Episode 944: How Two Wholesalers Blended Their Skillsets and Walked Away with a Six Figure Deal

WI 944 | Wholesaling Skillsets


It’s undeniable that real estate is the best investment to bet your money on. Its versatility and diverse scope allow you to gain consistent returns. Plus, you can unlock different opportunities if you take action and learn its language. Nevertheless, when you venture into this world, you need two things: Equity and Motivation. With these two secret ingredients, you’ll be able to close six-figure deals in just a bolt.

Take these two geniuses, for example, Christian and Trystan are in the show to prove to you that everyone has the power to thrive in the wholesaling business as long you have the right skill sets, connections, and determination. They will share how they were able to close a $108,000 deal and the lessons that they’ve learned along the way. Catch these two geniuses in today’s jam-packed session.

How Two Wholesalers Blended Their Skillsets And Walked Away With A Six-Figure Deal With Christian Riva-Mae And Trystan Trenberth

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