Posted on: April 27, 2022
WI 938 | Builders’ Association


The secret behind a successful wholesale that nobody tells you about is your ability to become resourceful. As a real estate investor, it’s your job to become the steward of capital to show that you can manage and operate your business. But how? How can you make it all possible? Well, buckle up because our returning guest will get to the bottom of that.

In today’s show, Brad Parks will tell you how he used a unique strategy to close a $17,500 deal within just 30 minutes of work and a free lead! Learn a thing or two from this industry expert as he walks you through his top-notch real estate transactions.

A Unique Strategy That Netted One Wholesaler $17,500 For 30 Minutes Of Work

Episode Transcription

Do you have pride in your work as a professional or American but you feel like you lack control or feel limited in your time? If you invest in land or you own land, and that land is American land, you can experience freedom, freedom of time, finances, and geography. Join me on my show, where each and every episode, we learn how to invest in land and make money with the American land as real estate investors. You can earn the freedom you want and deserve.

Rhinonation, what’s happening? I got an episode I am super pumped for. This guy has been in the tribe for a little bit. He’s with the Land Sharks, and he reached out to me on a Facebook message to check in. He told me a unique strategy that he used to make a huge assignment fee, and this thing landed right in his lap. He did not have to pay a single dollar for the advertising or the lead. They closed a big deal, and we’ve got to ring the victory bell for him. This is also a second appearance from this guest. I’m going to go ahead and introduce you to the guest.

Mr. Brad Parks, how are you?

I’m doing great. How about you?

I’m good. I’m pumped to share what you sent me on a Facebook Messenger. We talked about getting you on for the second time in Wholesaling Inc. You were saying you didn’t think you would get on one time, and here you are on your second time. I don’t get too many messages about what you sent me. I don’t want to give it away. I want you to share your story. Let’s tell the audience what you have been up to.

When we did the last episode, in the end, I left some contact information, so people could reach out to me. The reason I did that is that before I ever got my first deal, there were people that I reached out to that I heard on the show and everybody helped. I figured I owed it to people who were new. I’m still learning to pay it forward to them.

You are a go-giver.

That’s part of what makes this community so great. Everybody is willing to help, and as long as we can continue to do that, then this will be a great business to be in. After we did that last episode, I got a bunch of messages. There were people reaching out and saying, “Great job. Congrats on the success.” I also had a bunch of people reaching out asking about land and how land investing works. I did my best to answer all their questions but I’ve got one message from a guy by the name of Courtney Rollins, who is a TTP student. He owns Aqua Team Properties. They are out of Baltimore. He sent me a message saying, “Good job. Congratulations.”

They do deals in Maryland, Florida, and North Carolina. He had an infill lot here in Asheville that he was looking for a buyer for. He sent it to me, and I took a look at it. He doesn’t even know this, so I’m sure he will hear it but to be honest, I glanced over it at first and was like, “I don’t know any land buyers in Asheville. I will put in minimal effort and see if we can get something done,” but the minimal effort was all it took. It was an infill lot, and it was right here in town. I wasn’t sure about the numbers but I trusted him. He’s doing big things up there. He’s a successful guy, so I was going to trust what he was asking for.

In the meantime, I mentioned this a little bit on the last episode that we did, my wife is a realtor here in Asheville. She’s still fairly new. She’s still building our clientele and trying to earn her way into some success in the business. She has a broker in charge, and I knew that they had relationships with builders in the area. I sent it to her and I’m like, “Do you think any of the builders you know would be interested in this?” She’s like, “Maybe. I will send it to them and see.”

As I looked at it, I noticed that it was in a neighborhood here called Kenilworth. I don’t know what it is about Kenilworth but people love this neighborhood. It is a super hot neighborhood. There are older houses there but a lot of them have been renovated. They are nice, and then they’ve got a lot of new builds in the same neighborhood. I thought, “We might have something here,” because she helped some people who bought a house in that neighborhood. They came in and offered well above asking because they were so desperate to be in Kenilworth.

You are going where the demand is.

Once I realized that I was like, “We might have something here.” I was continuing talking to my wife about it, she’s like, “You can go on to the Asheville Builders Association’s website and call these builders.” When she said that, a light bulb went off because it was either that week or maybe the week before you had posted a video on Facebook of you calling builders in your area saying, “I’ve got these lots. Are you interested in lots in this area?” When she mentioned that, the light bulb went off and I’m like, “I already know what to say because I saw Brent doing it for 10 or 15 minutes a few days ago.” That’s exactly what I did. I went on the Builders Association website. This thing was in alphabetical order, and I started working my way down the list.

