Episode 938: A Unique Strategy that Netted One Wholesaler $17,500 for 30 Minutes of Work

WI 938 | Builders’ Association


The secret behind a successful wholesale that nobody tells you about is your ability to become resourceful. As a real estate investor, it’s your job to become the steward of capital to show that you can manage and operate your business. But how? How can you make it all possible? Well, buckle up because our returning guest will get to the bottom of that.

In today’s show, Brad Parks will tell you how he used a unique strategy to close a $17,500 deal within just 30 minutes of work and a free lead! Learn a thing or two from this industry expert as he walks you through his top-notch real estate transactions.

A Unique Strategy That Netted One Wholesaler $17,500 For 30 Minutes Of Work

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