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Posted on: June 16, 2022
WI 974 | Wholesaling Deals


Brent Daniels has some amazing guests sharing their stories in wholesaling. Nashid Allen and Ewens Lizima have closed over 40 deals within three years of operating their business! They partnered up after working part-time in their businesses separately. Brent gives us insight into his program and how Nashid and Ewens benefited from it.

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40 Deals In Three Years Ft. Nashid Allen And Ewens Lizima

Episode Transcription

I want to welcome to the Wholesaling Inc show, the Rhino Tribe, from New Jersey, we got Nashid Allen and Ewens Lizima. Welcome. How are you?


All fine.

You flew a long way to join me here in Phoenix. You have spent the whole day with me. This is incredible. Now, we get to hear your story. We get to share it because I know that you’ve been reading this show for a while.

I’ve been reading for about a few years now.

Did you want to be on it?

I’ve been telling my wife, my girlfriend, when we first met, anybody that I came into that I’m eventually going to be on this show and here it is.

I’m so excited to do it because 40 deals have closed. You’ve been going at this for three years. You guys partnered upright during the pandemic. We’ll talk about all of that, but 40 deals closed, going full-time, building a real business here. Before you discovered the wonderful world of wholesaling, what were you doing?

Before wholesaling, my life was up and down. As far as work and employment, if you don’t have no real career and you’re not college-educated, you’re going to work in that factories. You’re going to be working for auto mechanics or things like that and those were my jobs. I was working at factories and stuff like that, but I’ve always been an entrepreneur as a kid. I always had some type of side hustle and entrepreneur spirit, being very young from selling candies to fixing bikes, doing different things to make money since I was very young. I have an interesting past. It’s very awesome that I was able to work with you, change my life around and get to where I am now.

As for me, I’m a college basketball player at Delaware Valley University in Pennsylvania. To be honest with you, I’ve been playing basketball my whole life. My mom always said, “The ball is going to stop one day.” I’m like, “Okay.” I always was only focused on basketball, then the pandemic hit. I started reading different books. I started to get into real estate a little bit more.

My dad’s also into real estate. He owned some rental properties and he helped me. He guided me through one of his flips. Let’s say I did my first flip that way, but he did everything. I was there learning and trying to understand the game. Now I want to do it on my own. Ever since I started reading the books or watching different YouTube videos, it’s crazy.

If your dad didn’t do flips, do you think that you would have found real estate or do you think that’s what pulled you in or did you find real estate and then you’re like, “I think my dad does this?”

Honestly, my mom is a part of that too. She has four units. I live with my mom now. My mom is crazy about the business world. Me helping her with her house is what motivated me also.

With the fourplexes?


Do you live in one and then rent out the other three, like a house hack type of thing?


How has your mom owned it?

She’s been on it for a few years now.

Real estate is a very profitable business if you’re doing it correctly.

She’s got great equity. That’s incredible. Awesome. Why real estate? Why wholesaling? Why did you find this? I feel being young and doing these entrepreneurial things, having that spirit, you have that pilot light inside you that’s always going type of thing, but that could be directed towards anything. It could be directed towards opening a restaurant or it could be directed to whatever, running some other like service business or whatever else. Did you start with wholesaling? Did you start with, “I’m going to go buy rentals or I’m going to go flip properties?”

That’s another crazy story. A guy came to me in 2009, 2010, like, “You can have a buyer in this room and you can have a seller in this room. You can get what’s in between.” I’m like, “Get out of here. You don’t know what you’re talking about.” A few years later, I ran into, I think it was Jerry Norton, first, on one of his books or videos or something like that. I didn’t pay any mind. Two, it came to you.

I think it’s that I love helping. I’ve always been a businessman and I don’t want to run a business that’s not profitable. Real estate is a very profitable business if you’re doing it correctly. Once I tapped into the business of it being very profitable and I liked to help people. I overextend myself in helping people at times. That attribute of myself helps me love real estate. I love everything about real estate. That’s all I talk about.

