Episode 93: Wholesalers are in the People Business… Not the Real Estate business

Beau Hollis is a rockstar Rhino who is absolutely dominating his local market of Louisville, KY. Before joining the tribe about a year ago, Beau had no real estate experience – now he’s a master of Talking To People, built a solid pipeline, and is closing incredible deals.


Getting Started in Wholesaling

  • Beau’s first marketing tactic were bandit signs reading, “Jack Buys Houses. (555) 555-5555.” At night, he went out to place 100 bandit signs.
  • The signs cost about $200 and, in return, Beau received 66 phone calls.
  • Beau’s first deal also came from one of these bandit signs. When he got on a call, he went through the Tribe’s script and made an offer, which the buyer accepted.
  • The day before closing, Beau’s buyer backed out of the deal. However, Beau had a Plan B: a second buyer who was eager to buy the property. Beau closed the deal within 20 hours of the first buyer backing out.


Digging into a Deal & the Pipeline

  • Beau now markets through cold calling, and he uses the Mojo Dialer to make more calls in less time.
  • TTP: “No matter where you’re at or where you’re going, our job as Wholesalers is to Talk To People.”
  • Beau got ahold of an out-of-state owner, and they discussed the history of the property and the property owner’s own health problems.
  • After building rapport, he asked how much she wanted for the property. She only wanted $7,500 – and the tax assessed value of the property was ~$80,000.
  • He immediately drove to the house and it seemed too good to be true. He talked to her more, digging into why she was so motivated to sell, and she also had some family problems.
  • After some back and forth, Beau managed to get the house under contract for $6,000. He assigned the house for $39k for an assignment fee of $33,000!
  • Beau has 7 more deals in his pipeline right now, which adds up to a total of $268,000 in assignment fees. And all of these deals came from cold calling!




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