Posted on: July 14, 2022
WI 994 | First Deals


Doing your first deal can be overwhelming for any new wholesaler. Now imagine doing three! Our guest today, Niccolo (Nicco) Fazio, pulled off his first three deals all in one day! A TTP student, Nicco joins Brent Daniels to explain how he pulled it off. We also hear from Nicco on how he got started, the challenges he faced and the breakdown of how much money he made from those deals.


As Nicco says, speaking to people changed his life. If you’re inspired by Nicco’s story and want to learn from the same system he did, apply to Brent’s TTP training program today.

How This Beginner Generated $90k From His First Deals With Niccolo Fazio

Episode Transcription

I am so excited to introduce my guest to the Rhino tribe. Welcome, Nicco Fazio from DFW, Texas. Nicco, I am excited to talk to you. You have an unbelievable story. You had one of the toughest deals that you’ve had to fight your way through. We’re going to break it all down in this episode but first, welcome to the show. How are you?

I’m doing good, Brent. Thank you for having me. It’s exciting to be here. I got to be honest. I didn’t think I was going to be on a show this early into the old thing but it was an awesome invitation. Thank you.

The conversation that I had with you when you started in TTP was I want to interview you in the next 90 days for the show. I want you to get out of the gates fast and that’s exactly what you did. Three deals in April 2022. You got them closed in May 2022. We’re going to break all that down. Before we do that, let’s get a little bit of background about you, Nicco. What’d you do after high school?

After high school, I went to college at Penn State to get a degree. I wasn’t too sure what I wanted to study. I went all over the place. I started in engineering to journalism to undecided. It was the typical college student with no idea what the future holds. I ended up landing at communications. I figured business communications would be the best bet. You can pretty much find any good corporate job to get into and that was the idea. We got off high school and college, family ideals, get a good corporate job, get the gold watch and retire. That’s the way you take care of your family. That’s where it all started running from there.

Is that what you did? You got right out of college and went into some communication job or corporate job. Walk us through that.

Out of college, I started in a hospitality firm. I was always interested in real estate. It was a great opportunity for me to learn the hospitality side of things. I got to do sales in a hotel and it was long hours. We got three days of PTO a year and work every holiday that ever existed. Family time wasn’t a thing. Coming right out of college, you think that’s part of the sweat and the grind that goes into being successful but eventually, it became a lot. It was a big thing for me. Growing up in a tight family, that’s the heart of it all. It started to eat away at that and opportunities arose to do other things.

I moved on from there and eventually landed in Texas at a financial firm that seemed like the end all for my corporate journey. It was the best as far as pay goes, the ideal work situation I thought I was going to get into, had the best benefits and the whole perfect ladder system that would eventually get me to that retirement that I was looking for. It wasn’t until that started to shake up and during the COVID that things started to show themself to me in a way that I started to realize there was more to life than working a 9:00 to 5:00 every day.

When did you start personal development? Were you the kid in high school that was reading Tony Robbins and Napoleon Hill? Was that coming in college or did it start after you got into the corporate job and you’re like, “It’s got to be more to life than this?” When did you start that journey of personal development? Everybody that I interview on here has done that.

Everybody that wants to become and becomes an entrepreneur goes through this process where they’re like, “I can’t rely on what other people are teaching me. I have to go and investigate, be very curious and learn things myself. I want to be in this position. How do I get there? I got to pour into myself some.” When did that start?

Know that there is more to life than just putting your head down and working 9 to 5 every day.

It started after I left that corporate job. I thought it was about sacrifice, hard work, putting your head down and eventually, you get to the finish line. I was following that rat race. It wasn’t until after COVID and the layoffs took place. I ended up meeting another TTP student through another mastermind, Phil Gore, who opened my mind up to clarity and working on your mental state and through all this darkness and stuff.

When I got laid off from 9:00 to 5:00 at that point during COVID, it was a real earth shaker. All the things that you thought were true started to fall apart. You start questioning your value and what you’re capable of. That started sparking my mind. I got to fix who I am and not just put it all into a job that’s eating away that type of lifestyle.