It’s the best once you get that first deal coming in and you see how happy the person that you saw their problem with their house and how happy these cash buyers are. The cash buyers are the happiest. They’re like, “Send me every deal. We love all these deals.” They’re trying to get in their pocket. We talked about it before the show. The relief from the seller, you see the joy from the buyer then you see this check or whatever, a wire into your account. You’re like, “That’s my receipt for how much value I provided here.” It’s almost like, “I could do this again.”

Your brain starts changing and you start thinking bigger. You start thinking about building the business and that’s what we’ve been talking about all day. It’s not doing deals but building a business that can serve the community. Also, that you could step out of someday as the business owner and it’s paying you cashflow every single month. You could do whatever else you want. You to build your portfolio. You could flip properties. You can chill. Whatever you want to do. That’s what you are putting together.

It’s been great. To piggyback off that, my first deal, I saw it come to life. I drove past it, seeing the little guy with his bike out front and everything. I was able to smile inside. This house had the roof collapsed and it was my first deal. This buyer still calls me to this day, begging me for deals because the deal I sold him had equity. The buyer made out. A wonderful family is renting the property, living in it. The seller made out. He was in a tight situation that I helped him out of. It was the first deal I had ever closed for $3,500. It feels like $1 million because it was a proof of concept.

Once you get the fact that you can do it, you do it again and again. You’ve done it 40 times. From doing that first deal, were you going full-time in real estate? Where are you still doing part-time?

I will say I was still doing it part-time even when I say I was doing it full-time because a lot of people think that because you’re working, you’re doing effective work and you’re not. You’re still laughing and giggling here, not doing it consistently. After I separated from my last partnership situation, I started doing it consistently because I knew I had nobody else to rely on but myself. That’s when things started forming for me. I would say probably for 2021, I’ve been doing it consistently every day, waking up. Those days’ deals I was doing, I was doing it part-time because of the hours. I would say because of the hours that I was putting in actual working time.

What were you doing during for the rest?

Chilling with my family. Sometimes I was working on and off, but I couldn’t get with it. It would be one month here and that’s because real estate is not closing deals as fast enough, so I’m trying to go back to work for a couple of months until I close another deal. I wasn’t fully committed to the process. When you have a family and stuff like that, you need bills paid. The greatest thing about it is that my girlfriend makes enough money to hold the household down. I was able to have that free time to build this business up.

I think it’s important. It goes against what we think as being an entrepreneur. Your 1st to 7th year, truly, maybe 3 to 5, if you’re pushing, that’s like your hustle season. That’s when you’re in it. That’s when you have to treat it like a job. It’s a job you’re not getting paid as much as the other job you left because it was guaranteed.

It’s already within an established business and you’re starting to build up the momentum in your own business. You go take a dip in income for the advantage of building an actual business. That’s why people go back because they feel that freedom for the first time of not having a job then they don’t treat this like a job. All of a sudden, you’re all over the place inconsistent. It doesn’t work that way.

That was the greatest thing that I had to understand that following your system was not only what I needed but following your system had to be done because I couldn’t get from point A to point B without it. You need organizational skills, follow-up skills, lead gen and so many different layers of skills to put all together to do deals consistently. You might get one every blue if you wanted some willy-nilly program, but you have to have systems and organization to do consistent deals and do 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 a month.

I think that’s where I lucked out. It’s because I wasn’t organized or I wasn’t following up. I would text a list or I would cold call a list and put it to the side and go get another list. After connecting with Nas and he’s bringing me to the TTP programs. He’s like, “See? You got to follow up. You got to be organized. You have to be on top of the people you reach out to because sometimes they need some seasoning.” That’s his motto. You have to season them.

For example, I got him a deal, a lead. I said, “I got this lead.” He said, “It’s not good, but he needs some seasoning.” For me, in 2021, I would’ve been like, “Let me lock this up and see what I can do.” Let’s say, if it doesn’t work, I’m like, “All right.” Push it to the side, then move on to the next. You’ve got to follow up. You got to stay consistent.

