Posted on: September 14, 2017

Charles & Jen Stevenson just joined the Tribe in March. They didn’t have any previous real estate experience, but they’ve already closed a BIG deal – one with a $45,000 assignment fee!


8 Days to $48K

Charles and Jen closed an incredible $45k deal, in just eight days. How did they do it?

It’s impossible to overstate how integral building rapport and honestly, truly trying to help people is when you are Wholesaling. The most important things you do during a deal will likely have nothing to do with the property – for the Stevensons, it was things like cleaning up overflowing toilet bowl water, moving upholstery, and showing up to the meeting with a cute baby.

Charles and Jen also trusted that the Tribe’s process existed for a reason (we’ve refined it over many, many Wholesaling deals). They went through the script, followed instruction, and didn’t skip a step.

They also weren’t afraid to mess up! By taking massive imperfect action, and getting education through action, they were able to start their journey running and improve (quickly) along the way.




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Episode Transcription

Tom Krol: So tell me, what kind of adventure have you guys been on since March? What does it look like? I know obviously, you have cash buyers now, have you done deals yet, or?

Charles: Yeah, so we did our first deal two weeks ago.

Tom Krol: Okay.

Charles: We just closed two weeks ago-

Tom Krol: Awesome.

Charles: And so we’re in Southern California, actually, our first deal was 45 grand, so it was quite a nice deal.

Tom Krol: Oh that’s awesome! Wow, 45 grand is incredible.

Charles: Yeah, and honestly, it could have been more, but my wife was like, we set our fee at 15,000 above, and then she’s like, “Let’s increase it.”, And I was hesitant, and we did, and then I was like, “Oh man, if we’d increased it more, like she wanted to, we probably already made 60 on it, just because it was a really, really good deal.

Tom Krol: Jen, I’m a huge fan, I’m a huge fan, that’s awesome. That is good.

Charles: As am I.

Tom Krol: That’s awesome. So, did you guys buy it, and resell it? Or did you do an assignment, or what did you guys do?

Charles: We just did assignment just because, just for ease of transaction, and just to kind of get it through, and done.

Tom Krol: Okay.

Charles: So we just assigned it.

Tom Krol: Okay, perfect, I love it. And did you send that out to multiple cash buyers, or?

Charles: Oh yeah, so we did the whole process, I mean Bill was great. That’s why in the forum when I posted, I just gave a big props to him, because he was getting back to me super quick. We went through the whole process, because we have over 200 cash buyers, and we got under contract on Monday, we set up an inspection on Saturday.

Tom Krol: Got it.

Charles: And instead of doing two hours, we actually only did one hour, to really compress it so everyone shows at the same time.

Tom Krol: Awesome.

Charles: We couldn’t call everyone, just because of my schedule, we called probably about a hundred people, right babe?

Jen: Yeah I’d say about a hundred.

Charles: We probably got to a hundred, we use MailChimp, so everyone that opened it, we called them first, and said we can get [inaudible 00:02:37] that, and then call the ones that didn’t, but we didn’t even get to that, and we had like, what would you say about 20 people show up to the inspection?

Jen: Yeah, I think we had 22, and all that showed up.

Tom Krol: Wow.

Charles: Yep, 22, and then-

Jen: Cash buyers, yep.

Charles: We gave 20 you know, through the whole process, we said specifically 24 hour notice, 24 hours from one Sunday, 1:00 PM, we did it at 12 o’clock on Saturday, so very strict. And we got seven offers on-

Jen: Seven offers, mm-hmm (affirmative).

Charles: On Sunday, six offers, one was a wholesaler that snuck into our cash buyers list, but we got six cash buyers, and three were actual real cash, other three were hard money.

Tom Krol: So you guys, all right, so this is awesome, because I love it, I’ll tell you why, because everybody who joins the tribe, especially when they’re new, they are so scared to do what you guys do on the backend, right? So what some people say is, you know, like a rookie wholesaler will always say, “Oh, you know, well you make your money, when you sell the deal”, and an experienced wholesaler will say, “Well you make your money, when you buy the deal”, but a business owner will say, “It’s on both ends”, and everybody messes up that back end. Like you guys, I’m telling you, that back end of the deal, is so incredible, because that’s really why in this instance, that you made so much money, which is awesome.

