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WI 985 | Wholesaling Land


No insurance, no maintenance, no utilities and phenomenal margins. That’s how today’s guest, Casey Pearson, sums up the land business. Casey sits down with our landman, Brent Bowers, to detail his journey from rodeoing to being laid-off to getting into the land game. Casey talks about why land is a great business to be in and gives you real examples of deals he’s done to back it up. Finally, he highlights the importance Brent and the Land Sharks program had on his journey. If Casey’s story resonates with you, become part of the tribe by applying to the Land Sharks program today. We’re running a very special 4th of July offer until July 7th, so don’t miss out.

Is Wholesaling Land The Perfect Business? – Why This Investor Loves It So Much

Episode Transcription

I have an amazing episode with a gentleman that has been married for several years. He does mixed martial arts. He used to rodeo for a living. This was an incredible interview because I got a lot of great, golden nuggets. One of the things was getting comfortable being uncomfortable. This guy is a humble servant. He’s going to talk about several of the land deals that he is phenomenally crushing on. I can’t wait to get right into this episode. Let’s dive right in.

Mr. Casey Pearson, how are you, sir?

I’m doing well. How are you?

I’m doing so great. I love getting text messages like the one you sent me. I’ve got to remind myself, sometimes as entrepreneurs, we get down in the gutters. We forget what it was like when a few short years ago, I was in the military, handcuffed daily, being told where to be, what to wear, and had to get a haircut once a week, sometimes a couple of times a week. I had to shave every morning and had to go and be away from my family for months at a time.

There are days when as an entrepreneur, not all days are roses, sunshine, and ice cream. I think back a few short years ago, I didn’t even have the choice to make decisions. Not too long before that, I didn’t get to hang out with guys like you, Casey. Thanks for sending that text message about the success you’re having. I like to deep dive into that, hold your feet to the fire, break down some deals, and share with the audience, Rhino Nation, how you did it. Before we do that, I want to know how you got started. Are you married? Do you have a family? Was real estate taught at your dining room table during dinners at nighttime? How did you accomplish all this?

I can give you the 30,000-foot view. I’ve been married, going on several years, beautiful wife, two kids, two little girls. I way out kicked my coverage and my wife. She’s a four-time All-American, US National Team. She was a goalkeeper at the University of North Carolina. There’s a pretty high drive in our house for anything we do to be successful or sweep the floor.

Everything we do, we try to push and be better now than we were yesterday. With all that said, we’ll get into the wholesaling story real quick. Initially, we had a place we wanted to sell. I had talked my wife into it. Some friends told us about this particular house and some back and forth. It was built for an elderly lady. They were moving her into home health. She didn’t want this place to go to a flipper. In the market I’m in, I’m a flipper.

We’ve got to break this down for the newbies. When I was listening to these podcasts a couple of years ago, I didn’t know what a flipper was. What is your definition of a flipper? Is that an animal that we watched at Disney?

It’s close. It’s a professional real estate person, somebody that’s buying a house, going to do some updates, turn right back around, and list it. Hopefully, that arbitrage, that spread between what they purchased it for, what they spent to fix it, and then what they sell, there’s a gap in there. That’s their profit.

I’m going to have to be breaking down these big words the whole entire time you’re talking. First, we’re talking about dolphins. The arbitrage, I assume that’s the difference between one to the other.

Yes, the spread. They wanted this house to be for a family. We got it under contract, good bones. It’s well taken care of, just super dated. We had our place listed. The market here is like everywhere. I’m outside of Fort Worth. The market’s crazy. We had listed our place. It was moving a little bit slower. We were on that tail end. The market started slowing down. Days on market started extending. In our place, we had acreage. I’ve had horses, rodeoed my whole life with kids’ soccer, and all of that stuff.



WI 985 | Wholesaling Land

Wholesaling Land: God always has a plan. Success can be its prison cell.


Our lifestyle is changing. I got nervous that I’ve got this place under contract. We got this thing at true wholesale prices and I didn’t know anything about it. I got it at 70% of the appraised market value or just the actual value. I knew that this thing was worth some money because I was scared that I wasn’t going to be able to sell our house to close on this. I started like, “What am I going to do?”

I knew it was worth something. That’s where I started discovering what this wholesaling was. “I could sell this now.” There’s a conflict with the owner because that’s not her intended wish. We were going to cross the bridge when we got to it as far as talking to them. It drove me to start to learn what wholesaling and this whole world was. It created a new pathway to start driving and learning it.

When you say that was not her intended pathway, are you meaning the seller as far as that wasn’t what she intended for you to be able to transfer or assign your contract to an end cash buyer that was not Casey Pearson?

