Episode 921: How to Overcome Seller Objections with Ease – Part 3 of 3

WI 921 | Seller Objections


If you plan to become a real estate investor, you’ll be prone to the client’s cross-examinations and doubts. Wholesaling can be a perfect and often profitable entry into real estate investing. But many aspiring wholesale investors get stuck on the prospect of talking to home sellers one-on-one. It can be daunting, but it’s time to put on your big business shoes and explain your side like a pro!


In this mini-series finale, Lauren continues to share some examples of how you can respond to these seller “queries” with ease and expertise. Learn how to answer questions and objections confidently and master the art of wholesaling negotiations by listening to today’s episode.

How To Overcome Seller Objections With Ease – Part 3 Of 3

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