WI 938 | Builders’ Association

Builders’ Association: Everybody in the real estate community is always willing to help as long as people know how to pay forward.


Are the numbers on there too?

Yeah. Numbers, websites, and email addresses were on there. It’s super easy. I have a day job, so I’m not full-time in real estate yet. We are getting there. This was towards the end of my regular workday. I wasn’t busy. I have the luxury of working on my own, so I don’t have a boss over my shoulder. I have plenty of free time to pick up the phone and make calls if I need to.

What’s your day job?

I’m a field service technician for a forklift dealership here in town. I was like, “It’s the end of the day. Let me jump on the phone, and I will start working my way down through this list and call people.” I made phone calls for maybe 30 minutes. I’ve got down into the Bs and it was time to pack it up and head home. I went home and figured I would get back at it the next morning. That evening, I got an email from one of the builders. This was a guy that I had left a voicemail for. I sent him an email and asked, “Are you interested in any vacant lots in Kenilworth?” I get an email back and he’s like, “I’m interested. Send me what you’ve got.”

Courtney had put together this nice information package on his website, so I sent this builder the link to Courtney’s website. He had all the information on there. Everything this builder was going to need was right there on the website. The next morning, I checked my email and got an email back from this builder. All he said was, “I will buy it.” There were no questions asked and no renegotiation on the price. I reached out to Courtney and I was like, “We might have a buyer for this land.”

I went back to my wife and told her who the builder was, and she was like, “I know him.” When she worked on the legal side of real estate, he would come into the firm to do his closings. She was like, “If he tells you he’s going to buy it, he’s definitely going to buy it.” I was feeling really good about it. I was like, “This is great.” I put Courtney in touch with him, and Courtney sent over the paperwork.

By the end of the day, we had the assignment contract signed. There was a minor hiccup right before closing. The sellers were not super pleased when they saw how big the assignment fee was going to be, so there was a little bit of renegotiation that went on between Courtney and the seller. It wasn’t a big deal, and we’ve got it done. We closed the deal not too long ago.

Did your wife also make a real estate commission from it as well?

What’s mine is hers, so she gets a little commission by default.

The reason why I was asking is that it sounds like you made an assignment fee but I’m hoping your wife also made a real estate commission for bringing the buyer in. You were double paid here.

There was nothing extra outside of the assignment fee but I had to share everything with her. That’s how the way things work when you are married. Our refrigerator went out a couple of weeks ago, so this was perfect timing. She got a nice, shiny new refrigerator out of the deal. That’s her commission.

Real estate investors try to understand the pain points of their clients. If they can put six figures in somebody’s pocket, they can help them out.

Here’s a lesson to you men reading this. Do not buy your wife’s kitchen appliances as presents. That doesn’t go well or at least in my household. It’s got to be something for her and her only to use and not the whole entire family.

Courtney and I had a phone call. It was a great opportunity for us to work together on that deal but also potentially on future deals. He’s got more land leads in the Raleigh-Durham area. I’m going to work with him on those and see if we can find buyers for them. This wasn’t a one-deal thing. We are hopefully building a relationship here where we can work together on some more stuff in the future.

What a beautiful relationship. As real estate investors, sometimes we need the path of least resistance. It sounds like you are a guaranteed bet and get that land sold. If you want to start working in Colorado, Florida, and Texas, I’ve got plenty of land deals for you. There is so much I want to break down. I’m excited to know what the heck you made but let’s hold off a little bit longer.

You are a go-giver. You were willing to help this guy. Courtney Rollins is a tribe member and fellow TTP-er. That’s amazing. You should trust another tribe member. We’ve only got the best tribe members, Rhinonation. I love that you went where the demand is. You were resourceful. You talked to your wife, the expert realtor that told you about the builders association. You didn’t even get to the Bs or you’ve got to the Bs. You only did 30 minutes of work.

I’m so glad I posted that video on my Facebook too. It was a couple of lots. We were not interested in buying those lots but I was like, “Let me call some builders.” I spent however long I have recorded myself, and that same thing happened to me. It was a guy that reached back out via email. He asked me to send him the information. We talked another couple of times and finally started texting.

After that, the deal happened. What was the deal between you and Courtney Rollins? A lot of people say, “I could JV with other people,” but they never know how to figure out the deal or how to do the deal together. Would you mind sharing with the audience how you guys set this up to move forward with this?

