Posted on: September 18, 2017

Beau Hollis is a rockstar Rhino who is absolutely dominating his local market of Louisville, KY. Before joining the tribe about a year ago, Beau had no real estate experience – now he’s a master of Talking To People, built a solid pipeline, and is closing incredible deals.


Getting Started in Wholesaling

  • Beau’s first marketing tactic were bandit signs reading, “Jack Buys Houses. (555) 555-5555.” At night, he went out to place 100 bandit signs.
  • The signs cost about $200 and, in return, Beau received 66 phone calls.
  • Beau’s first deal also came from one of these bandit signs. When he got on a call, he went through the Tribe’s script and made an offer, which the buyer accepted.
  • The day before closing, Beau’s buyer backed out of the deal. However, Beau had a Plan B: a second buyer who was eager to buy the property. Beau closed the deal within 20 hours of the first buyer backing out.


Digging into a Deal & the Pipeline

  • Beau now markets through cold calling, and he uses the Mojo Dialer to make more calls in less time.
  • TTP: “No matter where you’re at or where you’re going, our job as Wholesalers is to Talk To People.”
  • Beau got ahold of an out-of-state owner, and they discussed the history of the property and the property owner’s own health problems.
  • After building rapport, he asked how much she wanted for the property. She only wanted $7,500 – and the tax assessed value of the property was ~$80,000.
  • He immediately drove to the house and it seemed too good to be true. He talked to her more, digging into why she was so motivated to sell, and she also had some family problems.
  • After some back and forth, Beau managed to get the house under contract for $6,000. He assigned the house for $39k for an assignment fee of $33,000!
  • Beau has 7 more deals in his pipeline right now, which adds up to a total of $268,000 in assignment fees. And all of these deals came from cold calling!




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Episode Transcription

Brent Daniels: Rhino Nation, this is Brent Daniels, yet again. I am pumped, I am excited, I am on fire today. We are out in the community, every single day, making calls, talking to people, getting people under contract, and doing phenomenal, phenomenal business within the whole entire tribe. It is so exciting. If you are not part of the tribe, be a part of the tribe. It’s very, very simple.
But, let’s start today with a Tribe member that is absolutely, just dominating his market of Louisville, Kentucky. I think I said it right. I’d like to introduce to the Rhino Nation, Beau Hollis. Beau, say hello.

Beau Hollis: Hey, Rhino Nation. How’s it going to day? My name is Beau Hollis.

Brent Daniels: Beau, why don’t you give us a little bit … Let’s just, before we start really ripping and running, let’s talk a little bit about who you are, what’s going on. I mean, have you had years, and years, and years of experience in real estate? Are you from a real estate family? Give us a little bit of your background.

Beau Hollis: Yeah. I’m not … I’ve never had a real estate license, I’ve never been in real estate before. I’ve been a member of the Tribe for about …. Let’s see, about 380 days, roughly.

Brent Daniels: Awesome.

Beau Hollis: Give or take. So, never bought or sold a property prior to that.

Brent Daniels: Never?

Beau Hollis: Total newbie.

Brent Daniels: That is incredible! How did you find out about the Tribe?

Beau Hollis: Through this podcast, actually. A friend recommended it, who was not a Tribe member, and said, “Hey, man, you should listen to this podcast, it’s a good podcast.” I said, okay, I’ll listen to it. So, I listened to every episode, and joined the Tribe.

Brent Daniels: Awesome, I love it. That was the same path that I walked, as well, brother. Okay, so, you had never bought and sold a house. What about your family? Was your family, you know, did they buy and sell a lot of houses? Did you grow up with your parents flipping houses, or in construction, or did they own apartments? Anything like that?

Beau Hollis: No, no. My dad, actually, he’s real handy.

Brent Daniels: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Beau Hollis: We had done some work on properties before, but nothing like flipping a house or anything like that. Just a general, you know, we needed to patch the drywall. I’d be the kid who’d be next to him, holding the trowel or something like that. Nothing handy, like as far as doing deals. We had the house we lived in, but that’s about it. No family is a realtor, or anything like that. My dad is actually a Pastor. So, nothing super fancy, as far as real estate’s concerned.