Charles: Oh, yeah.

Tom Krol: Yeah.

Charles: Absolutely, and exactly what you said was going to happen, the guy who actually ended up buying it, and I had a feeling he was going to be the one that was going to buy it, he’s probably our highest volume cash buyer, he does like 60, 70 flips a year.

Tom Krol: Okay.

Charles: He tried to get us, just to sell it to us right off, like, “Hey, what about this, blah blah”, and we were in the car when we took the call. We just looked at each other and smiled like, “Oh no, I’m not going to be a cash buyer employee”, and I just kind of walked, and say, “Hey, that’s not the way we do business, I appreciate it”, and it’s funny because-

Tom Krol: Wait, what did he do though, because I just-

Charles: He wanted us to sell it outside, like, “Hey, you know, so you have to go through that whole dog and pony show”-

Jen: Yeah.

Charles: Just trying to sell me, and I was like, “Dude, come on”.

Jen: Become an acquisition manager for us, [crosstalk 00:04:41] and feed us, I’m like, “Oh my gosh.”.

Charles: I just said, basically you want us to become your acquisition manager, and it’s like, we’ve got our own company, we’ve got our own way of doing things, and if you’re interested, I totally understand if you’re not, I totally understand as well, but it’s a killer deal. I mean, that’s why I knew he was super interested, and he did.

Tom Krol: I love you guys, I really do.

Charles: He did end up doing it.

Tom Krol: That’s awesome. Go ahead, so he ended up following your lead?

Charles: Oh yeah, and he actually gave the best and highest, like he can close in a day. Like they buy at auction, so he’s like, “Yeah, I got 2 billion in cashier’s checks just at the office”, so he’s like, “Yeah, I just need [inaudible 00:05:19], but I can close in two days if you need.”, so anyway, he ended up giving the best offer though, funny enough.

Tom Krol: Yeah. So, this is incredible. What I’d love to do on this podcast, since we’re having all kinds of unique hurdles anyway, we might as well do something totally new, but I think that it’s really an inspiration that you guys followed the directions on the backend of the deal, because I am telling you nobody, nobody does that, like nobody. Honestly, I’m telling you guys, I have been in deals where I’ve seen, I mean I haven’t personally, but what I have seen from other students who were in deals, and I’ll run the numbers on the deal, and I’m like, “Oh man, if they would’ve just listened to the backend strategy”, like it’s exactly what you guys were saying, it’s the difference between 15, and 60, it’s incredible because so much of the money is made by not becoming a cash buyer employee, so kudos to you guys, that’s really amazing.

Jen: Thanks, and that’s exactly it though, we were following it almost to a fault I felt like, like the verbatim, the verbiage, holding out, waiting for pauses, like Charles and I am like, “Charles, we got to put our own spin”, he’s like, “No, let’s just really stay true to what they’re saying, it’ll work.”, and it did, I mean,, 100%, even though even the pauses, and the responses, from the seller when we were first getting the contract, it was crazy. It was-

Tom Krol: Really?

Jen: Really unbelievable to be, Oh, it was weird, because we’re salespeople anyways, we’re business owners, we’re salespeople, I can, I find I could sell anything to anyone, you know?

Tom Krol: That’s awesome.

Jen: And so having to pull away from that, kind of reteach myself to just stay faithful to what you’re saying, and following the process, be coachable, was hard, I mean, for me anyways. And it worked, like 100% worked, walked away eight days later, completely closed, you know, everybody wins. I’m like, “This is amazing”.

Tom Krol: So you did this deal in eight days?

Jen: Yeah.

Tom Krol: Oh man.

Jen: [crosstalk 00:07:00].

Tom Krol: I am literally, I love you guys, you are my new favorite Rhinos, this is awesome, I cannot believe that. That’s crazy.

Jen: Crazy, especially for the amount.

Tom Krol: And you guys beat me by $43,000, I’m just going to tell you, that’s incredible. So my first deal was 2000 bucks. That’s incredible, that’s awesome.

Jen: Geez really?

