Posted on: October 05, 2017

Dane Bollwinkel graduated college looking to conquer the corporate world, but he joined the tribe because he wanted more control over his time and his income. He says the desert can be longer for some people than others, but through faith and Wholesaling he’s come out on the other side (with an incredible deal).


The BIG Deal

  • Dane wasn’t having a lot of luck with mailers, so he went to the phones.
  • Dane started calling people on the Tax Delinquent List. He had a VA go through the data to make it more usable.
  • After about 15 hours and 260 calls, he found a potential deal.
  • The property owner seemed like a hot deal when he said that he didn’t want to sell it because he didn’t think it was worth anything, and he was dealing with bankruptcy.
  • It seemed like a good property with a single-family house on it, and the owner had purchased it for $54k from a foreclosure. Dane offered to buy the property from him for $54k, which was a great opportunity for the property owner.
  • After lining up an interested buyer, Dane ended up making about $70,900!




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Episode Transcription

Brent Daniels: Rhino nation, it is Brent Daniels back at it again, and we are on fire today. It is going to be an incredible, an incredible, interview today. This gentleman is out of Utah and he has joined the tribe and just exploded! He has worked so, so diligently and so hard, every single day to get as many opportunities for himself and his family as possible. I’d like to introduce to you right now, Mr. Dane Bollwinkel. Say hello, Dane.

Dane Bollwinkel: Hi, Brent. Thanks for having me.

Brent Daniels: It is absolutely my pleasure. I’m excited to chat with you today because I know what we are going to be talking about. So let’s do this. Why don’t we break it down a little bit? Why don’t you let everybody out there that’s listening know a little bit about who you are, Dane?

Dane Bollwinkel: Yeah, a little bit of background on me. I grew up in Utah, and honestly, it’s funny how I ended up in real estate. I thought I’d go conquer the corporate world. I went in, I’ve got my master’s degree and had some really great experiences with the companies I worked with. I worked with some great people and enjoyed it. I found that in order to get where I wanted to get, it would probably take 15 years or more at working really hard to try to get there, and I wanted more. I mean, it’s the same story as everybody, right? I wanted more flexibility with my time, to control my revenue and my salary, and so here I am. It’s been a crazy ride.

Brent Daniels: Sure. So, tell us… okay, you were in corporate, now you are in real estate. Are you in full time?

Dane Bollwinkel: Yeah. I actually had a unique opportunity. We’re going to talk a lot about God today because I feel like God has led me to where I am today and it’s been an interesting path. I had a job with a lot of people that I really liked at a tech company. I felt like there were a few other opportunities that I wanted to take advantage of that weren’t there. And I just felt like, at the time, that God was telling me to stay at that job.
I stayed and stayed, and I had faith, and an opportunity came where I felt like He was kind of giving me the green light to make a decision, and I could leave if I wanted to. And so, one of my friends became a manager at a new company and had a cool opportunity there. I jumped ship and went over to that company. And in four months of being there, the company shut our entire branch down.

Brent Daniels: Oh, no.

Dane Bollwinkel: Over a hundred people had no jobs.

Brent Daniels: Oh my gosh. What did you do?

Dane Bollwinkel: Yeah. I go back to the drawing board and, honestly, I knew what I needed to do at this point. It was really fascinating. I felt like God had led me to this opportunity, the company was gracious, they gave everybody three months severance, and essentially, I had three months of paid time off to go start a business.
And so I thought, “What a unique opportunity.” You listen to these podcasts all the time and people say, “Oh, I’m working a job, I don’t have money, how do I do this?” And I had a really unique opportunity. I was getting paid the same salary that I was making there and it was a pretty decent salary to go and build my business. That was cool. I jumped ship and left and have been working in my real estate business ever since.

Brent Daniels: That is incredible. So Dane, did you start out with just a big huge nest egg of money to be able to do this?