Brent Daniels: Got it. So, you are blazing the path for your family, I love it. You got into the Tribe, you went through all of the training. You got the mentorship, and you just started out. How did you start out? How did you start out marketing, and getting your business rolling?

Beau Hollis: The first thing I did, I used bandit signs. That was my very first method of marketing that I did. I just got a bandit sign, you know, We Buy Houses type of a sign. To be, I guess, really specific because that’s what we do on this podcast –

Brent Daniels: Yeah.

Beau Hollis: – is my sign said, “Jack Buys Houses.” It had my phone number on there. I put 24 hour recorded message on there. Then, I just went and put them out in certain locations around the city. Did it at night, put them on the sides of the road, and then I put them on poles. I put out 100 bandit signs, that was very first marketing experience. I think I spent about $200 to do that, and I got 66 phone calls from my first 100 signs.

Brent Daniels: Wow. That is awesome. Did you put them out personally?

Beau Hollis: Yes, I did, personally. You know, bandit style.

Brent Daniels: Sure, yeah. You were literally the bandit.

Beau Hollis: I really was the bandit.

Brent Daniels: Yeah, got it.

Beau Hollis: Running around.

Brent Daniels: So, you’re running around, you’re putting out signs, you’re keeping it very cost effective, right? You had 66 calls. Did you get anything from it? Was there anything that, any deals that you got from that, or any experiences that you got from that, that were noteworthy?

Beau Hollis: Yeah. My very first deal actually came from a bandit sign. This guy, he called me and said he wanted to sell his house. He wanted … You know, I went through the script, and talked to him. Real nice guy, he’s 90 years old but sharp as a tack, and looked just like Clint Eastwood. No joke.
I went and met this guy, we met at his kitchen table. Made him an offer, and he accepted the offer. To make a real long story short, we get the day before closing, my buyer backs out.

Brent Daniels: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Beau Hollis: Luckily, I had a Plan B buyer who was really, really eager and had cash. I called the guy up, and he closed within 20 hours.

Brent Daniels: Wow.

Beau Hollis: Got that deal done.

Brent Daniels: Yeah, excellent. Way to keep that one together. Now, how is your market there? Is it big? Do you have a lot of houses? Or, is it an older area, is it a newer area? Is it a lot of multi-family, or is it mostly single family houses? Give us, what does your market look like?

Beau Hollis: Our market is a really unique market. I would say it’s a really close market to Memphis. We have a big divide in our city. You can buy a lot of houses for really, really, really cheap in certain portions of our city. Then, we have normal, single family houses that are median price, $150,000 and up, just single family.
It’s a really hot market. We have the 16th largest city in America, in Louisville, Kentucky. The metro area, and surrounding counties, is probably about two million people, total. So, we’ve got a really, just, blazing hot market, man. It is incredible.

Brent Daniels: So, there’s plenty of opportunities?

Beau Hollis: Plenty of opportunities, man. Plenty of opportunities.

Brent Daniels: Well, excellent. You know, in this podcast, it is very important to put professionals like you, professional wholesalers out there, people that are really doing excellent, excellent business into the hot seat. So, I want to do a couple different things, here. It’s a little bit different.
What I want to do is one, I want to talk about a very specific deal, I want to break down a deal that you’ve done. Then, number two, what I want to do is, I want to talk about your pipeline. How does that look? How robust is it? What are you going to be closing, here, in the next 30, 60, 90 days? I really want to get a sense of, you know, yeah, you did one deal, great. But, what about the rest of your business, you know what I mean? What about the rest of the year?
Let’s do this. Do you have a specific deal that you have put together that we can talk about, and really, really … Our job is to bring the absolute most value to our listeners, in the entire country. We want to be the absolute most valuable podcast that we can be, so we want to just strip everything back and really look at this thing, and really understand exactly what the process is that you’ve been through. So, do you have a specific transaction in mind?

Beau Hollis: I do, I do. I have a very good one in mind.

Brent Daniels: All right, fire away, brother.

Beau Hollis: So, the way I’m marketing now is, I cold call. I strictly cold call on my marketing. As we say, the TTP method.

Brent Daniels: TTP.