Tom Krol: Yeah. 2K, and I forgot to tell the cash buyer that he had to pay closing cost, so he had to pay at the last minute, so I literally got in my car, followed him home, and had to pick up the assignment in cash. It’s crazy. What are you doing?

Charles: Geez.

Tom Krol: Yeah, it was really ugly.

Jen: Yikes.

Tom Krol: But that’s awesome, so let me ask you a question, how does it feel to have like 45 K from this silly little internet program that, there’s a thousand of them, I mean, how do you guys feel?

Jen: It’s surreal, it’s surreal, I mean-

Charles: It’s insane. I mean it really, really is super insane, and it’s just crazy. Our goal was like, “Hey, if we could do, I think it was 120,000, we’d be ecstatic”, and then we started the program, and we were like, “Dude, this is pretty hard”, and just getting cash buyers, we haven’t started marketing, we just started marketing what, like seven weeks ago. But we put a lot into it, you and I connected on a call, and you said, “Hey, you may have to send out 10,000, to get your first deal, but it’s instead of 10K all day, it’s 30K all day in California.”.

Tom Krol: Right.

Charles: So we just kind of took that, but it’s been insane. We were thinking about it more, like we just saw a property this morning, we’ve got two more tonight, you know, and even the one that we got, she wanted to see it that day, she was like, “Hey, can you guys come now?”, like I had just, I think we had just got home from church, I can’t remember what it was-

Jen: From church, yeah. We literally changed and went.

Charles: I was in shorts and sandals, and Jen screams down because she takes all the calls from the sellers, and she’s like, “Babe, this is straight out of the podcast. We need to go now”, and we didn’t have a babysitter for the baby, so we just took CJ with us, and-

Tom Krol: This is awesome.

Charles: Sorry. So yeah, that was it. I mean, she was just in really bad shape, and we got there, and she didn’t have her mortgage papers, she was a grandmother. She’s raising her grandkids. They’re 10, 11, and 12, her son in and out of jail, and he moved to Vegas, and left the kids there, and she had a broken foot.
It was just like, my goodness, this woman is in the worst place ever, and she got scammed by a credit consolidation company, they were taking $500 out of her account and not doing anything with it, she got scammed by a loan [inaudible 00:09:30] company a year ago. So actually, the next day, we went to her store, got all the information, got on the phone with the bank to kind of slow it down, my wife kind of started doing everything for her, and then also we called the credit consolidation company, and come to find out, they don’t do anything until you have $10,000, so they literally had $5,000 of her money, in an account, and she’s overdrawn. So we’re like, “Absolutely not, you’re scamming this lady”, my wife immediately, she was like, “You need to send us this money”, and within two business days, they wired 4,500 back to her account just, and this is before we close, before we did any anything.
And then even, what was it, two days later babe? Then she was going there, to the actual property, I’m sorry to her shop.

Jen: She owns an upholstery shop, luckily in the city that she bought the house in-

Tom Krol: Oh okay, okay.

Charles: Like a half a mile away, she owns a shop, and she was going to help her settle some credit card debt, right? Because she has a bunch of credit card debt, and she was like, “Okay, we’ll just help you out, we’ll bring the baby”, and she’ll go and come to find out, I’ll let you tell this story Jen, because it’s pretty crazy.

Jen: So I went down there, just to help her out, I was going to take her to lunch, and just kind of chat with her, and help her with her credit consolidation, aside from the house, you know, just try to get her back on her feet, and get these debt consolidators to leave her alone, and get all her money back.

Tom Krol: Right.

Jen: So I walk into her upholstery shop, which she’s had for 30 years, she’s been in the same location for many, many years. And the water is running in her restroom, so the entire floor is flooded-

Tom Krol: Oh my goodness.

Jen: In like ankle deep water-

Tom Krol: Oh my goodness, okay.

Jen: And she has a broken foot and she’s literally on crutches almost, she has like a walker.

Tom Krol: Okay.

Jen: So I’m like, “Oh my gosh”, so we pick up all her furniture because she’s reupholstering client’s furniture, so she can’t get that wet obviously-

Tom Krol: right.