Dane Bollwinkel: I wish that was the case. No, I’ve worked extremely hard to try to set up some side income, so when the time came… I’ve always wanted to be a business owner, I just didn’t know what. And so, we do some other things. My wife is fabulous. She’s a nurse and so we get some money from, of course, her job. We breed dogs on the side, which is a lot of fun, and we rent our basement as well, so I’ve got a few different things.

Brent Daniels: Wow. You have multiple streams of income there, Dane.

Dane Bollwinkel: Yeah. It gave me the opportunity to jump. That’s what, I think, as a principal, you see this all the time from people that have been successful, right? Whether it be financially or in other aspects of their life, there’s a certain preparatory period usually. And if you can prepare yourself for future opportunities, then the opportunities… God just kind of opens the doors and it gives you the ability to jump. And, fortunately, I felt like we prepared ourselves, and I had the opportunity to take that jump.

Brent Daniels: Love it. When you made that jump, did you have any real estate experience whatsoever? I mean, you said you own a home, right?

Dane Bollwinkel: Right.

Brent Daniels: Did you have a lot of rentals? Did you have a lot of background in real estate? Kind of tell us a little bit about that.

Dane Bollwinkel: Yeah. Honestly, I’d been reading books and listening to podcasts on real estate for, oh man, a year or maybe two years. Another huge blessing that came into my life, when we were looking to buy a house, we bought and it turned out that my next door neighbor is actually the president of the local real estate investors association. I was able to get involved there. But no, I mean, I didn’t have any rentals. I didn’t have anything. I’ve never flipped a house. I hadn’t done anything super unique in that regard.
My dad, it’s in his blood to kind of create opportunities for yourself, and so we went, and he and my mom built a couple of houses when we were young, to build equity to get to the house that they’re at now. So, I had a few small experiences, but nothing that I could really have a lot of groundwork and go and just start making money immediately.

Brent Daniels: Sure, sure. Got it. You are talking right now to a lot of people that have an incredible passion for real estate but have never really got started. So from where you were at, you left… the job ended, right? The company ended, essentially. Or at least, your work there ended at the company. How did you go from that to being a real estate entrepreneur? What were the next steps?

Dane Bollwinkel: Yeah. I think that… and I’ve talked about this a lot with my wife. I think that at the end of the day, you need to, at least for me, I needed to know myself, right? So, I was hoping to, like I said, start a business of some sort and the piece’s kind of came together, I felt like, from listening to podcasts and reading and networking with real estate. And so, going from a job to taking the jump, I found out really quick I wasn’t someone that could build a business on the side. You hear about these people that are like, “Oh, I’d get things going consistently with real estate before you make the jump.” And that just was not working for me.
I don’t know about you but, and I bet you $1,000 that just about anybody that will listen to this, that has a family, would say the same thing. But after you work 40 hours a week or more and then you come home and you have family, I mean, there’s no time, there’s no time unless you’re super diligent to build a business.
I knew for myself, I’m a super one track thinker. I like to be on one track and I like to really kill it in that one track, and I can switch to whatever I need to do next. And so I needed for me to take the jump. I put myself in a position where I had some more streams of income where it wasn’t a cold break from having no money, had a lot of faith, and said, “If God has led me here, which I felt strongly he had, how can I go wrong as long as I put in the work? I know he’ll bless me.”

Brent Daniels: Absolutely, love it. Let’s walk down this path. Let’s see. You joined at the Rhino Tribe, correct? When did you join?

Dane Bollwinkel: Yeah, so I joined a little bit over a year ago, and to be totally honest with you, I’ve listened to almost all of the podcasts, and it was so frustrating initially. I’d been part of the tribe for six months before I did my first deal. And I was so tired of, in these podcasts, you hear from somebody and they’re like, “Oh, I hardly did any work and I didn’t know anything, and I sent out 500 pieces of mail and all of a sudden I had this $30,000 check,” and I’m like, “Man, this is crazy.”
I’ve done way more work than they have. I’ve done way more due diligence. I’ve put in all this effort and these pieces in play. And I’m like, “Man, where’s the freaking deals at?” And I listened to, I think, it was a different podcast, and they said… I think they gave the analogy, they said, “The desert is just longer for some people than others.” And my neighbor, he’s like, “Dane, the biggest thing with real estate is just staying with it.” He said, “Just stay in there, the deals will come if you stay.” And I’m like, “I’m here. I’m not going anywhere.”
And especially the upside. There’s not a single industry… Well, there probably is, but not one that I’m familiar with, where you could go over and literally make tens of thousands of dollars in a deal, and it’d be a game changer for your life. How can you find that? And I told my wife, we’ll probably talk about this more a little bit later on, but I said, “Honestly, I’m ready to burn everything down to make this happen, because the upside is so high that it literally would be worth it to burn everything down to make it happen.” Luckily, it didn’t come to that point, but I was committed.

