s with us today. Make some quick money, some good money and\ just continually be addicted to wholesaling. And so today we’ll deep dive that deal and let you know what it looks like and then go from there. So today we have with us, is Brandon Barnes and this guy is a rock star rhino. He’s part of the tribe and I have loved watching this guy right from beginning to where he is today, just do nothing but keep growing his wholesaling business, and so he’s going to help us understand how he’s been able to do that and he’ll share with us one of his most recent deals that I don’t want to share too many secrets that made them a good chunk of money. So Brandon Barnes from Atlanta, Georgia. How are you doing my man?

Brandon Barnes: Hey, I’m doing great. Thanks for having me on the show today.

Cody Hofhine: Absolutely. Let’s go through this and give people a background about who you are and what got you into wholesaling.

Brandon Barnes: Yeah, for sure. Like you said, I’m here in Atlanta. I started off my career in corporate America working for a few different Fortune 500 companies and had a chance to come back home. And in my very last position, the biggest blessing in disguise that ever happened to me did, I was fired from that last position and it was during that time that did some soul searching. That was in November, 2015, and I called up a good personal friend of mine, Daryl Patterson, who happened to be a rhino as well and asked them about the wholesale, actually the real estate business that he had going. So he’s actually the first person that introduced me to wholesaling, introduced me to a Wholesaling Inc and Tom Krol, and I eventually from January through April, just kind of learned a little bit with him, just some joint ventures.
And then I came officially into the tribe in May, started my own LLC. That was actually after winning a wrongful termination suit against my last employer. So they really blessed me and, and helped me start this career and I haven’t looked back since I’ve grown the business from knowing zero absolutely nothing about real estate, this time last year, to now I have a six-figure wholesaling business that I am the boss and I won’t be firing myself anytime soon.

Cody Hofhine: Brandon, I love it. I love it. I love it. I love that you’re so open and honest and candid about this. This is something that you went through, what sounds like some diversity. You had some ups and highs and lows. You were working for corporate America, you were working for some great companies ultimately get fired, and I want to ask this, just so our listeners understand this. Was that a comfortable position to be fired or was that very uncomfortable?

Brandon Barnes: Oh, it was very uncomfortable and to make matters worse, I had just come back from getting married and spending a honeymoon in Jamaica with my wife. That was October 10th last year. I come back a month later and I’ve lost my job.

Cody Hofhine: That was their wedding gift.

Brandon Barnes: Thank you. But you know, it actually, like I said, it turned out to be a gift. I mean, my goal in life was to kind of follow my father’s foot steps, climb the corporate ladder, but I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I thought that I would make some money in corporate America and then, acquire a startup company or begin to work with a startup and do it and get into running my own business or being an entrepreneur in that way. But unbeknownst to me, wholesaling. This is awesome because this wholesaling business and this real estate really is, I think the stat is like 90 or 80 or 90% of millionaires do so or become that and have that net worth through real estate and anybody with the drive, the persistence and the know how just to, to be able to be an entrepreneur that gives them to real estate, the sky’s the limit.

Cody Hofhine: Sure.

Brandon Barnes: I’m a Testament of that.

Cody Hofhine: Awesome. Well, Brandon, what the big thing that our listeners can learn from this, which is huge, is the fact that you took this uncomfortable situation, you’re able to sit there, ponder it, and you can take that moment and you can allow that to crush you, break you, and turn you into a nobody, or you can take that hard moment. You were just recently married, you probably had plans of family, you have all this going on. You can take that moment and realize what you call it, a blessing and a gift, which is huge. That’s a huge mindset to take this, what the world would perceive as negative, as hardship, as something that can tear you down, break you down, but you actually let that lift you up, raise you above to become someone better, and then ultimately lead you into wholesaling. And not just wholesaling, but a very successful wholesaler that is, doing well with real estate.
So let’s kind of deep dive and let people understand a little bit what you do in the Atlanta Georgia market. And let’s talk about one specific deal that you have recently done. And let’s go from there. Tell me from start to finish how it looks, how did you find this deal, what kind of marketing did you use, and then let’s break it down granular so our listeners can understand and see if it’s something they can take massive action and implement.

Brandon Barnes: Definitely following the Investor Grit method of utilizing direct mail, building good relationships with everybody that we come in contact with. I’m finding a few channels and absolutely crushing it and wholesaling is exactly what I did. I consistently send direct mail. I actually use our buddy Kylie for Facebook marketing as well. You know, I do some cold calling, but I’ve also incorporated one of the more recent guests that that you’ve had on this show. Riggins’ probate course, implemented some of that also into my business. And it’s not just a postcard mail piece, it’s a personalized letter that we send to the representatives of the estates of different recently deceased people.

