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Posted on: June 20, 2022
WI 976 | Wholesaling Team


Building your team is the difference between having a struggling business and a thriving brand. Lauren takes some time to show us her strategies for hiring winners and getting the right people to join her team. This episode will teach you exactly what to do during your interviews, tactics to leverage other people’s time and how to analyze potential.


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Build Your Wholesaling Team

Episode Transcription

What’s up? I’m going to talk about how to find and hire the best talent and employees to scale your wholesaling business. I see this all the time. You want to scale your business because you are tired of the grind. You want to take a vacation and know that your business is still running when you’re in Hawaii with your family. There’s this pivotal point in every self-employed person’s career where they realize that they left their corporate job and thought they were a business owner. They thought they were becoming an entrepreneur, but all they did is they create another job for themselves.

This time they have to work harder because the check isn’t guaranteed. Even worse, they don’t have paid vacation or paid sick days, no benefits at all. Here’s the problem with your thinking. You did not think about this ahead of time. You thought that starting your own business or becoming an entrepreneur instantly meant that you were going to get time freedom. You didn’t think about the fact that if you’re not there doing the work, no one else is going to be there. Therefore, you are not going to get the work done, and you are not going to make money.

You need to now think about, “How do I scale my business? How do I use other people’s time to make money so I don’t need to use my time anymore to make money?” That is when you finally officially become an entrepreneur. When you are not working in your business, you’re working on your business. With scaling comes some growing pains. I am going to help you with this episode to try to avoid some of that. Believe me, I went through them myself.

WI 976 | Wholesaling Team

Wholesaling Team: You finally officially become an entrepreneur when you are not working in your business; you’re working on your business.


I was never taught how to hire people. I never worked in management. I was an entrepreneur. I’ve been an entrepreneur longer than I’ve been an employee at a company at this point. I started at 25 years old. I didn’t have a whole lot of work experience. I definitely wasn’t in management or HR or anything. When I started scaling, I got into this terrible cycle of hiring and firing. I was hiring bad people over and over again.

I learned that if you put them through this process that I’m going to give to you, you can avoid a lot of wasted time and money in turnover. By the end of this episode, I am going to change your perspective that when you have the right people in the right seats, that is the success of a business. I don’t care how smart you are or how great your idea is. If you do not have the right people in the right seats, you will not succeed.

I’m going to give you the tools to get you closer to having the right people in the right seats. I’m going to go over where to find the right employees. I’m going to share with you my interview process and how I background check them to make sure I’m not getting any crazies. I’m going to go over what I do in the first 90 days when they’re hired. Let’s get started. Where do I find my employees? Where do I find them? I find them two ways. Number one is job boards online. The other is from referrals.

I like WiseHire.com. I’ve tried other ones, and there is something about their platform that’s the best. Their job postings go to pretty much all the job boards. I’m getting good exposure. If there’s something about their portal, it works well. It’s very user-friendly. I have loved Wise Hire, and I’ve gotten a lot of my employees from there.

If you do not have the right people in the right seats, you will not succeed. 

Next is a referral. When you have a good employee, chances are they hang around good people. They may even have people that they used to work with at previous employers, especially during COVID when a lot of people got laid off. There were mass layoffs. If I hired one employee who worked for Disney, and Disney laid off a bunch of their employees, I might have access to more Disney employees that might be similar to the one employee I had that has worked out so well. Always ask your current staff, do they have any friends that they know that they could refer?

Let’s say you have a bunch of job applicants. What does the interview process look like? I’m going to take you through it but first, I’m going to explain to you one thing. Know that in the interview process, you are not meeting that person. You are meeting their representative. There are a lot of people that are very good at putting a good face on for interviews. I call them Bamboozlers. Their representative is top class, but it’s interesting how completely opposite they are when you finally hire them.

Everyone has a representative. When we’re in an interview, we’re not totally relaxed. We are putting our best foot forward. When we’re on your first date with someone. You are not going to be revealing every negative flaw about yourself. You’re going to put your best foot forward. There are some people whose best foot is a mile forward from who they are and are good interviewers.

They’re salesmen. They know how to say the right thing. They know how to interview. They might have studied interviewing. They’re good at reading behavior. Those are the people I’m going to teach you how to avoid. There is a trick. I have one trick that has worked for me every single time. The first thing I do is I have a fifteen-minute phone call. What I’m trying to accomplish out of this fifteen-minute phone call is weeding out anyone I know right off the bat isn’t going to work. I don’t want to waste an hour of my time talking to them.

WI 976 | Wholesaling Team

Wholesaling Team: Remember, you need to be patient. You need to talk to a lot of people. Sometimes, it takes 50 applicants or more to get that right person.