This was my first JV deal, so I wasn’t sure how to do them. Courtney had done them before. It was a super simple process. He and I signed an agreement. He was willing to split the assignment with me 50/50. Once I found the buyer, I put the buyer in contact with Courtney, and Courtney sent him all of the paperwork to assign the contract to him. It was a really easy process. Courtney is great to work with, and I’m grateful to him and Aqua Team for giving me the opportunity to work with them on this and get it done. He and I signed an agreement to split the assignment fee, and that was it.

That’s all it is. That is a Joint Venture agreement or JV agreement. People think it’s a complicated thing. My JV agreement is one page. People bring their land deals or house deals to me all the time, and I love doing it. How much did that cost you to get that lead or that property on your plate?

It cost me nothing or maybe the twenty minutes on the first show that you and I did. If it weren’t for that, he wouldn’t have found me. I owe you a thanks as well because if you hadn’t invited me on to do that, Courtney would have never known who I was.

It’s my pleasure. I thank you for going out there, taking action, being a go-giver and an amazing member of the Land Sharks community. Let’s let the cat out of the bag. How much did you make off of that free lead?

The builder bought it for $185,000. Originally, Courtney had it under contract for $140,000, which would have made it a $45,000 assignment fee. The sellers were not super pleased, so there was a small renegotiation. We took $10,000 and gave them an extra $10,000. Courtney and I ended up splitting $35,000, so it was $17,500 apiece.

WI 938 | Builders’ Association

Builders’ Association: The single biggest goal of investors is to serve their sellers. They provide speed, convenience, and creative options to deliver money to their pockets.


Let me go into the coaching mode for a second. One thing I like to do with my title companies is I like to make sure that they are familiar with assigning contracts. Do you work with investors? The best way to find the best investor-friendly title company or real estate closing attorney because maybe you are an attorney state is to ask someone that’s doing a lot of business. What title company do you use? Are they investor-friendly? Do they do assignments of contract?

The best way to find those people is you can google search, “We buy houses Asheville.” The top four people that come up, call all of them and ask, “I’m starting out. I’m hoping you can help me out a little bit. I was wondering if you would refer me to an investor-friendly title agent or investor-friendly closing agent, or attorney.” They are going to give you the best people. That took me a long time to realize that was a huge day accomplishment in my business when I’ve got that right title company because we schedule our buyer to come in and sign everything, and then the seller comes in.

It’s two separate closings. They are ten minutes apart from each other. They are there on something called a seller settlement statement and a buyer settlement statement or AKA a blind HUD because you never want that seller to see that assignment fee. It’s not that you are trying to hide anything from them. They don’t need to see that. I show the buyer everything. I don’t care what the buyer sees because they know they are getting a great deal. We are very strict with my title agent. I walk them through that, and if they don’t do that, we move on to the next one because that could have cost the deal.

We both learned a valuable lesson as far as doing stuff like that or double closing. It ended up not being a big deal. We’ve still got the deal done. I don’t know what the seller’s situation was. Courtney had a relationship with them. We look for pain points. We try to find where we can help people out. I don’t know what their pain point was but anytime you can put six figures in somebody’s pocket, you are helping them out. We help them out on that end.

We put the lot in the hands of a talented builder who does excellent work here in Asheville. He’s going to put a beautiful home on that lot. He’s going to continue to raise the appeal of that neighborhood. We accomplished that and then made a little bit of money doing it too. It’s honestly one of the easiest paychecks I have ever made in my life. I did maybe 30 to 45 minutes of work.

That is outstanding. I love the fact that you mentioned pain points. We always look to see how we can serve our sellers. Most of the time, it’s not about the money. In that case, it might have been a little bit about the money or they saw how much money you were making and wanted a little bit more, which is fine. I love the fact that you are looking for ways to serve your seller because, at the end of the day, that’s what we do. We serve the sellers. We provide the speed, convenience, and creative options and get that money in their pocket that they sometimes so dearly need.

Brad, thanks so much for sharing. As the audience can see your go-giver attitude, reach out there and do a joint venture with someone. In the TTP community, they call it squad up. You can do so much more with others rather than just trying to operate this on your own. Maybe you are good at finding land deals and don’t have the cash. Maybe you are good at mailing, marketing, or selling those land deals or house deals. Maybe you have cash. Team up with someone in the Wholesaling Inc tribe. We’ve got the amazing Facebook group as well for those of you that aren’t tracking that. Where can people get in touch with you?

I’m on Instagram @BParks115. You can also email me at

You read it right here on the Wholesaling Inc show. If you are interested in getting started inland and you want to schedule a call with me and the Wholesaling Inc team, go to and schedule a call. Brad, thanks so much for jumping on again.



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