Cody Hofhine: Okay, so let’s hold there right there. Hold that thought. So you’re talking about, did you say probate? Right? And these are people that maybe, let’s say an example, just so we can break it down so they understand, so if your parents passed away and you inherited their home, this would have to go through what’s called probate, where this home will switch from title of the parents that may be just passed away and switch over to Brandon Barnes for say, and you’re, working with these individuals that now inherited that home. Is that kind of how I understand that?

Speaker 1: Yep. That, that’s definitely how it works. In that scenario, I would go into the County courthouse and say, Hey, I need to probate my parents’ estate, whether they have a will or not, it would direct what to do with all of the assets that they owned while they were living, so I become the personal representative. So I’ll go down and see everybody that recently applied for executorship of the wheel, the estate.

Cody Hofhine: Okay. Essentially like the owner, the person that’s going to that’s going to manage their going forward. Those assets of the deceased person.

Brandon Barnes: Exactly. Exactly right.

Cody Hofhine: Okay.

Brandon Barnes: So I’ll send a letter to each of those personal representatives, we’ll call them, and address the…

Cody Hofhine: What’s called the golden child. No, just kidding.

Brandon Barnes: Yeah. So we’ll address the property. We’ll offer condolences. We’ll address the person that is now deceased and basically mention that we can pay an all cash offer for and as is purchase of that home that they have in their estate. And I do that consistently. Everything that yourself and Tom has always said is, “whatever you do, whatever marketing channel that you decide to go forward with, you just have to absolutely crush it”. So I guarantee you the ladies working at the front desk of each of the probate offices in the different County courthouses around Atlanta all know me on a first name basis.

Cody Hofhine: By name.

Brandon Barnes: They see me there literally every week.

Cody Hofhine: Yeah.

Brandon Barnes: Because you have to be consistent in that. And the first actually probate deal that I got was a lady that got my letter back in June and she reached out to me in September and I turned that into a $24,000 deal.

Cody Hofhine: Okay. So wait, wait before you give out the goodies cause that’s awesome. Lets now break this down. So you said something took place in June. That’s when they got your mail piece. Okay. And then something that transpired in September, you’re saying?

Brandon Barnes: Yeah, she actually just sat on the letter. She, she received the letter and you know, didn’t do anything with it, I guess she was trying to decide what to do with the house and reached out to me after about three months.

Cody Hofhine: That’s by phone reached out to you?

Brandon Barnes: Yes, she did call me up and said, Hey Brandon, here’s the address. My niece still, she actually was an out of state representative so I think she lived in North Carolina. The house was here in Decatur near Atlanta, and her niece was able to let me inside the property, took a few quick pictures of the property, built that rapport with them, let them know that I was going to look out for their best interest, of course, and make them a fair offer. And I went on and got that under contract and reached out to a few cash buyers.
And every cash buyer that I reached out to was fighting me for this deal because it was smoking hot and I was able to live up to the seller’s expectations. She actually let me know that, if I had a came in and locked it up, I think I locked it up at $50,000 and she said, anything less than that, she says she would have been skeptical. But $50,000 was about what she thought it was worth, that’s actually right where I came in at. But my cash buyers came in at around 75 give or take a few, and I had multiple offers on this property. I actually double closed on this one.

Cody Hofhine: Okay. So lets, let’s break that down. So this is a property that you actually purchased, whether it was with your own money or with borrowed money or what we call transactional funding. And then from there you own it and then sell it off to, ultimately like an investor, correct?

Brandon Barnes: Correct.

Cody Hofhine: Okay. And that ultimately then was at, what, did you say, $24,000?

Brandon Barnes: Yes, yes. After, cause I did pay a little bit for the transactional funding on this one because it was such a large assignment, that I felt it best to actually close on the property using the transactional funding and then immediately resell it to the buyer for, you know, that $24,000 assignment,

Cody Hofhine: Brandon, get ready. You know, it’s about to come down, get ready for the sound of victory, my friend.

Brandon Barnes: Awesome.

Cody Hofhine: That was awesome. So $24,000. Now Brandon, you said some things in there that I want to break down that, that you mentioned that I want people to understand how important it is that wasn’t just this simple process, but more importantly, Brandon, how important was establishing that relationship of trust and then more importantly fulfilling on what you said you’re going to do. How important is that when it comes to this deal? Is that just a little part of it or is this the majority part of it?