Once you start understanding that there’s so much that you can sink your teeth into yourself and get you to where you want to go faster, all of a sudden, it starts to become an addiction. You start listening to more podcasts and Audibles. All of a sudden, your whole lifestyle is changing. Instead of like entertainment at night, you’re reading and doing some other things.

It starts snowballing. You’re starting to feel more confident that you can go out there, be an entrepreneur and make a difference out there. Shout-out to Phil Gore and that relationship because he’s phenomenal and has that same brilliant mind as well. Your gateway to getting into real estate was going to a mastermind or some meetup group.

It was a blend of things. When I was working at that corporate job, the world started to shake. I talked to my parents and some friends in real estate so I thought a real estate licensed agency is the only way to get into real estate, truthfully, from the ground floor. I started going on that path. I was finally taking my test for my license and brought into the world of wholesaling. I stumbled into some little meetup group. They are talking about it. I was like, “What is this?” This doesn’t sound like an agency but it’s not something I’ve ever heard of.

I remember coming home that one night and telling my wife about it. My parents were like, “That doesn’t sound like something I’ve ever heard of. It’s probably a scam. It’s like a pyramid scheme.” I didn’t feel like it was. I started digging more into it. It was the holiday season. I had tons of time to focus. I started joining other masterminds, getting into groups, trying to find people who were doing it and getting an idea of what is wholesaling. What is this process like? What takes place? How do you do it? Do you need a license? What are the rules? I was worried about that. I used to have a very anxious mind. I worked on it a ton but I was always worried like, “Am I going to go to jail if I try to do this?”

I have a license. Am I super vulnerable or not able to do it? I was partnered with Keller Williams to start and they were very against it. They said it was taboo and anybody who goes wholesaling is breaking the law. It’s a very gray zone that we don’t deal with. There were lots of transitions, bad energy and bad thoughts. I remember coming across one of your episodes about flooding yourself with good things, reading positive energy and surrounding yourself with that type of momentum. My wife was a huge proponent of that. I’m very thankful for it but it was that introduction that started it all.

There are certainly bad actors in this business that go about this business wrong and it rubs real estate agents the wrong way 100%. I can understand their interpretation of what wholesaling is. When you go into a written agreement, you need to make sure that the written agreement outlines what’s going to happen in this process. When people don’t do that and disclose that, that’s when issues come up but when you do it right, it’s smooth sailing and life-changing. You would find these opportunities and be able to help out the people that aren’t getting any attention from real estate agents or the real estate industry, in general.

We all know that there are vacant houses out there that are boarded up, people breaking into those houses, houses that have fire damage, they’re going through foreclosure or got inherited and people can’t financially take care of them anymore. These are the people that we’re working with. It’s the 6% to 10% of the real estate market that is in distress that we focus on and serve. It’s not the 90% to 94% that the Keller Williams agents work with. It’s the other people that they don’t.

WI 994 | First Deals

First Deals: When you’re getting into wholesaling, you might think it’s a scam, but it’s not. You just need to understand it. Go to more masterminds and find other people who are doing it.


That’s the biggest misconception and something that you learned early on but you went to Meetup groups and started networking. Isn’t that scary? You weren’t from this industry. You didn’t know anybody. You were walking in and introducing yourself. Weren’t you frightened? Wasn’t there some apprehension?

It was a big game changer. I didn’t know the lingo and what people were talking about. They’re talking about sub-tos and creative finance. They’re throwing out all these words, concepts and strategies. It’s something they talk about on a daily. I was in a whirlwind but it was the mindset of fake it until you make it and meet the right people. Honestly, a lot of the people I met at these meetups were so genuine and ready to help. It’s the craziest thing. You go into the world and have to be a lone wolf. You think that everyone’s out to get you. It’s just you. The is competition heavy.

Whoever you’re trying to work with, they’re going to try and cheat out of it one way or another. I had my dealings with those who were also like that but at the same time, I dealt with amazing people on the opposite side of the spectrum. A big thing that changed my mind on that, too, was reading The Go-Giver when you recommended it. That’s helped change that mindset piece too. Being surrounded by the right people will propel you forward no matter what is at stake.