Correct. I felt like it was going to go against her initial wishes of not wanting this to be an investment property. I didn’t want to be the one that came in here and say, “We’re buying this for our family,” and then 4 or 5 weeks later, next thing you know, there’s a new buyer and a different deal. Fortunately, that didn’t happen. We ended up getting our house sold to a cash buyer. We were able to close quickly and start the rehab process, which we’re finishing up now. Fortunately for me, it created that discovery because I was nervous. I knew I had something. I didn’t know what it was. I was fortunate that it played out the way it did because it opened up a superpower that I didn’t know was there.

I have been an entrepreneur. I had my own oil field service company for a number of years. I liked the idea of being able to create income and wealth. I had a lot of employees before. I didn’t want that route. That’s one of the great things about wholesaling. You could build a business. It can be a single-man operation or you can have a large team with 40, 50, or 100 employees, whatever that goal is for you. That’s what started us down this path and then some unique things led me to you.

I’d love to hear more about that, and how your journey led to land. Why land? It seems like you’re already started on houses. How did that story look?

I started with YouTube university, found podcasts, and then landed on the Wholesaling Inc podcast. You can go down ten different trails, depending on who you thought, which is great. It’s like going to a buffet. You figure out what you like and then you can dive into that. I’ve always had a passion for land. We built some places and sold them. I understood that real estate was a lucrative business industry.

I didn’t quite know how to turn it into a business without the typical mindset of, “How am I going to have to go buy this piece of land for $300,000, $400,000? I’m going to have to build a place on it.” It’s in my building spec homes. I’m looking at it in a conventional mindset. By listening to Wholesaling Inc and then landed on The Land Sharks because again, for me, I like the simplicity of it. I had my previous employer. As many people around here heard the story, everybody wants security. That W-2 is super secure until one Friday, it’s not.

It’s always on a Friday, too. Why is it always on a Friday? For any of you, business owners out there, I don’t have to let a lot of people go in my organization. When I do, it’s usually on a Monday because shame on you. Don’t let them go on Friday because now the whole weekend is ruined.

Do it on a Monday. I had gotten a large six-figure bonus and then turned right around and stowed not where you need to be anymore.

I remember that first conversation when you told me about that on The Land Sharks welcome call. When you and I had spoken, it hit me. You got a $100,000 bonus and then let go almost in the same breath.


One of the great things about wholesaling is you could build a business, and it can be a single-man operation.


It’s a strange deal. God always has a plan because success can be its own prison cell. That’s not what I wanted to do, but it’s the golden handcuffs. You’re making too much money and you suffer along. That forced me to be comfortable being uncomfortable. My whole family all trained in Brazilian jujitsu. My wife is a stone-cold killer, which keeps our marriage in perfect balance.

One of the things that you learn quickly is being comfortable being uncomfortable. When you first start, it’s amazing. You see these big, strong, jacked guys. They panic in 30 seconds with somebody that’s 50 pounds lighter than them because they’re not used to being in a position where you’re that uncomfortable and you panic. It relates a lot to this business or any business. There’s a lot of discomforts and a little bit of that panic. As you start conditioning with having connected to a group or to a tribe, it helps ease you along to calm your nerves. That’s what The Land Sharks group did for me.

I’m honored.

We had our call. I believe it was right at the end of December 2021, somewhere right in there, or the first of the year. We went through the modules. For anybody out there reading, if you’re on the fence, invest in yourself the way this is set up. I’ve done other programs for different things in the past. The way that this was set up and certainly not turning this into a plug but I am because it’s a great tool.

The way the modules were set up was direct to the point. It was easy to digest and it was like boom. I got mailers out within a week or two. Within maybe a week or two after that, in one of the messages I sent you, I got overwhelmed. It’s one of the things you’ve talked about. There was too much coming at me. We ended up getting probably 6 or 8 lots under a contract that we closed on that got bought. There are going to be people reading this, shaking their heads.

If anybody is doing the math, we’re not even talking in six months’ time. That was fast and furious.

It went quickly. I’m still there exactly like what you talked about when your journey began. I got after it. I got the mailers out. There were no systems or processes in place to deal with the onslaught of signed purchase agreements.

You talked about being overwhelmed. You brought me back several years ago. I remember 6 or 8 of those things coming in at one time signed. Thinking about it now has given me goosebumps. I freaked out. I remember the old desk that I was sitting at. I opened the drawer and put them all in there. My wife came downstairs to my little home office that was on the other side of my newborn’s room. She’s like, “What is wrong?” My face was white. Here I am having success in something I didn’t even know what I was doing, just sending out letters of offers to people’s properties.