Jen: So we move all it to the next room, we pick everything up, we get brooms, and fans, and two hours later we get all the water out of the upholstery shop.

Tom Krol: That’s awesome, oh my goodness.

Charles: I was not there. This is just Jen-

Jen: Charles wasn’t there, I’m like, “You’ve got to be kidding me right now”, and yeah, it’s just bad luck, things kind of happen in domino effect so to speak-

Tom Krol: Right.

Jen: And I mean we just kind of built a really good bond, and rapport with her. And aside from making money in the deal, it was just about genuinely helping her out, like you all had mentioned multiple times, just genuinely building rapport, I could tell you backwards and forwards her life history, her children’s name, her grandkids names, I mean we know it all.

Tom Krol: So I just want to say Jen, because we’ve been recording so anybody who’s listening right now, this is a little bit, not typical of a podcast, because we all kind of just started talking out of the gate here. But I just want everybody who’s listening, because now we are recording this podcast, this is absolutely critical. Like what Charles and Jen are saying right now, is that so far, we’ve been talking about situation, and rapport building, and cleaning up overflowing toilet bowl water, at an upholstery shop, it has nothing to do with the house. It’s all about helping people. This is the key. When you realize that wholesalers are looking for the homeowners who are willing to sacrifice price for speed and convenience, that is the key.
So going out there, building rapport, I mean, I just wanted to highlight that, because Jen, this is awesome. I love this, I mean it’s awesome. I love these stories. An eight day deal to make $45,000, is just absolutely, like I said, you guys beat me by $43,000 for your first deal, so that’s awesome. And I also love the fact that you still have, so you guys both work full time?

Jen: So I just stopped working full time once we got pregnant with our third child, CJ, which we just had, he’s 10 months now-

Tom Krol: Okay.

Jen: After maternity leave, I didn’t go back to work full time. So Charles still works full time, about 50, 55 hours a week. And then I stay at home with the three kids, yeah.

Tom Krol: And Charles, what type of work do you do?

Charles: So I do executive recruiting, so high level accounting and finance recruiting. But it’s actually very, it’s funny, Jen and I laugh, because it is so similar to wholesaling, because we’re right in the middle of both sides. And Jen actually used to work in the same industry. And so we’re very good at kind of building rapport, that’s just our life, and being able to connect people, and being good listeners, to really be honest. And that’s why she is so good at building rapport, I don’t want to talk to any sellers anymore, she is so much better than me, it’s not even funny. Every person that talks to her, thinks of her as one of their daughters.

Tom Krol: Right.

Charles: Even the seller, like the first day we met her, she introduced her to Wells Fargo, who’s our bank as her daughter. Like, “Oh this is my daughter on the line here, can you talk to her?”, I mean, she’s so intelligent, obviously, she has a very strong business background, but everyone that meets her, is just floored with her, just falls in love with her. So I’m like, “I don’t ever want to talk to a seller ever again”, I’m so bad in comparison to her, it’s not even funny.

Tom Krol: Right.

Charles: I’ll just talk to cash buyers, do the talking to contractors, and she does that, and she gets so much more information than I do, and I’m pretty good at it, I think.

Tom Krol: Right.

Charles: And she’s amazing, so building rapport, even when we brought CJ to our first meeting, that really built rapport-

Tom Krol: Absolutely.

Charles: Because she was like, “Oh, he reminds me of my grandson, who lives in Hawaii, because I’m half, part Hawaiian, my mom was born in Hawaii”, and so just building rapport, and it was so funny. I think most people may have been scared to bring the baby, we were like, “Let’s bring him.”, I mean, he’s a rapport builder. He’s a good [crosstalk 00:15:09].

Tom Krol: I love it, I love it. This is awesome. I mean, let me ask you guys a question, because you guys really followed, now give me the good news, you definitely have an attorney, you’ve checked everything out with an attorney in your state, and you’re in Southern California, right?

Jen: Yes.

Charles: Yes, absolutely.

Tom Krol: Okay. But here’s the thing is, one thing is that you guys really follow directions, I got to ask you, why is that? Because a lot of tribe members come in, and fear takes over, and they don’t want to do everything, they just want to cherry pick certain information, or instruction, where did that discipline come from, to really just allow, like fall into that Daniel son role with Mr.Miyagi, and how did that happen? Because, that’s actually very unique, that doesn’t usually happen.

