Episode 98: One Conversation Today Can Change Your Life

Dane Bollwinkel graduated college looking to conquer the corporate world, but he joined the tribe because he wanted more control over his time and his income. He says the desert can be longer for some people than others, but through faith and Wholesaling he’s come out on the other side (with an incredible deal).


The BIG Deal

  • Dane wasn’t having a lot of luck with mailers, so he went to the phones.
  • Dane started calling people on the Tax Delinquent List. He had a VA go through the data to make it more usable.
  • After about 15 hours and 260 calls, he found a potential deal.
  • The property owner seemed like a hot deal when he said that he didn’t want to sell it because he didn’t think it was worth anything, and he was dealing with bankruptcy.
  • It seemed like a good property with a single-family house on it, and the owner had purchased it for $54k from a foreclosure. Dane offered to buy the property from him for $54k, which was a great opportunity for the property owner.
  • After lining up an interested buyer, Dane ended up making about $70,900!




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