Brandon Barnes: No, that is the whole enchilada, for sure. Because, you know, once I built that rapport over the phone, let the personal representative of the estate, the seller know that I just really wanted to get over there, give them a fair cash offer, I would handle all of the details with the transaction constantly in communication and making sure that I’m following up on everything that I promise along the way. They started to expect that I would call them and keep them abreast of the situation. And that relationship of trust definitely allowed me to be able to do what I need to do, have access to the property when I needed to have access to it, let them know what information I needed for them, hit all the deadlines with when we would close.
It really just made them feel comfortable with the sale. They knew that Brandon Barnes was handling their loved ones estate as it should be. And then ultimately on the back end I actually got a glowing review for my website,, from both the personal representative that was in North Carolina, as well as her niece, did a video testimonial for my website right in front of the property and that goes a long way for continuing to build the reputation that I have in this city of being a wholesaler, a cash buyer, with ethics and morals that will take care of the property and continue to make sure that people walk away from these transactions feeling good that they were able to sell their home, as is, no strings attached, and somebody is going to make sure that things happen as they should the right way, the first time.

Cody Hofhine: My man Brandon Barnes, really. Absolutely congratulations, cause I love how you’re always taking the place of being careful with, I should say caring with these individuals and then taking it to the next level. The best part and I’m going to call it Rhino Nation, When you hear this, our listeners, the best thing to learn from this is, how involved he is to let people know that he is someone that they can trust, that he’ll fulfill and do exactly what he says he’s going to do. But then more importantly than that I want to touch on that I think is so huge that some of us forget to do and is so important and you nailed it perfect here is, when you take a good a win-win situation and that it’s such a win-win situation, that they are willing to leave a testimonial that you can then use, so that you can establish that relationship and trust with your next potential seller that is looking to sell their home.
Because ultimately, just so everyone understands this, people do business with people they trust and if they don’t have that trust and you don’t have that, you can’t establish that trust factor. It’s the investor that is establishing that relationship of trust is going to walk away with the contract every single time, even if they’re not the highest offer because people do business with people they trust, and that’s why Brandon Barnes is so successful in his market and could be successful in any market, because he’s a man of integrity, he’s a man that goes in there and establishes that relationship of trust and he walks out with putting homes under contract. That’s the byproduct of this whole entire thing.
Wholesaling is not that complicated. Usually when I hear people’s frustrations and complications, it’s because it’s them that’s complicated, it’s them that’s frustrated, it’s them that is not taking time to just know that this business is just a business of relationships and as you do those things, time and time again, you will be successful in wholesaling because it is all about establishing those relationships and building those relationships and letting them know that you are an individual they can trust. Brandon, I absolutely love it, to the point where you did this so well that the by-product, again, when I say the byproduct, you don’t go in there thinking, “deal, deal, deal, deal, deal, deal, deal”. You go in there and how can I help these individuals? They have maybe problems in their life, and you’re just trying to see if you can be the solution to their problem and then when you are, the byproduct is you are able to on this particular deal, make $24,000, and my friend that is absolutely, absolutely awesome.

Brandon Barnes: Yes, thank you. Thank you Cody. It’s been a wild ride, but I continue to follow the advice of, of yourself that relationship, establishing a relationship of trust has been key to growing my business faster than I would have, without having a mentor such as yourself. So,

Cody Hofhine: You’re super, super, super kind, but give yourself credit, man. It’s all you. You take this information and then you just take massive action and that’s ultimately what creates that success that you’re having right now. So that’s kudos to you, my man. If you could start over though, Brandon. If you were saying, Hey, I’m brand new in this wholesaling game and you’re looking back at brand new Brandon Barnes, what would you recommend to the listeners that if they’re new, get into this, here is one thing I would make sure I either did again because it was the big help and contributed to your success or what you would have done different? You can go either way with that.

Brandon Barnes: Yeah. Well first things first. Definitely having a mentor day one that you can rely on for information. That’s what I would do again, but what I would do that I didn’t do initially is, that relationship of trust is a two sided coin for sure. It is having that relationship with your sellers as well as your buyers. Now, that was something that I didn’t focus on on the buyer side, in Atlanta is such a competitive market that if you have a hot deal, a buyer will come for that deal. However, it’s the ones that were more difficult to move, the ones that I didn’t have as much excitement over that. If I had of had a, the more buyer that I could just pick up the phone, and call, and say, “Hey, really need you to take a look at this deal, please, help me out.” Just having that better relationship with some of those buyers to get those tougher to sell deals, is what I would do different because I’ve had a few of those instances where definitely even early on I did a bunch of joint ventures because I didn’t have a big bulky buyer’s list and I didn’t have those relationships.
So if I had to jump in a time machine and do it all over again, it would be focusing on my buyers, just as much or close to as much as I did my sellers, cause I think that that goes a long way with having a full fledged wholesaling business, is having being a little bit more equal with where your focus is sellers as well as your buyers.