You have to know our target audience. Our target audiences are older White folks. They don’t like to be rushed. The very older ones, even for a few younger ones, it doesn’t work and stuff like that, it’s okay but with the older people, pressure doesn’t work. They’re going to cut you off on the phone if you offer a number that doesn’t make sense. Those things that are telltale signs that you’re not a real investor or that you’re rushing the process and that you have an assignment fee are going to dead the conversation.

Everybody should listen to that because you want to understand what their timeline is. If somebody is a stiff arm and they still have that force field up, you need to take the time to build the relationship. They have to trust you, for sure. Now, we want to shorten timelines and time kills all deals. We want to make sure that we’re respectfully shortening these timelines. It’s being in front of them and not just being like, “Here’s your offer.” It’s finding out, “Has anything changed? What’s going on? Are you ready to review this cash offer that I have for you?”

Raphael used a great analogy. Jenga is what prospecting truly is because once you remove that one, they all start falling because this one said, “Six months from now. He said three months. He said tomorrow.” Once you build enough of them in the pipeline, they all start coming through. The leads that we’ve gathered through June and some even through May, now start to close and come into fruition in July and so forth and so on, so you can’t have any hiccups. Listening to Bill, consistent marketing and lead follow-up is the most important part of the business.

I explained earlier the deal that we closed for $33,000, which was nice. It was a lead that he had a few years ago. That’s crazy.

WI 974 | Wholesaling Deals

Wholesaling Deals: People quit because they feel that freedom for the first time or not having a job. And then they don’t treat this like a job. And then all of a sudden you’re just all over the place inconsistent.


Can we break that down? That deal? Is that the one you want to break down in this show? That one is phenomenal. I can’t wait. Let’s hold off on getting too into it because I want you to tell that story because it’s credible. Roughly, I was talking about like all the leads are like a game of Jenga where you pull it out and you put them on top, put them on top, then all of a sudden, they all start falling. All of these deals start going and the momentum starts picking up once you’re consistent, as long as you’re consistent and you’re staying in front of them.

I find it one of the biggest errors that most people make. They’re fine going out and getting the leads, but they don’t want to do lead follow-up. You were like, “If they don’t want it now, I’m gone.” The fact is I’ve done 2,000 deals. Maybe one out of those 2,000, it was like, “I need to sell this home now. Can you come here now?”

This was a few years ago. It was not this market. Everything is made in the lead follow-up, all of it and it takes patience because we’re right there and you see it. You can feel it. You can already see the closing happening with these leads. You’re like, “This is going to be an unbelievable one. Make a decision. What is happening?” You got to push that all down. You’ve got to have that patience, but you got to pull them along. You got to stay in front and help them make a decision.

I think that you’ll get those wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am-deals while you’re seasoning because you’re running. We closed one for $18,000. You’ll get those deals that you get and they’re ready to go now. They’re ready to sell. They want the house out there. When you see those ones, you got to jump on them too. Seasoning is a more important part of the whole business because it allows us to have deals in the pipeline. The pipeline is the most important thing. If we don’t get closings pending, we are nothing.

You got four pending now?

Two pending and two, we still need to find buyers for.

Get them sold.

We’re trying. We will.

Talk to the dispo guy. We’re going to get them sold. I got confidence.

No worries. You got to tell them about that deal with Thomas.

Thomas was a guy I initially talked to back in 2019, I think early 2020. I cold-called him and talked to him for a couple of months. I was able to get him to agree to a number.

Do you know what list?

I know it’s an absentee owner.

A tired landlord?

That was the main list that I hit in 2019 and 2020. That was the list I stayed next to.

You have to hit that list. It’s in there. Basically, for anybody that’s new to it, it is people that don’t live in the properties, these rental properties. Oftentimes, these are vacant properties or they’ve had tenants in there a long time. They’ve owned them for at least 7 to 10 years.

When I changed that filter from the virus, it’s the 7 to 5 years. When I started playing with that, I started finding people that were a little more likely motivated. That’s where I got him from. He came to my house. I had an office in my house and he came to my house.

Did you call him?

I called and seasoned them for a couple of months.

Consistent marketing and lead follow-up are the most important parts of the wholesaling business.