Brent Daniels: Well, I want to touch on two things there. The first thing that I think that really stands out to me is the patience that you had to have, right? I mean, it was the patience of finding the right opportunity at the right time, and being able to stay consistent with everything that you were doing in your business. That was the first thing, was the timing.
And the second thing was that you were committed to it. You just said you were willing to burn everything down. I mean, you were committed. I mean, this was it. You were patient and you were committed and now, I know what you’re doing, I know how your business is going, and I’m just so excited and so happy that you had the strength and the fortitude to stick with it and make sure, and have faith that it was going to work for you.
And I think that is an incredible, incredible point to all of this, especially in any business, is having the faith that you are going to be able to succeed, to be able to do this, to have the confidence to get up every single day and be proactive and work. And it’s just incredible. Just really, really incredible. I mean, hats off to you, Dane, 100%.
Let’s look at something specific because on this podcast, this is known as giving the listeners around the world, around the country, the absolute best information when it comes to wholesaling property. Let’s put you in the hot seat a little bit and let’s talk about a very specific deal that you did. Let’s pick one that you want to talk about and you just fire away. Why don’t you tell me, when did it happen and kind of start giving us a little bit of background on it?

Dane Bollwinkel: Yeah. I’ve literally only done two deals, and once again, I’ve been in the tribe for over a year, and so the desert has been a long one for me. The first day, like I said, I did that one, it was, long story short, it’s a subject to deal, we won’t go into a lot of detail on that. It’s a little bit more complex. But I did $4,500 on that one, sent all the money out and to more mail and nothing came back, because I was starting to run out of money, went to the Wholesaling Summit where you spoke, and you talked about getting on the phones. And from being in the tech industry, I’m no stranger to the phones.
And so I said, “Man, I need to go on the offensive because the mail, it works. And that’s been proven.” But I didn’t feel like I had the budget for it to work and to work quickly. And so I’m like, “Man, I’ve got to do something else.” So I got on the phones, like you’d kind of explained. I tried to do everything I could to replicate the system, and literally I think I called for… and I hate to be that guy that’s like, “Oh, I only called a few people.”
But, once again, I feel like I’d kind of put myself in a position to be successful when the right call came. I called for, I don’t know, I think it was 15 hours and that was about 260 contacts through. And I ran into my second deal and it worked out. A lot of bumps along the way on the deal, but it ended up working out, and paid out a huge dividend in the end. It was super exciting.

Brent Daniels: What was the list that you were calling?

Dane Bollwinkel: In my County, it’s Salt Lake County, there’s the tax delinquent list that you can get from the County for free, and I’d have a virtual assistant go and scrub the data and do a few things to get it to where it needed to be. But that was the list I called.

Brent Daniels: Awesome. You’re calling through the tax delinquent, you’re on your… what did you say? 15th hour?

Dane Bollwinkel: Yeah, about 15th.

Brent Daniels: 15th hour of calling, and you have that one conversation that changes everything, right? You have that one conversation and what was the circumstance? You called up, who did you talk to?

Dane Bollwinkel: Yeah. Honestly, I remember like it was yesterday. I think you posted on Facebook, and I remember you saying, “One conversation today can change your life.” And I remember the day was coming to a close, it was later in the evening, and I’d been calling and I was ready to go home. And I was like, “Dane…” It’s one of those times where it’s like, what are you made of? It’s like, “Who are you?”