I don’t even set up an hour in the calendar. I set up fifteen minutes, so they know this is a quick call. In that fifteen minutes, I’m listening to them how do they talk? Do they sound like they’re someone I would want to face a customer of mine, for example? Do they sound distracted on the phone, or did they give me their full attention? Meaning that this job is important to them. Did they show up on time? Did they answer the phone when you called them? Did they call you? I want to know that they’re punctual. That means that this position means something to them and that they’re responsible. A year down the road, I’m not going to be constantly waiting for them to join a Zoom meeting every time we have one.

I have seen some crazy things happen just in these fifteen minutes. I remember I had a girl one time. I’m interviewing her, and I can tell she is washing the dishes as she’s talking to me. Are you kidding me? If a job is that important, are you going to be washing dishes when you’re on the phone for an interview? You would think that this is common sense, but there are a lot of people that don’t have common sense. I don’t want those people working for me.

There are also people that have funny personality quirks. They start bragging about themselves or sound arrogant. Those are people that I don’t want. I want to be happy, humble and hungry. I do not want arrogant people on my team. They don’t fit into our culture. The next interview I do is a one-hour phone interview. I do it over the phone because I don’t want to waste too much of my time, and meeting in person takes more time. I do a one-hour phone interview.

What I’m trying to gauge are two things. Did I enjoy talking to them? Is this someone I could be friends with? Number two is, did I get any weird gut feelings about them? Did they say anything that made me pause for a minute? In my history of hiring people, any time I had someone who gave me a weird feeling like they said something that revealed something, and it made me pause, I always learned that I regretted hiring that employee. That little pause was something that ended up being a bigger issue. It’s shocking.

In an interview, we are not going to reveal every negative flaw about ourselves. We’re going to put our best foot forward.

Sometimes it’s so small that you wouldn’t even think much about it, and you can easily talk yourself out of making it a big deal. I’ve done that and regretted it. Any time you are in the interview process, and they say something that you go, “That was a little weird,” or “I probably wouldn’t have said that in an interview,” I want you to think about that and disqualify that person right then and there. Learn from me.

The next interview is one hour in person. This is where I’m looking for more pause moments. Did they say anything weird to reveal something strange about them? Were they on time or punctual? Are they dressed professionally? Did they hand me a copy of their resume? I look for a call. I look for that they know how to present themselves professionally. I look for those things. I want to see that they respect me and my time, and that they are truly hungry, humble and happy.

At this point, I usually have good talent in front of me as long as I don’t get any moments of pause. The pause thing is hard because everyone does little things here and there. I will say that the best employees I have never made me pause for not even a second. I enjoyed talking to them during the interview, and they never said anything that I thought was a little weird after the interview.

Remember, you need to be patient. You need to talk to a lot of people. Sometimes, it takes 50 applicants or more to get that right person. You need to talk to 25-plus applicants or more to get to that right person. Do not just talk to three people and hire 1 of the 3, be patient. You will not regret it. What you will regret is hiring too quickly, and that over costs businesses money and wastes a ton of time. They tire you out.

I know what it’s like to want to graduate to that entrepreneur status where I’m not working in my business, but I keep having to hire and fire. Every time I fire, I have to jump right back into that job role to make sure that it happens and I don’t lose money. Trying to hire someone while you’re doing that job role is exhausting. Taking your time to hire the right people is so important. The last step I do is always do a background check. I get my background checks from a website called ClearChecks. I do their professional package. It’s $99 and does a full criminal background check. It has some other things that it checks. I do that and make sure that there’s nothing in there that looks questionable.

I also call three references. I would say the references that they always put down are never going to be anyone that says anything bad about them. I take the reference thing with a grain of salt, but what’s most important is I want to see that they can give them to me very quickly. They aren’t hiding references or only giving me two when I asked for three. Know that references are usually going to be fans of the person, or they’re going to do the person a favor and say the right thing.

That’s it, guys. That is my strategy to get good talent in front of me. The rest is rolling the dice on the person and taking a leap of faith. At least now you have a framework to put them through. Remember these rules, set boundaries up and have that perspective that once you get the right person in the right seat, your business will flourish and grow.

If you have the wrong people in the wrong seats, it won’t. I have a book recommendation. Check out the book, Traction. They talk about the right people in the right seat. It’s a good book. It helped me in my skills as an entrepreneur and refined my hiring process. I highly recommend it. I hope you got a lot out of this episode. If you did, make sure you share with a friend. Thank you so much for reading. I will see you next time.


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Lauren Hardy is Virtual Investing expert and Real Estate influencer who owns multiple companies in the real estate industry including real estate investment, coaching, and software companies. She is also a Wholesaling Inc coach and co-host of the Wholesaling Inc Podcast.

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