Have you never met him before? Never went to his house? How did he know your address?

He looked at my business.

He googled your business name. Did you give him a contract?

I sent him a contract, an agreement. We agreed to a number and everything. He was ready. I sent him an agreement and my business name, so he must have googled my business name.

Why did you not present it in person? Why did you send it to him?

That’s how I always learned. I never make contracts unless I’m on an appointment, if I’m closing them on the phone virtually. I’ve done virtual wholesale and I’m in the same city. I never go meet the person. I used that same model right there in New Jersey. It could be down the street, but if I know what the number is, I don’t need to go come see the house where I buy. I know what the number is. I know what my buyer’s going to buy it for. I have still locked them right up, then I’ll do all the inspections and everything like that on the backend. Sometimes, that plays in favor of an investor because we can get a major reduction.

You sent him a paper copy or is this like email?


He opens up his email. He sees your company name. He googles your company name. He checks out the corporation commission. He finds the mailing address or whatever your address for it.

It’s one-click in Jersey, so you can get to play.

He shows up at your house?

At my door, knocking. “Mr. Allen, you sent me this contract.” Basically, he parks his way in. I’m like, “Hey, buddy.” Unbeknownst to him, my whole house was an office. My whole living room was an office. It was three desks there. My wife works for a company that supplies DYFS and stuff like that, with a lot of their funded doing programs and stuff like that. She always was on the phone. I was always on the phone then. The kids were homeschooled because of COVID. It’s beneficial for everybody through the couches out and everything. Put the bandit signs in the front of the house.

He’s locking up the bandit signs in the front and you’ve got your whole living room as an office and he’s, “Here’s this contract.”

“What’s going on? I’m not messing with you. You don’t have a real office,” and just so happened and he left. I never heard from him. I followed up with him a couple of times. He didn’t give me the, “I signed with somebody else that.” What they didn’t know is we found out how to get the property closed. I met you. It was on February. I sent them the 20,000. He might’ve gotten him under contract.

Twenty thousand what?

I sent him 20,000 leads, already skip trace and everything.

These are addresses, phone numbers and names of distressed properties?

I scraped every lead, skip tracing batch and he came up to 19,649 or something crazy number close to 20,000 and I sent it to him. I didn’t know and I believed that he was going to do nothing with it because a lot of people come to me, “I’m ready to be able to sit down and never do nothing.” I’ve already called these lists. I’m sending him all the lists and I know I got that from you. It’s about training people. Get them dead. Let’s see what they can do with it. I sent them a whole 20,000 and we didn’t close. We still got a lot of deals from it. He brought Thomas and the same seller for another property.

Thomas owns more property.

WI 974 | Wholesaling Deals

Wholesaling Deals: You have to follow up. You have to stay consistent.


He owns about six or seven properties in the area. He brought him in for another property. Once I have seen him put him in Podio and all that or whatever. I’m like, “I was talking to him before. I almost had him on the contract. I’m about to call him right now.” He’s telling me, “I’m not even talking about the property he called them about.” I went right back to the property. I said, “Do you still got that property? Yes, she’s still in there, the tenant.”

I said, “Don’t worry about it. Let me try to get in contact with her.” I finally got a contact with her. That was the biggest breaking point for me door knocking or cold calling a tenant. In bad areas, it can be bad. They don’t want to talk because it can be disrespectful and stuff like that. I wasn’t adapt to it in the beginning of knocking on somebody’s door and stuff like that. That can be dangerous in certain parts of the world. I got it up and I’m in contact with her. When I got this lady on the phone, I gave her the Cash For Keys and I got the contract signed with her. I went back to him and said, “I got an agreement signed with her. Let’s get this agreement signed.”

Explain cash for keys to anybody that’s brand new and has no idea with the term.

What I did with the tenant, she was delinquent on her rent for about three years. I still paid her to leave the property. I still pay her to leave the property. I even paid for one week of a hotel room stay for her to make the deal go through. I didn’t want to see her in a bad situation, but I still had to get out. It’s been three years. I still helped her with her transition.

