Posted on: May 31, 2022
WI 962 | Starting On Real Estate


Real estate can intimidate newcomers during those very early stages. That’s why we’re doing a special replay episode with expert David Dodge, who will give you the basics to becoming a successful wholesaler.

Key Takeaways

  • Everything starts with marketing and finding motivated sellers
  • Learn various ways to connect with homeowners
  • Understand that wholesaling is a marketing business

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How To Get Started In Real Estate By David Dodge

Episode Transcription

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We’re going to be talking about how to get started wholesaling real estate. That’s a very common question and we get this all the time. Another way to word it. The same thing. What do we do? Wholesaling real estate is very basic. It’s very simple. Everybody wants to overcomplicate it. Stick around to the end and I’m going to give you folks access to my free wholesaling real estate course.

First and foremost, what you need to learn about wholesaling real estate is you’re not in the real estate investing business. That may become a shocker to a lot of people. They may be, “What do you mean this is not a real estate investing business?” It’s real estate wholesaling. Yes and no. Wholesaling is a marketing business. That’s what wholesaling is.

Real estate, houses, land, whatever, is the product that’s being bought and sold but the business is marketing. Hang with me and I will explain. You have probably heard people say, “You can flip houses with little to no money.” In fact, they’re not wrong. My partner, Mike and I, have done this maybe 500 times. Literally flipped a house with none of our own money.

It’s difficult to do that without a motivated seller, somebody that’s willing to give you a discount on a prop because in order to do that, there’s a process. What you need to learn is to wholesale property. It all starts with marketing. Marketing to find motivated sellers. These motivated sellers are looking to sell and you to come in as the real estate investor or the wholesaler and solve problems for them.

You solve problems for them by basically offering them convenience. You say, “I don’t need to do a bunch of inspections. I can pay cash.” Guess what? We can close quick in 2 or 3 weeks but in exchange for those conveniences, you are going to demand a discount. In order to get somebody to give you a discount, they have to be motivated. In 2021, we bought about 100 houses in our business. The year before, about the same, and only 3 or 4, maybe 5 of those hundred houses were listed on the MLS.


How do you get started in real estate wholesaling? Number one, change the whole idea and mindset that it’s a real estate investing business because it’s not.


For the other 95%-plus, we founded these leads I’m marketing directly to homeowners or sellers. We even market specifically to those who we presume are going to be motivated or have some reason to give us a discount. We’re going to specifically target people that have had recent divorces, deaths, there’s a disease, foreclosure, tax liens, or code violations. It could be a lot of reasons that somebody would be motivated to sell.

How do you get started in real estate wholesaling? Number one, change the whole idea and mindset that it’s a real estate investing business because it’s not. It’s a marketing business. Number two, learn various ways to market directly to homeowners and to people that we would presume would have motivation and/or be a motivated seller.

I told you I was going to make you wait but you don’t have to wait. Head over to and we teach you how to get started in a course. It’s a couple of hours long and it’s free. It will teach you how to start, work through the entire process, and close a deal. In fact, we’ve had probably close to 20,000 people take the course and tons of people go get a deal from taking that course.

If you want to know how to get started, I would personally start with taking the course and learning all the steps but the big picture is to first think, “This is a marketing business. I need to get good at marketing.” Yes, real estate is going to be what we’re going to be buying and selling. It’s the product. Business is marketing, then I would learn a couple of different ways to market. Personally, we do cold calling and cold texting. We love driving for dollars, pulling lists, sending direct mail, Google AdWords, pay-per-click, and online social media marketing to find leads.

In fact, there are other ways like radio, billboard, networking, and so many different ways. We’re going to teach all this in the free course and these are some of the ways to market, so pick two and get good at it. Basically, start doing it and reaching out to these particular sellers, homeowners, or distressed property owners and letting them know that you’re interested in buying the property or a house.

From there, we’re going to use paperwork called Contracts. We’re going to use this paperwork to go secure the property. We’re going to basically put the property under contract and now, we’re going to have control. Guys, here’s the coolest part about wholesaling real estate. Can you flip houses with little to none of your own money? Yes. You can do that but you got to have a motivated seller in order to do that.

The catch there is it’s going to cost time and/or money in marketing or time, which is both to find these people. Once you find these people, this is the beautiful thing about wholesaling, you can use a contract to gain control and secure your interest in buying it but not even have to buy it. Instead, you can take that contract and sell that paperwork to another investor and you can do so via double close or an assignment agreement. Depending on where you live and a couple of little scenarios or circumstances, you don’t even need to use your own money. It’s a beautiful thing.


WI 962 | Starting On Real Estate

Starting On Real Estate: It’s a marketing business. Real estate, houses, land, whatever is the product that’s being bought and sold, but the business is marketing.


How to get started? I repeat, get on over to and learn the basic steps. Know this is a marketing business. Pick a couple of marketing channels. Start with 1 or 2 and get good at those then you can do more. The coolest part about this business is you can automate parts of it or all of it. Once you get a marketing channel going and you start getting good at marketing and generating leads, you can hire a virtual assistant or even a local assistant to help do that for you. You can then work on another channel.

All the time, you’re going to be talking to these sellers and making appointments to go view houses and make offers and so on and so forth. You’re going to use that paperwork, so you can flip that deal with none of your own money, hopefully. You go to the title company and you get closed. To get started, focus on marketing, I cannot stress this enough, and know that wholesaling real estate is a marketing business. If you want to get started, you need to understand that and start to learn some of these methods that we’re using to market to sellers.

It’s very basic. The course is going to break it down in detail from the hip, cold calling, cold texting, driving for dollars, direct mail, bandit signs, and a couple of other things. I don’t want to overwhelm you with all the different ways, but there are probably 100 different ways to market to find motivated sellers. In fact, one of my favorite ways, and it’s a freeway, is networking.

Post on your social media channels, your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or whatever that you are looking to buy houses. Don’t keep your business a secret. My friend and partner, Mike, always tell me that, and I love it because it’s so true. If nobody knows what you do or what your intentions are, in this case, it’s to buy a property, how are they going to get you there? How are they going to know?

By posting online, networking, and telling everybody I know that I’m an investor, I’m looking to buy houses, I’ll close fast, and pay cash. What ends up happening? People’s grandmas are going to nursing homes and they need to sell, so they call me. A friend of this guy is doing something and he calls me. All of a sudden, just because I’m telling everybody that I’m looking to buy houses, the phone starts ringing. The easiest way is to tell everybody. Don’t keep your business a secret. Post on socials. Folk, thanks for reading. Signing off.


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