Beau Hollis: We talk to people all day long. So, TTP stands for Talk To People. No matter where you’re at, what you’re doing, our job as professional wholesalers is to talk to people. No matter if you’re in the grocery store, or you’re at your local coffee shop, tell people what you do.
On this time, I’m dialing, I’m talking to people. I ended up calling somebody, and got a hold of this lady named Sherry. She was an out-of-state owner. I’d asked her about a property, and right away, she said, “Yes! I want to sell that property. I want to sell it.” I was like, you know, trying not to get real excited or anything. I’m like, okay, well, tell me about it.
Well, she went into this long story about the property, and that she was having some health complications. So, for me, I’m just listening to her talk, you know. Just building a rapport over the phone, as much as you can do, and being friendly. Just seeing how I can help this lady out.
I said, “So, Sherry, tell me, what do you think you want for the property? What price are you thinking about?” She threw out a price to me, and refreshed Zillow, just to make sure that I was hearing right. She told me that she wanted $7500 for this house.

Brent Daniels: $7500?

Beau Hollis: $7500.

Brent Daniels: Okay.

Beau Hollis: So, immediately, on my computer, I pull up the PVA value, which is the Property Valuation Administration in our city. I pull up the tax value. The tax assessed value on this property is, like, $80,000.

Brent Daniels: Whoa!

Beau Hollis: You know, three bed, one bath house. I’m thinking, okay, maybe this house is about to fall down, you know? Or the roof is caved in, or something crazy is wrong. Basically, she’s telling me how much of a headache this property was, and she wanted to get rid of it. I told her, I said, “All right, Sherry. Let me just see what I can do, let me look into this a little bit more and I’ll give you a call.”
So, immediately I drove to this house, just to see if it was just a piece of junk, or if it was a deal.

Brent Daniels: Sure.

Beau Hollis: I pull into the driveway and I’m thinking, man, I have the wrong address. You know, this is too good to be true.
Anyways, I go back, and I make the call back to Sherry, and I’m talking to her again, just trying to figure out why she’s wanting to get rid of this property. It turns out, she does have some issues going on with her family. Just, you know, in this business, I guess, for a small side-note, is that what we do really doesn’t revolve around real estate, it revolves around helping people out of their situations. Why in the world does somebody want to sell an $80,000 house for $7500? Well, I guess it’s the same reason why somebody would sell a Rolex at a pawn shop.

Brent Daniels: Yeah.

Beau Hollis: They have to.

Brent Daniels: 100%.

Beau Hollis: We are in the people business, not really the real estate business.

Brent Daniels: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Beau Hollis: I just talked to her some more. We actually corresponded over a few weeks, because she’s got a lot of stuff going on in her family, and her health. She was hard to track down, and I had to keep following up, over, and over, and over again.
So, after about two or three weeks, I sent her a contract. I said, “Sherry, I’m prepared to close on this as soon as you are.” I sent her a contract, and I actually got the house locked up for $6000.

Brent Daniels: Oh! $6000?

Beau Hollis: Yeah. I [inaudible 00:12:30] for $6000.

Brent Daniels: Oh my gosh.

Beau Hollis: I was talking to a buddy, and I was like, “You know, I think I’m going to sell it for X amount of dollars.” I was thinking I was going to sell it for a quick $19. He was like, “What?” He was like, “No, you need to sell it for a little more.”
So, I made a phone call to a guy who I knew bought in a certain price range, and he wanted a certain amount in rent. I said, “Hey, man, I got this house. It’s $39 grand.” He was like, “Cool, man, I’ll take it.”
He goes through and looks at it, and boom! We signed the contract.

Brent Daniels: How much was the assignment?

Beau Hollis: $33,000.

Brent Daniels: $33,000.
Okay, so let’s back this up real quick. Let’s dissect this a little bit. So, you picked up your phone.

Beau Hollis: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Brent Daniels: Did you hand dial her number?

Beau Hollis: I did not. I used what’s called a Mojo dialer.

Brent Daniels: Okay. So, you used a dialing system, and it made the call for you. She picked up, and you just talked to her?

Beau Hollis: Yeah. I said this. It goes just like this. I say, “Hey, Sherry. My name is Beau, and I’m real sorry to bother you, call you out of the blue. I’m calling about a property I think you own, over at 123 Main Street. You know, I’m trying to find a property in the area, and I just wanted to know if you’d thought about selling that, or if you would consider an offer on it?”