How much did you have to pay her?


That is at closing or did you do the out-of-pocket?

No, at closing.

Explain how that works. How do you offer them $1,500? How does the $1,500 go to the tenant at closing?

We get an agreement sign and we get the title company to cut them a check. Sometimes, I don’t even get the title company to check the tenants. They trust me enough and I give them the money.

After you close?

Yes, after the close. I got the agreement. You got the agreement. You could take me to court. I pay him the whole $1,500 right there. They get to move on with their life with free money that they were never going to get when they don’t get kicked out for anything.

I don’t think that, but if they went through the eviction process, that’s going to stick on it for a while. That affects everything. That affects getting utilities, getting cars, everything and your job. People can take money out of your paycheck if you owe. Do you know what I mean?

This boat, the property. I already had him on the dispo thing like when I first met him. He didn’t know that, but I already knew I was bad with buyers, so if I could bring on someone that was good with buyers, I know we could do a lot more revenue. I sent a deal to him. Once we locked up, “I got a buyer.” She’s a realtor in the area and she’s getting into wholesaling.

She buys a lot of rental properties. I’m like, “Send it to Bill.” He sent it to Bill and he sent it to a couple of other guys, but we didn’t do any mass text blasts. We did do a mass text blast and we got a lot. I was sending people to him, but by the time then, the price was booked up so much. I couldn’t even believe it sold for $60,000.

Before we break down the numbers real quick, so you get in, you get eyes on the property. How is the condition?

It’s fair. For the area, it was better than what I expected.

Rental condition.

Isn’t that the best one it is?

Work hard in your twenties so you can chill in your thirties, forties, and fifties.

You needed to be quick. $7,000, $8,000, they can get it back in the market.

Totally fixed up, what does it sell for?


Did you lock it up for how much?


It’s over $130,000, you said? Fixed up and it needs $8,000?

Yes, but he has debt on him personally, that they will not allow him to transfer the title on the property from a credit card company and from a bank, from an old loan that he took out for something else. That wasn’t a real mortgage, though. This was a personal loan.

How’d you get it? How did you close?

I negotiated with those people. I called the credit card companies.

He talked to the banks.

I talked to the credit card company. I called the credit card company. He listened. I said, “Send me the paperwork and send it to my title company.” He sent it to me. We paid them off. I talked to the bank and the bank Navy Federal, had somebody representing them. I called him. I said, “We’re going to give you 40%.” He like, “I think they’re going to take it.” They took it.

The seller let Nas talk on his behalf.

We get the authorization form. We get all the necessary paperwork.

This guy that came to your house and left disgusted that he didn’t have a real commercial building and his real office is now like?

Begging me to take his property. Basically, he begged me to take his property. Now it has been a few years into the situation. When I first called him, it was a year. Maybe I can get out the tenant. Now, he’s beaten down by this tenant. He’s ready to get it over with done. I negotiated with the credit card company and negotiated with Navy Federal and we were able to get that deal done.

You got it for how much and you sold it for how much?

We got it for $27,000 and sold it for $60,000.

What did you put it out for?

$45,000, I think.

WI 974 | Wholesaling Deals

Wholesaling Deals: Seasoning is a more important part of the wholesaling business because it just allows us to have deals in the pipeline. The pipeline is the most important thing. If we don’t get closings pending, we are nothing.


Did you get them up to $60,000?

Yes. We initially put out $45,000.

Is your net $33,000? Let’s ring that bell. Victory bell. Is that the biggest deal?


That feels nice, though. $33,000 is nice. Now, you’re creeping on that $50,000 deal.

I have one too. I’ve been seasoning this lady for about months. Her husband died and she’s going to come through eventually, but she just does not want to sell it.

We have another $32,000 now that’s on the contract. That’s the one with the probate in Philly.

That you got to work through?

That’s a long process right there.

You’re solving the big problems. Title issues are huge problems. You get those solved. Those are usually very big deals because nobody else wants to touch them because people want it easy. They want to find a property. They owe nothing on it and there are no liens. They get it at a low price, sell it to a cash buyer, and make it as easy as possible. Sometimes, it doesn’t happen that way. Some of the biggest and best deals in most deals that we learn the most are the deal. That’s it.

