Episode 94: Rockstar Rhinos Aren’t Afraid to Make Mistakes

Colby Wheeler joined the Tribe in October 2016, and he’s already closed 9 deals to the tune of $140,000… and he has two more deals waiting to close for an additional $150,000! He has an awesome, fearless attitude that allows him to go out there every day and take massive imperfect action – and it’s working really well for his Wholesaling business.


The Deal

  • Colby found this particular deal just by knocking on doors. He targeted high equity homes that he identified using PropertyRadar.
  • The property looked distressed, and the app predicted there was at least 80% equity in the home. It’s awkward and difficult to just walk up and knock on someone’s door, but Colby is “always willing to at least try.” That’s a Rockstar Rhino mindset!
  • Colby offered $115k, and the owner said he wanted at least $125k, but they settled on an offer of $118.
  • He sold that to an investor for $19,500!




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