Episode 993: Building An Incredible Buyer’s List

WI 993 | Buyers List


Just as important as finding sellers and deals is finding buyers for those deals. Today’s episode is fantastic for anyone looking for tips on how to start building a buyer’s list. Grace Mills is joined by her disposition manager, Christa, to discuss best practices when building a buyer’s list, how to properly use Facebook, and the most important metrics when it comes to your list.


As you’ll hear in this episode, having a strong reputation is critical when dealing with buyers. One of the most proven methods to not only attract leads but prove your reputation as a wholesaler is through radio. Check out our REI Radio 2.0 training for more info on how to start using the power of radio today.



  • Want to learn more? Check out our REI Radio 2.0 program.
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Building An Incredible Buyer’s List

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