What do you do when you’re not doing wholesale? Like personal development-wise. You can go to school. Going to school and can get you a nice career or you can work on yourself. You can self-educate yourself, self-develop yourself, and build an incredible business and fortune. What do you do for that? What do you individually do for that personal development and self-development growth?

For me, as I told you earlier. My major was Criminal Justice when I first got into school. I was like, “Maybe I’ll be a lawyer. Down the line, maybe I’ll be a lawyer for athletes or something like that.” During COVID, I read Think and Grow Rich and I watched a lot of Max Maxwell. My dad and my mom are basically investors. I’m like, “I don’t think I’m going to want to have a job. I’m going to have a business.” I feel like I always had that. People always told me, “Work hard in your twenties so you can chill in your 30s, 40s, 50s.” That’s my inspiration. I’m going to put my head down now, which it is and I’m going to keep going and pick my head up in my 30s and be like, “I’m here.”

Putting in the work. Work and experience. Any reading, any podcasts, any YouTube that you like? Any suggestions?

I started listening to a lot since yours. Also, listen to BiggerPockets. Max Maxwell also basically makes everybody and gain as much knowledge as possible.

What is the rest of your basketball team think of this? They’re going to see this. I hope they see this. You can give a shout-out.

No one knows I do this. I’ll be honest with you. If you go on my Instagram page, you’ll be like, “This guy is a player athlete.” My thing is I’m going to be a senior in college now. Now is where I’m going to start going into social media and trying to expand the business because I was trying to learn it and trying to feel it and try to make sure this is what I want to do. This is definitely what I want to do. I wake up in the morning and I work out. I got my basketball stuff in and for the next six hours a day, it was real estate. For the rest of the night, it’s homework. That’s what my day is like every day.

You’re going to blow their minds when they see this show or see what you’re up to. There’s going to be a lot of, “What are you doing? What’s happening?” Get ready for that. Don’t get distracted, though.

No, I’m locked in.

Basketball team, don’t distract this man because he’s locked in.

You can be whatever you want. You just got to believe it. If you have that fire, act.

For myself, reading this show and reading. Trying to read as much as I could, but I got other kids. It’s more with the family things, spending time with my family, my girlfriend and my kids and listening to the podcast for real because I’m more of a visual learner. Me listening to you talk like I can take what you’re saying and go right there and act on it. I’m that type of learner.

I think it’s important. You need to distill all the things. You needed to still anything, any book you read, any podcasts you listened to, any YouTube that you watch. Is it entertainment, education or instruction? What you need is instruction. What driver, go out and get these. Build this business need. It’s, “Tell me what to do and I’ll go do it, but I don’t want to sit here and theorize about it because I’m going to spin my wheels and I’m going to overthink this too much.” That’s it. That’s why our motto is ugly houses, big checks. That doesn’t get more very specific to do.

When I first joined TTP, I think it was Adriana. I forgot who I talked to when I first joined TTP, but I closed the deal for like $12,000. I’m like, “I’m ready. I’ve been just waiting.” Once I got access to that system, that direction, that’s when my life changed. It’s like going into the Army. You don’t think you got to go through all that crap. No, it’s teaching you stuff. They are preparing you for a certain situation.

The same thing with building businesses and the same thing with being an athlete, a cook, whatever you’re doing. You go through a training process. Most of us want to cut that training process. We don’t even want to go through a training process, but once I got deep into the TTP, I understood that networking and listening to what the people that are doing it more than me are saying is the most important thing.

You’re the hero, but there’s a guide. There’s somebody to show you where to go. We all have different paths to it, but when you start going sideways, you need somebody to pull it. You keep pushing upwards. When you’re trying to go down and you’re trying to get distracted or you’re trying to do something else. Come on. Let’s go this way. Don’t flip that house. Wholesale it. No, don’t hold that in your portfolio yet. Wholesale. Build up the bank account. All of those things, but it doesn’t work unless you put it in the work.