Jen: Well I’ll say for me, I mean Charles and I, we both come from a business and a sales background-

Tom Krol: Okay.

Jen: So as we’ve trained, and taught people over the years to really just buy into the process, and trust me, we know what we’re talking about, if you follow the rules, and follow this process A to Z, it’ll work. I felt like we put the same trust into your program. We did a lot of research before purchasing it, and getting involved, and we looked at a lot of different real estate forums, and we just did a lot of research. So we felt like once we really bought into the tribe, that we knew that it was something that we trusted, and we were just going to fail forward, worst case, it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. But [crosstalk 00:16:28]-

Tom Krol: Were there any moments where you were like that, kind of, your belly was exposed, where you’re like, “Oh man, like I’d really rather not do this”, or was there any moments where you’re like, “I want to do it a different way, or our way?”, or did you really have that moment, or not really? What did that look like?

Jen: Yeah, I mean, yeah, that’s tough, I mean I’ll say Charles really kept me to it because-

Tom Krol: Okay.

Charles: I was like, “We’re going to do, we’re all in, or all out.”, right? That was my thing, it’s like even though I’ve trained sales for many years, and I said, being coachable is going to make us very, very wealthy in this business-

Tom Krol: Awesome, okay.

Charles: And from day one, even when I heard you on [inaudible 00:17:08], I used to listen to that all the time, and I probably listened to yours 20 times, because there’s something different because you gave specific instruction. It wasn’t like foo foo, LA LA, it was, “This is what we do, tax delinquents, conversion rate”, I wrote all those numbers down, because I’m a numbers guy, even with sales. And I said, “Who is this Tom Krol?”, and I just Googled it, and Wholesaling Inc., and then once I looked, I was like, “Oh yeah, we’re doing this”. Like I just-

Tom Krol: That’s awesome.

Charles: And the fact that you guys are a Christian company, that was a big thing, because we were looking at another company that’s actually here in Orange County, that I got referred to through a CEO of a hard money lender-

Tom Krol: Okay.

Charles: That I know through my business, and he referred me to him, and I was going back and forth, and it was actually a different price, and we still went with you guys-

Tom Krol: That’s awesome.

Charles: And just because it’s a Christian company, and we really liked that piece to it, because we’re Christians as well. But coachability wise, I told Jen from day one, I said, “Down to the T, I know that we’ll be extremely successful, we’re going to make our lives easier by being ridiculously coachable, even cash buyers, I mean, we do well financially, and we can market, we could have marketed from day one, but I said until we hit 150, I didn’t want to do it, I said there’s a rhyme to the reason, I don’t know what it is-

Tom Krol: Right.

Charles: But I got to trust them, I got to trust the process, and now I understand, when we finally had a deal, I totally, the only reason why we moved so fast, is because we had 200 cash buyers, and we had 22 people show up, and we had, you know, it was a literally a feeding frenzy, where I don’t even think we said, “Hi.”, to everyone. We had to split up, she was upstairs, I was downstairs with my contractor, and I think we missed some people that came through, and some people that didn’t even respond to the e-mail showed up. So it was a good problem to have, and I was like, “Now I understand”, because other coaching programs were saying, “You don’t need that, you just need the deal”, and I said, “There’s got to be a reason to it.”, So going back to your question, I was like, “We’re going to be all in, hundred percent coachable, down to the tee, and learn the process, because we just don’t know”, you know? We don’t know, and I want to learn from the best, and-

Tom Krol: That’s awesome. And I gotta tell you guys, I’m honored to have been any part, or a small part of your journey, so that’s incredible, so thank you for that privilege to be a part of it, because I want to be, what do you call it? That this way, you could tell CJ’s grandchildren, you’d be like, ” [inaudible 00:19:28] remember there was some guy”-

Jen: It’s called a legacy.

Tom Krol: Yeah, the legacy. I love it.

Jen: [inaudible 00:19:32].