It’s so critical, especially when it gets started and I get this question a lot, “What’s the first thing that I should do?” We go back to the model of squatting up with people that are doing this business and are consistent. They’ve been doing it while they’ve got that light, sparkle in their eyes and electricity in their feet. You want to be around them. They’re doing great and are loud about it. They’re smiling, willing to share, support and cheerlead you. That’s most of the industry.

That was the big piece and takeaway. I was trying to do this by myself for the longest time, dig the trenches, bunker down, get in front of the laptop every morning and do it. Make my scripts and contracts. Give it a shot. It was going nowhere until I started meeting the right people. Getting out there, talking to people and meeting others who were willing to share their wisdom. I heard from a developer I met with who said, “Better to borrow wisdom than money 100% of the time.”

That came true as I push forward because people share experiences. They can help you through things that started to get complicated. It makes the scary stuff sound less scary because everyone’s going through it together. Somebody at some point has the answers, has your back or can guide you or help you in any way. You never feel like you’re at it alone. That started to lighten that intensity and got real consistent activity.

I’m not a huge fan of Tim Ferriss but he’s got an unbelievable quote that says, “Everything you want is already in somebody else’s brain. Questions are the pickax to get at that gold.” It’s the absolute truth but you got to be comfortable, confident, able to ask, talk to new people, be around new people and network. Go there. Let everybody know that you’re being proactive. You’re going out there and finding these opportunities. You’re not sure what to do when you catch it.

“What do I do with it when I find the opportunity? Is this a deal or not a deal? How big of a deal is it? What do I do? Who do I work with? How do I make sure that this is as smooth as possible?” I don’t screw it up, most importantly, for the seller. I’m working with people that are good buyers that I can build a good relationship with. That’s why it always helps to be around. I don’t understand why the apprenticeship of life isn’t around anymore.

In every other industry, you’re working under somebody or doing something like real estate. We’re all like these rogues that are out there. We’re like, “We’ll figure it out by ourselves.” Let me switch gears a little bit here. Before you’re about to call a stranger, do a lead follow-up or maybe you’re talking to your cash buyers on these deals, what do you do to feel confident?

When you go out into the world, you think that you have to be a lone wolf and everyone is out to get you. That’s all false. Squad up!

The same thing I did before this actual interview is I first take a couple of deep breaths, jumped around the room, put on a big smile and go right at it.

People feel that and get the energy off of that.

It’s important. You can tell by the way that they start talking to you. Right out of the gates, the defense is almost they’re coming down right away because they can tell that you’re not trying to be sneaky or some out-of-the-blue guy. You come in so friendly and energetic. It warms them up right from the get-go.

Let’s break down this deal. We locked up three deals on Good Friday, which is phenomenal. There’ll be something that you’d never forget. You did 3, not 1 or 2. You didn’t go like, “I’m going to do my first deal and tiptoe into this thing.” You’re like, “No, I’m going to lock up three in the same day and challenge myself.” Talk about how you found those 3 and let’s break down 1 that you find is the most interesting.

They all came from different walks of life. I was part of both your program and AstroFlipping at that same time. One of them came in as an AstroFlip. I was doing those meetups and reaching out to people. I have my license. Here in Texas, because we’re in nondisclosure, it makes a lot of third-party copying us difficult to use or get data. I was going out there and saying, “If you need help comping the deal and working through the numbers, I can use my MLS access to get you the most accurate information.”

I came across a guy in one of the meetup groups I was a part of who was struggling to move a deal and found a pricing that was screwing it up. We were able to work that out but it ended up being an AstroFlip. I was able to help take the deal off his hands because he was struggling with his buyers and give it to a partner of mine who had an exceptional buyers list so it could perform. We analyze it together. From there, it was a little AstroFlip kind of thing. It lasted the races right away. It was adding value to them.

Can you explain, Nicco, what an AstroFlip is for anybody that’s never heard of that terminology? Are those two words slammed together?

It’s called a bunch of things but essentially, it’s when you help one wholesaler at the beginning who was the acquisition wholesaler, the one who finds a deal and works with the seller directly. You put in either an option or an assignment to take that deal off their hands, take that burden away. You then assign your assignment to a dispo wholesaler who has a phenomenal relationship with buyers who can dispo it out and get the transaction closed.