You’ve been putting in a lot of work and it’s been incredible to watch. It’s been a real honor to watch. Speak to people that are getting into it. Let’s say those stars in their eyes, fire in their belly type people that are reading, watching this and they’re excited to get going, never done a deal. What advice would you give them?

Being Brent is very possible. If you watch TTP and you read this show every day, you see the people you come in contact with from Pace and Jamil and all these different successful people. This is not by accident. This is no props. This is real. If a person works hard enough, they could be you and even bigger than you. That’s the advice that I would give them. Act. Don’t wait around and keep their eyes. Everybody’s scared. I watched a video of Jay Z said that, “I wouldn’t take a break from nobody because everybody’s scared.”

Until you put the person that did that, then they’re like, “I know my guy. He did this. I know what this guy, he did that.” Until you’re that guy that did it, everybody’s telling you not to do it. Everybody’s scared. Pace’s theories are crazy, but he proved probably a lot of people wrong, thinking that he couldn’t. You can be whatever you want. You just got to believe it. Don’t go off of it because Brent told you. If you have that fire, act. If they follow your information, they will win every time.

For me, if somebody starts now, I would tell them like, “In real estate, you are always going to win. Even though it might be a tough situation, you’re always going to win.” Now, in the long-term, you’re going to win. I would say stay consistent and be patient. You have to have patience. Even with sellers, buyers, lenders, whoever you’re dealing with because you’re on other people’s time.

You have to be patient. That’s the one thing. Basically, hustle, grind, put your head down and keep going. You have to keep going, even for basketball. For me, it was tough because I was always like 5’3, 5’2, but then not a shout-out. My motto is keep going and that’s the same thing with me. Keep going. Be consistent in everything you do.

It’s skills. It’s building the skill over and over and that’s the most beautiful thing. Once you have the skills, you can’t take that away from you. You can take money away. Something can happen. An accident can happen. A divorce can happen. A bad business decision can happen, but if you still have the skills to go out there and serve the community, you win.

I feel like once you are inconsistent too, it’s like you start to lose confidence. You think you’re losing confidence because, “I’m not getting,” because you’re not consistent. If you’re consistent, you’re going to be confident.

I have one of those brains like, if I don’t constantly have something to do, I start hallucinating the craziest thing.

I like him because he got a little easier to deal with. He’s always moving. He’s always at it. He’d be like, “All right, what’s next, E? What are we doing?” He’s always going and that’s why you got to stay consistent. He’s a consistent person. I’m a consistent person. I feel like anybody that is starting a business, it might take you 3, 4, 5, 6 months to close your first day, but the fact that you’re consistent for those six months, the next six months, you might close ten deals because you’re consistent within those first six months. You have to keep going truthfully.

It’s putting it in, not giving yourself enough idle time to get the shiny object, enough idle time to start thinking that you’re going to reinvent things. Everything’s already done. It’s a very simple business. There are ugly houses. Have a conversation with the owner. Talk to enough of them. You’re going to get deals. That’s it. I love it. How can people get ahold of you? How can people squat up with you in New Jersey or Pennsylvania? I know you do some deals in Chicago. How do people squat up with you and connect with you? Maybe they want to show you some love.

Nashid Allen on Facebook. They can follow me on Facebook or Instagram. DM me on Instagram or Facebook if they have any deals in Jersey that they need help with closing.

As for me, they can go on my Facebook, Ewens Lizima. For Instagram, you go on there. It’s mostly basketball inside the heart. It’s real estate. It’s @RF.Ewens10.

What’s the big plan? Is it owning a bunch of property? Is it having the big landlord? Is it developing? Is it flipping? What is it? What do you see? Is it none of those? Is it putting millions into the market?

It’s ownership. Now, teetering on, “Do I do it the single-family style or the multi-style?” For the long-term play. I would say for the now near future, you have a three-man team with my guy Tone over there. I think if we all can play our role, we all can go off and do our own things and build on learning from each other now, taking the time to put each other in the best position to win. We’re on a six-month plan and if we can stick to the plan and hit the goals, three of us come out on that side a lot stronger mentally with our marketing, financially and everything. The plan is to be free.