It was a one-page. It said purchase agreement at the top. I was so afraid if I didn’t keep my word to those people, I was going to have some serious consequences to pay. I’m an Army officer and like, “I offered these people. Now I got to buy every one of them.” I was freaked out there for a minute. You brought me back to that. Eventually, I got through all eight of them. Some of them were months later. Those people were happy to hear from me. It’s amazing what it turned into. I’m still going to pinch myself.

I’m right there. We’re circling back through because I’m good at the acquisition. Buying is easy. It’s the disposition part that we had to focus on to rebuild the bank account. Essentially, I was purchasing these and then listing them because they weren’t super expensive. It was easier. It was a different deal for me. I had a cash reserve that allowed me to do that.

When you say not super expensive, what do you mean by that? The first couple I bought were $285. That was a lot of money for me back then. What did some of those purchases look like for you?



WI 985 | Wholesaling Land

Wholesaling Land: Buying is easy. It’s the disposition part that we had to focus on to rebuild the bank account.


One was $800. One was $1,200. A couple of $1,500 ones. I did buy us some more expensive lots that were $7,500 apiece. Relative to this market and what we’re talking about, years from now, it was a $1,500 lot.

A few years ago, you’re like, “I wish I would have held on to that one. The interstate came through there.”

We closed on these and then started with the process of doing the free marketing, the Facebook, and all of that stuff. I ended up actually working with a realtor because some of these lots were in an HOA community. Note to self and everyone out there, pay close attention to your HOA. Make sure you get your pre-sales certificates. It’s a little more complicated.

There are a few extra moving parts, which held up getting to the closing table in the first one, but we got through it. It costs me probably an extra $600 to expedite some stuff. I’m not a huge fan of the HOAs, but again, it created an opportunity to learn something. We’ve checked off boxes moving forward. You learn. You say it often, “Fail forward, making a ton of mistakes,” but I’m at least trying to keep moving forward so I’ll make fewer mistakes tomorrow than I did now.

Some people are afraid to go out and make a mistake. Casey, tell me if that’s the same thing with you. Some of the cons that people put themselves into are, “I can’t go out there and make a mistake.” Why? It’s because they’re afraid of what they’re going to look like. They’re going to let their family down. There is fear of failure and rejection.

My biggest source of success is I went out there and made a bunch of mistakes. Granted, I wish I wouldn’t have on some of them. However, it’s made me ponder. It’s made us better. A lot of the amazing products that we have out there are from people’s needs, wants, and hurts. You can see where other people are failing and making mistakes. You can almost feel that need in that marketplace.

That’s a whole another conversation, but making those mistakes and failing forward, you’re going to find what does work. We made a big mistake on one of these lots that we ended up assigning the contract to. We had $120,000 we were going to make on an assignment fee. This was a few years ago.

$120,000 to me back then was more than I made in two years in the military. This is going to be a one-land deal. We made a mistake. I was on a plane. That’s what it was. I was getting on a plane and I picked the first one. I was like, “Let’s pick the offer.” I pick the lower one. Two offers came in. There was a $120,000 offer and then the $74,000. They both came at the same time and I overlooked $120,000.

Who’s to say they would have even closed? No telling, but a little mistake like that. Next time, look at all the offers, not just one. It’s so stupid. That costs us $40,000. I had to tell my team that. I was a little embarrassed by it, but it happens. Here I am, worried about $120,000. We made $78,000. That’s more than I made in an entire year in the military. Failing forward, that’s it.

Growth happens from success rarely. That’s where we learn. It’s learning when you lose, make a mistake, something that costs you money, or whatever it is. It’s when you take that hit on the chin that that’s where you start learning and figuring things out. Little growth happens from success. I’m not worried about failing or messing up. The good Lord’s given me 2 hands and 2 legs. I can work. If something doesn’t happen, we can go back to the drawing board and keep moving forward. I’ve made enough mistakes, and cost myself and my family lots of money, but you keep moving forward. The next best idea is to run around the corner, but you got to keep moving to get there.

Rhino Nation, if you’re reading what Casey is saying and you know someone needs to read this themselves, please share this episode. If you haven’t done so already, please give us a rate and a review. Make sure it’s five stars, but share this message. These are total gold nuggets that Casey is sharing. Casey, before I let you go, do you want to break down one of your favorite land deals?


Fail forward and make mistakes. But at least try to keep moving forward s you’ll make fewer mistakes tomorrow than you did today.


You sent me a text barrage of awesome wins. I want to see if you want to break down one of these land deals, what you paid for it, what you made for it, and how long it took you to get the money in your pocket. For someone that’s out there getting started that needs that little boost of confidence, motivation, and inspiration, whatever you want to call it because that’s what drove me in the beginning.