You’re not the buyer but you’ve got a bunch of buyers. You’re going to put it in front of them and get paid to be the disposition to sell it to the actual cash buyers.

WI 994 | First Deals

First Deals: Astro flipping is when you help the acquisition wholesaler at the beginning. Then you give an option to get that deal out of their hands and into your dispo wholesaler and get it closed.


You’re the great connector.

You did that one. What’s the other one? There are three in there.

There was a guy that popped up on the foreclosure list. It wasn’t in foreclosure. I’m not sure how that happened. I never even brought up to him that he was noticed on the foreclosure list because I went through all the asked questions and he never brought it up once. We were going to try to do a sub-to deal on it. We looked into the finances too and there were never any indications of foreclosure. I don’t know how he ended up there. Fortunately, he did because it was still a situation where he needed help. He was down on his luck with finances. He needed to get rid of the house that he was in. It was in pretty bad shape. He wanted money so he can move out to see his daughter in California.

We were able to work out a deal and headed ahead with an open door on this one. An opener was offering a big sum of money, something that was hard to compete with as far as wholesaler goes but I took the time to go there and talk to the guy. The first was a little backtracked. We had an initial meeting and I missed him. He wasn’t at the house when he was supposed to be there and he felt horrible about it. It was me and our wholesaler who were going out to meet him that day. The first wholesaler came knocking on the door. Nobody answered. He left. I went to the door and nobody answered.

I was like, “How can I maybe stand out a little bit to get his attention and give me a call?” I missed him and there’s some miscommunication there. I wrote him a little note saying that I stopped by and I wanted to get him the money he needed to buy that RV and help him cross-country to his daughter. He saw the note there and gave me a call right away when he got home. That little touch stuck with him. He was sold by it. He was so happy that I took the time to remember that little part of our conversation. From there, it was going through the motions and helping him understand the title process. No time at all, by the end of May 2022, it was cash in hand. He’s happy as can be and on the way to see his daughter.

Isn’t that the best?

It’s incredible to see the change of lifestyle for these people who need it.

Talk about this tough one because it is always interesting when you get an attorney involved.

That was one hell of a learning experience and I am grateful for Phil being in the mix of this because it was not his first rodeo in the industry. It made it a little more tolerable but it was one uphill battle from the get-go. This guy came off of a probate list and we were using all the leads at that time for the list data. From the start, the guy was very cool, collected, easy to work with and had good conversations.

Navigating the rental market right now is just as chaotic as navigating the housing market.

He appreciated my diligence and knowledge of what was going on in the probate process and trusted me to take care of them from start to finish. It’s a great conversation. He had a price in mind that worked but talking to him a little bit more, he was able to negotiate those a little bit less. We were set to send them a contract of $150,000. We drafted it up, sent them up, thought he was going to sign it that night and we’d be good to go.

I was very confused about what probate is but if somebody passes away and they don’t have a will, making it very clear who’s going to inherit the property has to go through the courts. The courts make sure that they determine who’s going to be the personal representative and this takes time. In some places that only takes 6 months while in some places it takes 1 year. How far along in the process was he?

He was pretty much in the middle of it. He was a couple of weeks still to go through it trying to navigate everything. His family friend was the attorney working at the probate forum. This family friend was the one who chaperoned through the probate process. He was still learning it as he was going. Fortunately, there was a will in place and he was the only inheritance. It made it a smooth transition. For the people who work in multiple areas and have no will in place, that causes a rocky start. Fortunately, that part was an easier piece to start with.

You’re negotiating with this guy. This guy is excited to work with you. You put together a deal. He’s like, “I got to review it with my attorney.”

We sent him the contract. He was super excited. He was getting about the money he was hoping for. He knew he was getting full cash because the house is paid off. We were stoked. It was my 1st deal and the 1st contract I ever sent out. I was thinking he was going to see it. He read it quickly. It’s a three-page contract. He signed it and we send the title the next day. He gets it.