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Wholesaling Deals: Stay consistent and be patient. Whether with sellers, buyers, lenders, or whoever you’re dealing with, you have to have patience because you’re on other people’s time.


Have that free time to live my life like this now. My girlfriend had to drop my son off at daycare. She said he was crying. We can have that time to say those types of little things, “F-daycare. She doesn’t need to go to work,” that we can father and mother our children. Having that free time and having that ownership, breaking those generational curses that know the people before my family and I couldn’t break. They didn’t have the information. They didn’t act upon the information that they did have. That’s the major goal. It’s freedom and having that option.

The same thing for me. We were locked in. We want to make sure we achieve that goal. My long-term goal is basically to do flips and get some rentals. I’m a long-term guy. Make sure to keep doing some flips. I feel like the only way I’m going to get flips is by making sure our wholesaling business is on point. In order for us to do flips or even get rentals or get sub-to deals, we have to do this part first. If once the six-month plan goes the way it needs to, we’d be able to take the next step in our real estate journey.

Thank you, folks.

Appreciate it.

Thank you for being on here. I love this story. I love what’s going on here. I love the amount of momentum that you folks both have. It’s a push. The next six months is go, 180 days. How much can you put in? How much do you need to get out of what you put in? Challenge that. How much can we make? You folks had like $100,000 in 90 days in your close.

Two of them got caught up with title issues, but that was our goal initially to challenge ourselves because it’s literally out there. You got to go find it. As you said, it’s ugly houses. Talk to the guy that got the ugly house if he wants to sell it. If not, talk to the guy who got the ugly house next door. It’s that simple.

I’m going to write a book that says that. I’m going to quote you on it every single page.

Doesn’t have the ugly house, doesn’t want to sell, talk to the guy next door that has an ugly house. Somebody is going to want to sell eventually.

Grind, stay consistent, that’s it. That’s us now for the next months. We’re going to grind and be consistent. Every day, we wake up, and do what we have to do in order to grow our business. That’s it.

Thank you.

I do have a question for you. What motivates you when you wake up in the morning? What gets you fired up to say, “I’m coming to the office? I’m going to do a live show. I’m going to talk to these guys in the show.”

I feel best when I am of service. I feel best when I’m providing value. I feel best when I’m being proactive. I’m being best when I’m loud. I’m being best when I’m positive and have energy. I can control what I do, when I go to bed, when I wake up and when I come into the office. I can control when I do any of these things because I have that control. I get to do only the things that give me energy. I do the things that give me energy at this point. It’s tough to understand that when you’re in that hustle season because you’re given a lot of energy to get to that. Once that tide turns over and you’re getting passive income from your business coming in, you’ve got all the freedom in the world.

What’s your motivation during the hustle season?

It’s just how I’m built. I have never had a job. I’ve always gone out and tried to figure things out. I read Rich Dad Poor Dad early on. I was reading all the inspirational personal development early on, like in high school and in college. I was a college athlete. I always wanted to be better and better, undersized for the position, but always played and started and outworked everybody, so it stuck. In my mind, I think I’m the baddest ass, like I’m the best, in my mind.

I bring the basketball mentality to real estate.

It’s the things that give you energy.

One last thing, can we get a TTP billboard here in Phoenix? I asked a couple of people. I say, “I’ve been here. TTP, you all know this from Brent?” This is Arizona.

Out of the 6 million people that live here, a few of them don’t know what wholesaling is. That’s great. We’re going to put it on the side of the building once I buy this building. We’ll see how that goes.

Big signs. “TTP, The real estate training.”

If you’re interested in joining the most proactive group in real estate investing, it is the TTP family. It is the TTP coaching program. Go to WholesalingInc.com/TTP and check out what it’s all about. If you want to join this incredible community with the best of the best, make sure that you sign up for a call. I look forward to working with you personally and that is it. As always, I sign off encouraging everybody to go out there and talk to people. Until next time, folks. Love you. See you.


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