Brent Daniels: Boom! I am telling you, that is picture perfect, Beau. Picture, picture perfect. Isn’t that interesting? Isn’t it crazy, the next part of this conversation, which she says, “Yes, I do want to sell it,” right? Isn’t that –

Beau Hollis: Yes.

Brent Daniels: I mean –

Beau Hollis: It’s crazy.

Brent Daniels: Oh my gosh.

Beau Hollis: It’s absolutely crazy, because if you ask the question right, you’re only going to get a few different answers.

Brent Daniels: Yeah.

Beau Hollis: You’re going to get, no, yes, or, like, heck yes, in this case. Or, how’d you get my number?

Brent Daniels: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Beau Hollis: There’s only a couple things that they can say.

Brent Daniels: Yeah.

Beau Hollis: Either way, it can go … They’re not going to be too mad at you. She was really happy. We just had a great conversation, I listened to her. I just listened to why she was trying to sell, just trying to figure that out, and made her an offer on the property. She was … Man, she couldn’t be happier.

Brent Daniels: Oh, I love it. That is … I love that your approach was … The first thing that you want to do, always, when you cold call somebody, the absolute first objective is to make them feel comfortable with you, right? It’s just to have the right tone, and not be aggressive, and be engaged, and be a part of that conversation. It is amazing how much people will just open up. They just literally … They don’t see you as somebody that is on the attack, they see you as somebody that they can have a really good conversation with, and that can help out.
Literally, we make calls, every single day, just like you do, Beau, where the conversation is, “I have no idea what to do. I can believe you called, this has been on my mind. I need to do something with this, I am so glad you called.” So glad you called! I mean, it is just incredible. The more people you talk to, the better you get at it. The more that you can have really, really good conversations, I mean, it’s just incredible, right?
How often are you calling people?

Beau Hollis: I call people … I try to call for a few hours every single day. You know, if I’m being honest, I don’t get to call for a few hours a day, sometimes, just because … Listen, I’m a one man show. I call, I go acquire the properties, I go and sell the properties, I do the contracts, I send them out to everybody. I go meet with my attorneys, and go over my deals. I do every single aspect of my business right now. I know Tom’s probably listening to this, and probably like, “You need to hire somebody right now!”

Brent Daniels: Yeah, for sure. For sure.

Beau Hollis: You know, this is where I’m at. I do the best I can, every single day. I have to take a few hours every single day to make these phone calls, because I talk to a lot of people.

Brent Daniels: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Beau Hollis: The deals come through, so I just try to make sur that I stay focused, every day, to try to talk to somebody new, every day. That’s how I keep my pipeline full, is by talking to somebody new every single day.

Brent Daniels: Wonderful, I love it. When you make calls, … I’m setting this up, for my own answer. There’s a very common misconception that people have, that I talk to, that say, “Well, people are just going to be mad at me. They’re going to scream at me, they’re going to just be so made. They’re going to threaten me, they’re going to try to verbally abuse me on the phone.” How often does that happen?

Beau Hollis: Not often at all. I thought the same thing when I first started, I was so nervous.

Brent Daniels: Yeah.

Beau Hollis: I remember thinking, oh my gosh, people are going to scream at me. Really, they’re … Man, we get phone calls all the time, everybody does. It’s just a normal part of our every day life, we all have a phone in our pocket. I’ve had one guy who was kind of upset at me.

Brent Daniels: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Beau Hollis: You know, maybe it’s my laid back approach, I don’t know. Most people, I would say 99% of the people I talk to, they’re nice. They’re just like, “Okay, no, I don’t want to sell, I’m good. I already sold it. Take me off your list.” They’re cordial, for the most part. Most people are actually pretty nice.

Brent Daniels: Yeah, most people are kind and nice, because, Beau, you’re kind and nice. You know what I mean? You’re literally calling them with a kind, and nice, and optimistic tone. People reflect that. I mean, people mirror that, I should say. It’s really, really important to … When you’re calling somebody up to ask them if they want an offer on their house, slow it down, have a conversation. Be kind, be present in that conversation. Just don’t blow through it like you’re a robot.
That’s why I find it’s really interesting. A lot of people are used to that telemarketer, somebody from who knows what country, giving you a call and just rapid-firing whatever script’s in front of them. When you go with you sound like they’re your neighbor, which they are, by the way, then people will slow down, too, and be really, really kind for the most part. There’s some crazy people out there, but for the most part, in our experience of making over a million and a half phone calls, it’s been very, very cordial, it’s been very nice. People are genuinely very kind.
Let’s talk, let’s get back into the action. What is … You’ve got this one for $33, right?