Maybe ten minutes later, he sends me a text saying, “It looks great. I want to review it with my attorney.” I was like, “Do we have anything to worry about?” I’m talking with Phil like, “What’s going to happen?” He rose in confidence. He was like, “Usually, it’s pretty much okay. We have nothing in there that should be alarming as far as verbiage in the contract.” I was like, “I guess we should be okay.”

The next day comes around and I get a phone call from this guy telling me that the attorney’s telling him that we’re super low volume and taking advantage of it. The house was worth way more. If you went ahead and listed it with an agent, they can get XYZ of value out of it quickly. Aside from that, the attorney was like, “At the end of the day, I want to buy it.” We were like, “What’s he wanted to buy it for? Let’s see if we can negotiate and come up on a price.” There’s still enough margin there for us to work on it. He said that he wants to buy it for $200,000 flat. We predicted that it would be valued at maybe $210,000 to dispo it.

What offer did you give him?

We gave him $150,000. We’re left with about $10,000 to $5,000. It’s different discrepancies sake on the ARV of wiggle room, which could also disappear pretty quickly because at this point too, we haven’t seen the house. We’ve only gone off of a couple of pictures. We were having good conversations with the seller. The price seemed very good for the market. We were like, “Let’s put them in a contract and then renegotiate if we have to if the conditions are horrendous.” The attorney comes and tells him he wants to buy the house from him for $200,000.

WI 994 | First Deals

First Deals: Stand out from all the other wholesalers out there. When you knock on someone’s door and no one’s home, write a note for them that you stopped by. Those little touches can stick with potential sellers.


No questions asked. He pretty much gets rid of us. He told me that and I was like, “I can’t do $200,000. It’s not going to work.” I tried to first go back and say, “We had a great conversation. I thought we had a great relationship. I’m ready to help you. We’re ready to make this happen within two weeks flat. We could provide all this value for you.” He saw it but the money started to tickle his ear. He was like, “I got to sell to the attorney unless you could do better.” I’m like, “I can’t do better.” We said $170,000 for that one. He originally wanted $160,000. I was willing to give him $10,000 over what he wanted for it initially.

It didn’t work out. The attorney dragged his feet on it and was saying that he wanted to go see the house. He was going to send some guys over to look at it. 2 to 3 weeks go by when the attorney decides, “I don’t want to buy the house but you should list it with an agent because you should be getting more money for this house.” The way that I helped with that was as he came back, he told me all this. I knew initially when we were first speaking that he didn’t want to work with an agent because he didn’t trust agents. He was one of the people who leaves it there. They’re out to get the seller.

I told him, “They’re not all like that but there is a process and fees involved.” He’s saying, “You’re going to list it for this much. If you listed it for $200,000, you’re paying typically 3% to the seller’s commission and 3% to the buyer’s commission. When I was going to buy this, I’m covering closing costs.” That’s not going to be the case, usually in a market transaction. There’s a lot more headache here involved. Whether it is probate, there are going to be a little bit more caveats. The last part is that he has tenants in the building and tenants who he felt were like family members. They weren’t treating him all the best as far as the situation goes but he was passionate about these tenants.

That’s where I focus my attention. I was helping them on their next steps because he was worried about wherever they go or get there. Navigating the rental market was as chaotic as navigating the housing market. We were helping them with moving costs and all this added value where we could. I said, “If I was to help pay for some of that stuff, could we still do the $150,000?” He wasn’t for it. He was set that the house is worth $200,000. He wasn’t going to get a penny less. It took a lot of back and forth.

Eventually, we agreed that if we were to still help out a little bit and take care of his tenants, help them get the value and not have to deal with the real estate agent, we could do the $180,000. He was happy with it. He was in $190,000 after that but we came back because he felt bad for leaving me in the dust for a while. That drag work took place. It was a little rocky to get it to close as are all things within this industry but we finally got it under contract for $180,000.

You went out and sold it for how much?

We ended up selling it to a person who want to buy and hold it for $214,000. We got a little over asking what we were expecting.

Did you make $34,000?


When you’re interested in an industry, go out and talk to people who do the business.

Was it a text message or a cold call that got you the initial conversation?

A text message got me in front of him. The phone conversation that we had locked him in.

