Episode 92: How These Rhinos Made $45k in just 8 Days

Charles & Jen Stevenson just joined the Tribe in March. They didn’t have any previous real estate experience, but they’ve already closed a BIG deal – one with a $45,000 assignment fee!


8 Days to $48K

Charles and Jen closed an incredible $45k deal, in just eight days. How did they do it?

It’s impossible to overstate how integral building rapport and honestly, truly trying to help people is when you are Wholesaling. The most important things you do during a deal will likely have nothing to do with the property – for the Stevensons, it was things like cleaning up overflowing toilet bowl water, moving upholstery, and showing up to the meeting with a cute baby.

Charles and Jen also trusted that the Tribe’s process existed for a reason (we’ve refined it over many, many Wholesaling deals). They went through the script, followed instruction, and didn’t skip a step.

They also weren’t afraid to mess up! By taking massive imperfect action, and getting education through action, they were able to start their journey running and improve (quickly) along the way.




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