Beau Hollis: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Brent Daniels: What does your pipeline look like? First, how many deals do you have in your pipeline?

Beau Hollis: I have seven deals in my pipeline. Yeah, seven deals right now.

Brent Daniels: Seven deals.

Beau Hollis: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Brent Daniels: Seven deals equals how much money gets deposited into your bank account?

Beau Hollis: $268,000.

Brent Daniels: Whoa! Hold on, hold on. Hold on. $268,000?

Beau Hollis: $268,000.

Brent Daniels: Oh my gosh! Here’s the deal. The guys won’t give me a bell because they think I’ll abuse it. I don’t have my diner bell, but I’ll do this thing.

Beau Hollis: That’s so funny.

Brent Daniels: That’s a bunch of house keys from houses that we’ve bought. I’ve got that for you. I’m sorry, it’s pathetic, but it’s all I got. Okay. $268?

Beau Hollis: $268.

Brent Daniels: Oh my gosh. How many of those were from mailers?

Beau Hollis: Zero.

Brent Daniels: How many of those were from Internet leads?

Beau Hollis: Zero.

Brent Daniels: How many of those were from cold calling?

Beau Hollis: All of them.

Brent Daniels: All of them, people! Listen up! Listen, I am telling you, get on board. You have to be proactive. Beau, explain to people about your schedule? Explain to people about … I mean, are you constantly in fear of people just calling you, and you missing the call and losing deals?

Beau Hollis: No, no, not at all. Here’s the thing, man, is when you’re … I like to say this. I used to be in sales jobs a long time ago, and there’s two ways that you can do sales. One of them is you wait for people to come to you, and the other way is that you go to them.

Brent Daniels: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Beau Hollis: The people who always wait on other people to come to them, they get really pumped at the beginning, and they just kind of sit around. Sometimes, they just can trickle out. You see them last a little bit of time, and they just say, “Ah, this doesn’t work.” Well, if you always are proactive in going to people, you’re in control of your lead flow. So, I don’t care about most of these other … A lot of guys talking about deal flow, I don’t care about that because I control the deal flow. I’m the one whose always being proactive, and I’m going out.
I call it offensive marketing. I’m staying on the offense, I’m going for the touchdowns every single day. I’m the guy whose always waking up, every day, and I ask myself one single question. How can I talk to a seller today? I make myself answer that by the end of the day. Like, how can I do it? It’s picking up my phone, carving out time, and just doing it.
So, for me, it’s just to be the most successful, is you have to set aside time to talk to somebody new every single day. Maybe, you go knocking on a door. The other day, I couldn’t get a hold of somebody, I wanted to buy their house. I woke up in the morning, and I drove to the house, and I knocked on their door. I said, “I’ve been trying to call you.”

Brent Daniels: I love it, man! You are an absolute maniac, I love it. I love it! You hit it on the head. When you’re in control, life is just so much better. The sun is brighter, the birds are chirping. It’s just so much better when you can control your schedule. It is just … It makes a huge, huge difference, especially in our industry. 100%. That is just –

Beau Hollis: It does.

Brent Daniels: – really, really excellent. Just to close this thing out, Beau, what is the most that you are going to make, or have made, from a call? On one deal, I should say?

Beau Hollis: $75,000.

Brent Daniels: $75,000 on one call?

Beau Hollis: That may be a little conservative, but $75 grand, for sure.

Brent Daniels: Oh. That’s what I’m talking about. When you’re talking to people every single day, you put yourself … You’re in the batter’s box, you know what I mean? You get the opportunity to have one conversation that’s going to … I mean, obviously, I say that, but obviously it’s more conversations down the line, but the initial conversation, you would have never had, had you not been proactive, been on offense, and picked up the phone and called that person, and talked to them. That’s what I mean by one conversation, literally one conversation, $75,000. $75,000. That’s, like, double the average income of the US population. It’s just absolutely incredible!
I love it, I love that you’re doing it. I love that you’re out there, every single day. You’re getting up, you’re a one-man show, and you’re going to put that much money, $268,000. I mean, that is just … That’s absolutely incredible. That’s just pending! You could get another –

Beau Hollis: That’s just for now.