Cody Hofhine: Fantastic man. Great words of advice right there. If you could share one book for our listeners that has helped motivate you, inspire you, and kind of change your mindset, what book would you recommend our listeners listen to that has been like a contributor to your success?

Brandon Barnes: Yeah. Well, if you’re going to be part of our Rhino Nation, you must read The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity. That was a great read for both myself and my wife. She is, well, I completely changed our mindset and really started to be more focused on what we can do to be better people as well as better business owners. But since that first book, the only other book that I would throw out there is The One Thing.

Cody Hofhine: Oh, such a good book, Gary Keller, right?

Brandon Barnes: Yep. And Gary Keller definitely helped me focus on, doing the one thing, this mom that’s going to, actually do, do the one thing right now that’s going to help achieve your goals for today, which will help achieve your goals for this week, which will help achieve your goals for this month, etc, etc, so forth and so on. So that at the end of the year, if you continue to dominate and destroy the goals that you set for yourself each and every day, it will build to your ultimate goal of having a million wholesale business by the end of the year and also, that has also been very key in my growth in this business.

Cody Hofhine: I love it because here’s the thing, what goes on in the, whenever I see a wholesaler that is struggling or having that hard time and I talk to me or they say like Brandon or Cody, how are you consistently find these deals? Like I cannot consistently do this. It’s usually within those individuals, I’ll usually find out that there’s some inconsistency, there’s not one thing that they’re focused on. It’s like, “Hey, I want to do a little bit of Facebook. Hey, I want to do a little bit of bandit signs. I want to do a little bit of door hangers. I want to do a little bit of direct mail marketing,” and they’re kind of doing the shotgun approach where they’re just trying a little bit of everything and it ends up just not working for them.
Where I tell every one of our students as well as people I talk with like it is all about being the sniper shooting one bullet at a time, getting good at direct mail marketing and once that is up and firing on all cylinders, at that point you can add the Facebook marketing or the PaperClick or the door hangers or the bandit signs, whatever it may be, but that you’re adding each marketing channel one marketing channel at a time and being a sniper just shooting one bullet at a time.
Those people end up being my most successful students as well as they end up being the most successful individuals that I talk to and it’s all back to this book that you’re talking about, The One Thing being focused on one thing and once that’s fired up and running, you can add another thing and by that time you’re also adding team members that are helping you take care of that next thing.

Speaker 1: Exactly, exactly. Actually, I’m looking at my whiteboard right now. I have on their focus will make you rich. Forget where I heard that from, maybe from Joe McCall, but I think I heard that and that definitely speaks volumes. Just singularly focused and being granular and your approach.

Cody Hofhine: Awesome. Well, Brandon my man, you continue to motivate me, inspire me when I see your post on Facebook and I see all the success you’re having. I absolutely love watching you succeed. You’ve done some great things and I know just by who you are, you’re also using the money that you make. You’re using it for good as well. You’re giving back and you’re helping individuals out and that just continues to inspire me and help me remember, okay, Cody, are you doing exactly that as well? Are you helping individuals in their lives? Are you giving back? And the person that really does that, they’ll find out that they can have a Brandon Barnes experience. When you give back, things just keep coming back tenfold. And so Brandon, congratulations on all success, my friend and thank you for joining us today.

Brandon Barnes: Thank you. Thank you again Cody and the Nation for sure.

Cody Hofhine: It is a fun, fun group. Okay, Rhino Nation. We have had yet another amazing podcast where we have interviewed Brandon Barnes and how he is finding success in his Atlanta, Georgia market using probate system, using direct mail marketing to find his motivated sellers and ultimately, because of who he is and being an individual that is likable, approachable, and establishes that relationship of trust, he’s able to put homes under contract and as you implement these things, that’s the best part about this podcast.
If you will take these things and take massive action. You can have this same success in your wholesaling business and if you guys want more, if you guys need our help and want us to personally help you build your wholesaling business, you can go over to that’s investor g-r-i-t dot com. Click on the website and get on our email list. We send out gold nuggets all of the time that will help you give you some ninja tricks on how you can explode your wholesaling business and if you’d like, you can also click on the coaching tab and book a call with our team and if we like what you have to say, we might just invite you to be part of the tribe. Until next time Rhino Nation take care.

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