Again, I sent letters out. I started working with a buyer. I got a nice lot in a gated community, typical of the people that I’ve dealt with out of state. They’ve owned this property for a length of time, tired of paying taxes on it. They want to get it going. I ended up getting a lot under contract for $7,500. The one right next to it sold for $25,000. They didn’t want to mess with it. We got it bought.

I followed the steps and reached out to some local builders. It was funny, it came in the HOA packet of approved builders right down the list. I said, “I’ve got this property. Would you be interested in taking a look at it?” I had it at a retail price of $28,000 or 29,000. I tried to make it a little enticing and said, “$24,000, I’ll sell it to you, cash, ready to go.” I got two responses. Out of 8 people, there were 2 responses.

One of them was out of town. The next day, we had a contract. He knew the area. He was familiar with where the property was. It worked out great for them. We should be closing on that property. It worked out well, but all in all, it is probably about three months from the time on that particular one, sending the letter out, getting the deal, and negotiating with the seller. I was slow on reaching out to those builders when I got that packed and I saw it. Usually, you see the light bulb go off behind somebody’s head. For me, it was more like a sledgehammer like, “That’s exactly what Brent was talking about.”

You paid $7,500 for this thing and you’re selling it for how much?


How much are you going to net in your pocket? What is going in your pocket? $24,000 minus $7,500.

I’m not smart. You’ll have to do the math for me on that one.

Let me pull the calculator. I assume an agent commission, all that.

The buyer’s paying all the closing calls. There’s no realtor on this. This one’s straight profit.

I’m going to do the math one more time because I think I got too high. $24,000 minus $7,500 paid, buyer’s paying all closing costs, everything. That is $16,500 net in a short amount of time. From the time you sent that letter in the mail to the time you’re getting paid, how long was that entire process, give or take?



WI 985 | Wholesaling Land

Wholesaling Land: Making mistakes and failing forward will help you find what works.


About three months.

$16,500 in 3 months. Victory bell time. I’m glad you told me we’ve got one on the way to you so that victory bell is on the way.

I still got another one, the same deal at $7,500. We’ve got it listed at $60,000. Unfortunately, I don’t have any holding costs on that other than out of the cash. All told with the lots that we’ve acquired in that short little period, it’s somewhere about $100,000 to $130,000 in profit. At some point, it will be realized. That’s the great thing about this land. There’s no insurance. I don’t have maintenance and utilities. Your margins are phenomenal. To me, it’s a great base to start here. For me, the driver is to create cashflow and focus on some multifamily stuff. I’m not a big single-family home guy. It’s an amazing vehicle to do that with. It’s a lot of fun. You make great people. I’m blessed.

To speak of blessed, I still remember that conversation again when you said, “I pretty much got laid off.” I don’t know if I said this out loud, but I thought it was a blessing in disguise. I know that the good Lord was closing that door because so many more are probably going to open. I love that you shared that. Casey, I appreciate everything.

Guys, Casey has been rodeoing his whole life. Between rodeo, soccer, and doing mixed martial arts, he worked with his hands, went out there, and took action. I counted up 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 lots in a short amount of time. That’s probably what you’re telling me about. Thank you very much for sharing this. Guys, I pinched myself that we’re doing this.

This is a lifestyle business. We’re not talking about these crazy returns. You talked about another lot, $7,500, so nonchalantly and humbly that you’re going to sell for $60,000. That’s $52,000 in profit. You haven’t realized it yet. It’s not in your bank account yet, but let’s say that you’re half right. That’s still $25,000 net profit type thing that you’re still going to see from that.

It’s super exciting to have a part in this and know we’re doing the same thing. We’re creating a lifestyle business. The kids are home for the summer. We’re going on trips and all that. It doesn’t always have to be all work. You can set some of this stuff aside to do this again later. Casey, I appreciate you coming. I appreciate your time. I look forward to seeing your furthest success in this.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

Have a blessed day. We’ll talk soon.


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About Brent Bowers

WI 895 | Land InvestingBrent Bowers is an investor and coach with a focus on buying and selling vacant land. As an Army Officer with over 8 years of service, Brent was spending a great deal of time away from his family, and he knew he needed to make some changes in order to be more present with his wife and children. In a short period of time, Brent was able to expand his business, hire a team, and (most importantly) spend quality time with his family while still working hard and helping others.

While Brent invests in many different types of real estate, his favorite investment strategy deals with buying and selling vacant land, and he enjoys sharing his expertise in this area with his coaching clients. Brent chooses to live his life based on Bob Burg’s quote, “Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interests first.” He is passionate about helping other people find success in real estate investing, particularly in land investments.

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