Brent Daniels: That’s just for now, man! I mean, we still got four more months in this year, you know what I mean? You’re just going to close out this year –

Beau Hollis: I can double that.

Brent Daniels: Oh, for sure. Absolutely. I expect you to double it. I’ve been talking to you for a while about getting to that six figure a month, and it is here, brother. You got there fast.

Beau Hollis: Thank you.

Brent Daniels: It’s because of your personality, it’s because you have taken the action to do it. It’s absolutely incredible. I hope people that are listening to this take huge, huge inspiration from you. You did not come from a family that showed you the ropes and everything. I highly doubt … Did you go to college for making cold calls?

Beau Hollis: No.

Brent Daniels: No, honestly?

Beau Hollis: No.

Brent Daniels: Did you go to –

Beau Hollis: No, I didn’t.

Brent Daniels: Did you go to a trade school, or did you get … I mean, no. No. What you did is, you went out there, you had some instruction, and you went out there and you absolutely crushed. It is so inspiring to me, it’s inspiring to people listening to this, because you’re doing it. You’re going to continue to do it.
By the way, you’re unbelievably profitable. Unbelievably profitable. I mean, the costs involved here, for you, personally, making these calls. We’re talking about getting phone numbers, and we’re talking about a dialing system. You’re going to keep 98% of that, as profit!

Beau Hollis: Absolutely.

Brent Daniels: People listening, wake up! Wake up! This is the time. There is no competition out there, because people are afraid to do it. People just … Their fear is your advantage. Absolutely, I love it.
Beau, sorry I had to rant, there. I get pumped up when I talk to you. It’s just super exciting. If you were to give somebody brand new, somebody listening here, that was like you, that had no real estate experience that was looking for some sort of guidance, some sort of path, what advice would you give somebody to help boost them up, and to put them on the right path?

Beau Hollis: You know, my advice would be that … I’m going to be very honest. At the very beginning of 2014, man, I was super poor. I was broke, man. I made $300 bucks a week. I was married, and had a child. I was looking for something to do, man, and I decided that I needed to make a change in my life.
I started reading more, and getting better people in my life. Eventually, I come across you guys, and Tom Krol. I hired a mentor, and I never looked back. I didn’t have a Plan B. You know, that was the biggest change in my life, just hiring a mentor. That I could pick up the phone, and call you guys, and I could talk to other people who are doing what I’m doing right now.

Brent Daniels: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Beau Hollis: That way, I have people who are doing what I’m doing, so I’m around the same style of people. It’s a belief system. You’re basically … You’re hanging out with people that say, “Man, you can do it. I’m doing it, you can do it.” That was the biggest thing for me, in change my entire life, and my kid’s life, was just hiring a mentor.
My advice would be, just don’t take no for an answer. Eliminate that word. Eliminate the word can’t, and eliminate the word quit out of your vocabulary, and you’re going to go really far. Don’t take no for an answer. Follow up like a mad man. If someone says they’re busy, call me back on the 25th at 2PM, you’d better pick up your phone and call them back, because the fortune is definitely in the follow up.

Brent Daniels: Absolutely. I love it, perfect advice. Absolutely perfect.
Well, guys, that is our interview with Beau Hollis. He has given so much today. If you guys aren’t inspired by that, then you need to check your pulse, because you are dead, okay? You’re just dead, that’s the facts. Just incredible. Thank you so much, Beau.
If you guys want to learn more about what Beau mentioned, the TTP program, or speak with me about a different way to make this business work for you, schedule a call me with at It stands for Talk To People. Love to chat with you. If it’s something that’s just a perfect fit for us, it’s a perfect fit for you, then I will invite you to join the program. I’m limiting it to 100 people, and I’ve got some really, really excellent people in there now. Certainly, reach out, and hopefully we’ll get you in before we reach our 100 person mark.
Thank you again, Beau, so much. Keep cranking, brother. Thank you.

Beau Hollis: Thanks a lot, man.

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