I am telling you, it is so critical. There are three parts to this business, lead generation, conversion of those leads into a signed agreement and the exit strategy. With wholesaling, we assign those deals. That middle part, that conversion and your ability to get on the phone and communicate effectively with these property owners is the key and magic.

If you feel like you’re bulletproof there, you will get on the phone more, send up more texts and go knocking on more doors. You will send out more mail or do more pay-per-click, Facebook ads, billboards or whatever else. It all comes down to having a quality conversation with a distressed property owner at some point.

If you pre-qualify them based on the property condition, their timeline to sell that property, their motivation or what is their main problem and their price, you can get unbelievably talented on the phone. That’s exactly what Nicco did. He sent the text message, followed it up with a phone call, got him on the phone and made it happen. I celebrate you all in all from those three deals and how much you make in the month because you closed all these in May 2022.

Overall, within all partners, they were all JV agreement-type things. We ended up making $90,000 in assignments and $40,000 that went to me.

How did that feel?

It felt amazing. It was so good to have so many people involved because we have to all share in that success. It was a big celebration.

It’s the best. I love it. That is so incredible. You and I had been in this business. Like most people that are going to read this, you’re going to sit back and look at it. You’re going to put it on the shelf for a little bit and pick it back up. Over the 12, 18 and 24 months of that seed being in your brain starting to pop up a little bit and get going, at some point, you’re going to start taking action and it’s going to change your life like it’s changing, Nicco. This is just the start. You’re working on a nice pipeline of opportunities. This is how you build an unbelievable cash cow that goes and funds all your real estate deals, portfolio and wealth-building activities. We celebrate you, Nicco.

WI 994 | First Deals

First Deals: Some sellers don’t trust agents. That is why you have to explain the process to them. You have to be able to find a common ground. If they care about their tenants, then you should focus on tenants as well.


I’m happy to have a bell ring for me. It’s like a moment.

You deserve it. Speak to anybody out there that is on the fence. They’re thinking, “Do I brave going in and meeting some other people that are already doing this business? Do I brave going and knocking on that door or house down the street that is in rough condition and needs a remodel or call this person or whatever else?” What advice would you give somebody that needs that extra little push of motivation and that little mindset shift in their brain so that they can get into this business and understand what we do is the greatest business of all time?

Honestly, it’s talking to people but it’s not even just talking to the seller or buyers. My world changed when I started talking to people doing the business. I talked to Phil Gore and other people. I’ve made phenomenal friends in this industry. I’ve learned incredible things. I continue to still do because I surround myself with a ton of great people who are inspiring, motivating and all looking to see each other succeed. That’s where you get that value. If you’re afraid to talk to the sellers and the buyers, go meet with other wholesalers and do it together. Go and act together. Do cold calling together.

Phil and I would talk about times burning through conversations that we have with people and going over the texts that we’re sending people. Having somebody there who’s going through it with you makes it seem first less scary. It’s like, “Other people are going through this and they’re surviving so I’m not going to be the one to throw it all away.” When you come to those complications, you have reliable people you can count on who has your back through every moment. I’m hoping to do the same thing for people as what has been done for me. Be there to support one another. Continue to learn, teach and grow. We’re all going to succeed together and that makes the biggest impact.

How can people get ahold of you? What’s the best way if people want to reach out, JV or congratulate you?

It’s probably social media. Either Instagram or Facebook. My name is as it is on Facebook. That is Niccolo Fazio. It’s probably the only one in Texas.

Make sure you connect with him and tell him congratulations. If you want to squat up in the DFW area or around the country, make sure that you do. He has one of those hearts that is ready to serve, help, support and cheerlead. Thank you, Nicco. It’s great to have you on here. I’m so happy about the momentum that you’re building. I’m excited to see what you do in the future.

I can’t wait. I’m going to keep on sharing and hopefully, helping a bunch of people on the way.

That’s it for our episode. Thank you for joining us again. If you’re interested in joining the most proactive group in real estate investing, it is the TTP Coaching Program and TTP family. Go to Check out what it’s all about and the incredible wholesalers from around the country that are part of this community like Nicco here. If it feels good in your gut, sign up for a call. I look forward to working with you. I sign off as I always do, encouraging you to go out there and talk to people. Until next time. Love you.


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