Brent Daniels: Yep, I hear you. Yep.

Dane Bollwinkel: [crosstalk 00:15:30] stick it out. So I called a few more times and ran into a gentleman named Gordon, notice he uses his first name, and we ended up chatting on the phone. I explained to him that I was interested in purchasing this house that he had and he said, “Oh, I don’t think I want to sell it, it’s not worth anything.”

Brent Daniels: I love when they say that.

Dane Bollwinkel: Yeah, that’s interesting. I said, “Tell me a little bit about that.” And he said, “Well, once again, I don’t think I want to sell it. I actually have a bankruptcy that I need to take care of right now.” And the red lights are flashing at this point and so I said, “Oh, you’ve got a bankruptcy.” I said, “If I could pay you cash and put some cash in your pocket, I bet that’d be pretty helpful to deal with it, wouldn’t it?”
He says, “Well, yeah, but once again, it’s not worth anything.” And I said, “Oh, well, how much do you think it’s worth?” And he said, “It’s probably worth $20,000.” And in my market, $20,000, I’m thinking maybe we’re talking about a trailer and he doesn’t own any of the land or something like that.
And even then, there is still potentially a deal. $20,000 is just so cheap, in my market. And so we talked some more, and as we’re chatting, I jumped on the County assessor website and I saw that it’s a single family house. And at that point I’m like, “Wow, we may have a deal here.” And so I said, “How much did you pay for it?” And he said, “Oh, I bought it out of a foreclosure myself five years ago for $54,000.”
And you can’t… I mean, the land itself was worth more than $54,000 in my market, and where this house was, and so I said, “What if I could pay you the $54,000? What if I could give you the money that you put in and you could get out of this and kind of go another direction.” And he said, “Oh my gosh. Do you think you could really do that?”
I said, “Well, I’d have to have a look, but why don’t I send you the paperwork. We’ll get that out of the way.” I sent him over the purchase agreement for $54,000, he signed that, signed it that night, electronically. And then I went and had a look and I knew it was a deal, right? At this point, it’s just a matter of how much. Along the way he had the bankruptcy, I talked to another investor and the investor said, “Oh, we don’t even deal with anything in bankruptcy because it’s just a mess.” And I’m like, “Oh no, maybe this isn’t ideal.” And then they’re like, “Oh, well, if he has any liens on it, if he has a $150,000 lien, then it’s not a deal.” And I’m just praying, I’m like, “God, make this happen.”
Literally three days before I talked with him, my wife and I sat down and she’s like, “Dane, you got to either make some money or you’ve got to get a job because money has run out.” And so, the opportunity came and I was just super blessed, and turned out there were no liens except for his taxes. He is behind $5,000. But he agreed to pay it closing because those are his responsibility. Typical, send out your blast, I called a few people that had clicked on the email, sent about five people through and ended up having a great end buyer that we were able to close the deal with. It worked out pretty good.

Brent Daniels: Is all the uncertainty… I mean, this is your second deal, all the stress coming down, you see the potential of this opportunity. You’re like, “Please, let this happen.” And it all lined up for you incredibly. Again, you had the faith, right? You had the faith that it would happen, and you were able to get the deal done. So, let’s get to the meat and potatoes of it. What did you make on this deal?

Dane Bollwinkel: Just a little bit under $71,000. It was 70,900 bucks or something else. [crosstalk 00:19:34].

Brent Daniels: I love it!

Dane Bollwinkel: Once again, I listen to these podcasts and they’re like, “Oh, I hardly did any work and I made this money” and I’m like… I listened to a podcast and one dude was like, “I envision two $50,000 deals,” and I was like, “Man, if I could just get a $10,000 deal, we’d be in good shape.” And it still blows my mind. A little over 70 grand on one deal.

Brent Daniels: That is incredible. I am so, so happy for you, Dane. So what are we doing now? How are you? Are you still making calls? Are you still talking to people? Are you still out there being proactive every day? I mean, tell us what is going on moving forward in your business.