Tom Krol: So good stuff, but yeah, I love it, and it’s so true, if there are tribe members, I know the tribe members obviously listen, the Rhinos listen to the podcast, anybody who’s struggling right now, if you are just getting started, or if you haven’t done your first deal, I mean this is really key, it’s all about rapport, and it’s all about just following the instruction, making sure that it’s all approved by an attorney, which you guys did, which is awesome, and then just kind of following it as instruction, rather than education.
What a big difference, because with the education, then what happens is, that’s like a warm, cozy blanket, right? It’s like, we’re moving forward, but you’re really not. It’s when the education comes after you implement instruction, not before, it’s not in the preparation when everything gets done, it’s the singularity of that action. That’s where all the power comes from, and then all the education comes from getting results, and from being out in the field, that’s where the education is.
So it’s not that I’m against education, I love it, but it’s just a lot of people put it in the wrong place. It’s not education, and then action, it’s instruction, and then action, and then the education starts. So you guys hit the nail right on the head, so how are you going to ensure now that you can turn that 45K, into 145K, and 245K, and one point, one, four, five million. What is the game plan for that?

Charles: I mean we are addicted now-

Tom Krol: Awesome.

Charles: I mean we closed last Thursday, I think it was last Thursday, and you know, we were heading out of town, and I’m on the phone with [inaudible 00:21:09], I’m like, “Hey, I got to get this mailer out”, I don’t have my laptop, and we sent that out, I just sent another one, we’re sending anywhere from 15, to 2000 a week now, and we’re getting our results, and I think everyone’s saying that theirs is under 1%, using the postcard that you guys have. I mean, I think we’ve only had one mailing that was under 2% response rate-

Tom Krol: Awesome.

Charles: So, we’re mailing like crazy, we’re spending and we [inaudible 00:21:33], I mean that was a big thing, we literally are our, we got 25000, and literally we sent [crosstalk 00:21:43].

Tom Krol: Don’t even tell me, don’t even tell me, but here’s the deal, I’m going to just tell you guys, here’s the deal, I want everybody to hear this, because that’s the key, is that I can tell you that this is not a religious podcast, right? So we’re not going to deep dive this, but open up Malakai you know, it’s in there, and you have to understand, one thing that we do to kind of keep it a little generic in the tribe, is we recommend the Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, to every new tribe member.
If anybody’s listening to this podcast, and you haven’t gotten that book yet, buy that book, it’s by my friend Edwene Gaines. It’s awesome, it was recommended to me when I first started. I attribute the majority of my success to tithing, it works, it absolutely works, and you have to understand what tithing is, and what it means, and the difference between tithing, and being charitable. But it’s very, very, very important that you tithe. And that’s really the secret, is once you no longer have a scarcity mindset around money, and you understand the way it works, and you are giving it back, that is the key. That’s what opens the flood gates, that’s what overflows everything. So I have [crosstalk 00:22:47].

Charles: I agree 100%, we started tithing as soon as we started in the tribe, we started tithing 10%, and we are very blessed that we do very well in my other business-

Tom Krol: Right.

Charles: And you know, it’s a lot, it’s a good amount. You know, Jen and I have had conversation that said, “You know what, the Lord has just blessed us so many ways, directly and indirectly”, and honestly, I guarantee that’s a big reason. I mean this, this deal and I hate to say easy, but everything went smooth, you know? I mean there were some hiccups, in terms of helping her, but in terms of just going through the process, there’s no way I thought we were going to make 45,000 our first deal, there’s no way, I knew we’d be higher than other places, just because the prices are higher-

Tom Krol: Yes.

Charles: But for us to make what we made on our first deal, and to close so quickly, and to go from a legal and logistic standpoint, to go so smoothly, the Lord was definitely looking out for us, and we’ve been tithing since, for what, six months now-

Tom Krol: Right.

Jen: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Charles: We’ve been tithing just about 10%, and we even have it on our website, every deal we get, we’re either going to tithe the back to the person that we’re helping, a portion, or tithe to where we [inaudible 00:23:55] our spiritual food, which is our church here locally, and then my church back home.
So I cannot stress enough that, and other things in our lives that have happened in the last six months, personally for us, there are things that we’ve been extremely, extremely blessed with, that we looked at each other, and we’re like, “This is not our doing”, and you know, I don’t want to force anything on anyone, but we are Christians, and we believe in that, and we have just been so, so, so blessed outside of this deal, on top of that. So I agree 1000%, we’re giving, you know, we’re going to start with 10%, and then we’re going to probably increase in the near future here.

Tom Krol: Yeah. The tithing is the most important thing, it’s the first principle of our tribe, so anybody who’s listening, I could tell you, if you’re thinking about coming into Wholesaling Inc., and thinking about being a Rhino, I can tell you right now, if you are not comfortable tithing, get ready to be uncomfortable, because it is something that we stress, and we hold you accountable to, because it’s got to be done.
And it’s a big secret, it’s a faith builder. And what it really does, is it says, “Hey”, and all of our listeners, I don’t want a deep dive Christianity, because that’s not really the purpose, but all of our listeners know where I stand, so I appreciate you saying this, because it’s absolutely critical, and I just want to make one other side note before we leave this topic guys, is that, if you are struggling financially, and you’re like, “Hey, how do I get out of this?”, I’m telling you tithe, tithe, tithe, and tithe means 10%, and it means to where you get your spiritual food, for some people that’s church, for others it’s not, but I would tell you that it works, and it’s critical, it’s very important. Especially if things are tight right now, that’s the reason to do it more, not to-

Charles: Even more reason.

Tom Krol: Yeah.Even more reason.

Charles: Because when you’re comfortable, that’s not when you need the help, you know? It’s-

Tom Krol: Right.

Charles: You know, it was tight, when we first started it was tighter than we wanted, my wife made a good amount of money, and having that not be there, it got tight. But we went out on faith, we went on faith, and said, “You know what, the Lord always provides”, and we just did it.

Tom Krol: Did you guys have real estate experience before coming into the tribe?

Charles: None.

Jen: No.

Tom Krol: Awesome. I mean, BAM! I love it. You guys, we have an Orlando event coming up in January, it’s January 25th, and I know you have a 10 month old, but we’re close to Disney World, which I guess you guys are close to Disneyland, right? So it doesn’t make a difference, but we have an event in January, it’s the 25th, 26th, and 27th, if you guys can make it, I would love to hang out with you, and spend some time with you.
And I should say, they hate when I put any dates on the podcast, because then the marketing people are like, “Why did you date the podcast? [inaudible 00:26:30]”, I’ll just say it’s January 25th, 26th, and 27th, it is for tribe members only, it’s only tribe members are invited, but we’re going to, we actually limited it to, we were 200 last year, this year we’re actually, in 2018, we’re going to limit it to 150, but if you guys can make it out, that would be awesome, because I would love to deep dive the story even more, and make sure that you’re totally prepared to really turn that into some really, really big revenue.
So I’d love to hang out with both of you if it’s possible, but that’s awesome, so no real estate experience, 45K in an eight day transaction, I love it, and what is in the pipeline? Do you guys have deals now that are, I know earlier you said that you were kind of headed out to some more properties, but what does the pipeline look like?

Charles: So we’re looking at two properties actually later on tonight. We saw one this morning that will, you know, it’s a little bit of a sticky one as well, but we’ve got a couple things, nothing under contract right now, but we’re getting a lot, a lot of leads-

Tom Krol: Okay.

Charles: We’re getting a lot of calls, and just managing that. It’s, you know, good problem to have, not complaining. My wife does an amazing job of keeping up in our database etcetera, so nothing in the contract right now, but probably about three really strong [inaudible 00:27:36], and then we’re seeing another property tomorrow, so we have four properties in 24 hours.

Tom Krol: I love it. And let me just ask you, because I want to keep this meat and potatoes, I do have to ask, did you find this deal through direct mail, or was it through another, because I know you also said something about the internet, so I wanted to-

Charles: Direct mail.

Tom Krol: This was direct mail.

Charles: 100%.

Jen: Direct mail.

Tom Krol: Okay.

Charles: We had our on care sites, I had purchased that before we started in the tribe-

Tom Krol: Okay.

Charles: And literally I just put it on hold, and then I just started using it for cash buyers, because it’s through our Rhino forum.