Dane Bollwinkel: Yeah, of course. My wife needed a little vacation after all the stress that I’ve put her through, so we went on a little getaway, and then I’ve been back. I’ve hired one person that’s been calling for me and then the plan is to get two more. One of the hardest things with this deal is, once I locked it up and tried to show buyers and get it closed and get over any hiccups that we ran into, there wasn’t any time left to do a lot of calling like I had been doing.

Brent Daniels: Right.

Dane Bollwinkel: And so, if you can keep the marketing consistent then the deal flow will be consistent too. That’s the plan. Hiring a few more people, keep the calling consistent, and then I do all the followup for now. I want to get things to where they’re a little bit more consistent, get a little more revenue in the door before we outsource things. It’d be a mistake to outsource everything all at once. It just wouldn’t work. And so, one thing at a time. We’ll perfect the calling, and then fill the other roles, as I kind of see fit.

Brent Daniels: Incredible. I love it. You are building your business quickly.

Dane Bollwinkel: I’m trying to get a real nice big dump of cash come through.

Brent Daniels: Sure.

Dane Bollwinkel: And once again, seriously, glory be to God. There’s no other explanation. It’s just a huge blessing, and I tithe on the money, first thing, send them a tithe. I always do a 10% tithing because in order to see the money come back and to show your appreciation, I personally think that’s what you should do. I did that and then, trying to build my business to find more homeowners to help.

Brent Daniels: That’s incredible. And I know you will and I’m just so happy that you stuck with it and you decided to be proactive, pick up the phone, talk to people, call up strangers, see if they would consider an offer, and it really worked out for both that homeowner and you and your family. I mean, it literally has changed everything and has just allowed you the seed capital to really just grow your business and it’s just incredible, and it’s going to be exciting seeing what the next 12 months holds for you. Let’s go back to, Dane, if you were brand new in this business, what advice would you give somebody that’s absolutely brand new?

Dane Bollwinkel: Yeah. I really feel so strongly it comes back to knowing yourself. I’ve talked to so many people and they’re like, “How do I do this with a job? How do I do this part-time?” And I tell them all the same thing. I say, “I don’t know. I really don’t know. I’m not someone that could do it that way.”
I think you need to know yourself. I think that, once you can kind of figure out what your capacities are, you can start figuring out what you need to do. And so, whether it be to find more opportunities to generate income… We generated a lot of side income so that I could make this jump. We’ve been preparing, and that made it so I could do the jump. I mean, if you are the Gary Vaynerchuk’s of the world, and you could go and spend 15 hours a day working, then go do that. Go do that. But you need to know yourself and then find the right way to go, and kill it in the market.

Brent Daniels: Well, I will tell you this, Dane. I am dedicated to get you to your first six figure month as soon as possible. And then from there you’re just going to put more and more of it together. So, it is going to be an incredible ride with you working together.
I really, really appreciate you being on this podcast and sharing with you… I think it’s going to really relate to a lot of people out there that have been stressed, that have been uncertain, that have been at the end of their rope or end of their budget and just to have somebody like you to be able to look at and listen to and really just be an example of what happens if you stick it out. I think that it’s just incredibly powerful and I thank you. Thank you so much. Do you have any final words to say out there?

Dane Bollwinkel: Yeah. I appreciate all that. It means a lot, it really does. And I appreciate all your help. I can’t express how humbled I am to seriously have your guidance. So, thank you. Yeah, the last part now, and this keeps just ringing in my mind. At the end of the day, blessings usually come when your faith is being tested. I think that it’s important when things look bad, work harder, work harder, God rewards people that put in work. You don’t have to do it perfect, but put in work, and the blessings will come.

Brent Daniels: Perfect. Love it. And everybody out there listening, if you are interested in getting some more information about the Talk to People Program, please go to www.WholesalingInc/TTP and book a call with me, Brent Daniels, personally. Would love to chat with you and see if you’ve got what it takes to be in our program because it is phenomenal and we are putting together the most proactive program, the most proactive group of real estate investors in the country, would love to chat with you.

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