Tom Krol: Okay.

Charles: So, yeah, it was 100% through direct mail-

Tom Krol: Awesome.

Charles: And the one thing, you know what, I will say this, the one thing we didn’t do, that I know you always tell us to, and it was a good learning lesson, I would say education from action, is we had a really, Orange County is really, really tough to get the tax delinquent list. I mean, I did everything, I was in there, and they were nice, they weren’t saying that I couldn’t have it, it was just more of that they didn’t have a real list, that’s tangible, and you could pay for it, but it may not be accurate, so anyways, so I mailed to our unknown equity list first, because I was like, “I don’t want to wait, let’s just get something out, and just start the process”, so that was our first two or three mailers-

Tom Krol: Okay.

Charles: And then immediately when we did our first tax delinquent, bam, that’s our first deal.

Tom Krol: I love it.

Charles: And it’s like, that’s what you always say first tax [inaudible 00:28:54], but I was like, I don’t want to wait another month, to find this thing. Let’s just get some, and it was actually a good thing, because we learned how to talk to sellers. We learned what real motivation is, and is not, won us some appointments, education from action, and then, so once we did get the real motivated, we were on it. I mean we knew it, we knew she was motivated, we moved fast, we got it under contract in less than 24 hours, so it actually, everything happened for a reason.

Tom Krol: I love it. And have you, okay, so tax delinquent was the one that the first one came from, and you’re getting about a 2% response rate, which is awesome.

Charles: That one we got over 3%, tax delinquent, we got almost 3%, over 3%.

Tom Krol: That’s awesome. I love it.

Charles: Unknown equity was about two, there was three different ones we sent, and they were all around 2%, or just above 2%.

Tom Krol: Yeah, the unknown equity one, well you’re going to find a lot of your mail to, you’re putting everything into the high rise database.

Charles: We’re using an investor fuse.

Tom Krol: Okay, that’s fine. Yeah, Dan Schwartz is awesome, so he’s a good guy. Just know, a lot of the hottest leads will be the seller who puts your card on the refrigerator and calls you back like six months later, so what will start to happen, is that snowball effect, which is going to be key, it’s going to be key for you guys, so-

Charles: Yeah, hitting we’re hitting our eight week for our first mailer, we’re hitting our eight weeks, like literally next, not next Friday, the Friday after that we’re going to hit our eight weeks rollback mailer.

Tom Krol: Okay. Yeah, so for anybody who doesn’t know what Charles is talking about, that just means that in the tribe, one of the things that we teach, is an eight week sequence in mail, but it’s basically a way to just schedule, and sequence your mail to go out. So awesome, I love it, you guys. I’m totally, totally impressed. So let me ask you this, I just want to ask you two, before I let you go here is, if someone is just getting started, I actually have two questions, if anyone’s just getting started in wholesaling, what recommendations, and I know, you know everybody who is a tribe member says, “Oh well join the tribe”, so, besides joining the tribe, anybody who’s just getting started what do you guys think? Any kind of recommendations for getting started?

Jen: I just feel like if you’re going to get started, just full force, and a lot of people kind of half in, half out, trying to figure it out-

Tom Krol: Right.

Jen: If you don’t follow the process, and you just really stay true to it, make time for it, you know? I know at first it almost feels like a pain in the butt, and getting the cash buyers, and you have all these calls coming in, and you have, for me, we had a baby crying, and I’m just tired at night-

Tom Krol: Right.

Jen: The last thing I want to do, is get on the phone with people I don’t really know, and they’re asking me why I’m calling them, and you know, but once you kind of get in the groove of it, and I promise you it pays off, it absolutely pays off. Especially for people who aren’t necessarily like Charles and I, or even you, Tom, where you aren’t super comfortable on the phone, or you don’t feel like you’re eloquent enough, or articulate enough, that’s irrelevant. It really is. People want to talk to people, if you’re personable, and you make an effort, people will talk to you.
So I feel like a lot of people don’t feel like they can, they feel like they just can’t do it, or, “Oh, I’m not as savvy as them. Oh, I’m not”, well, not necessarily, just on the phone. Power of numbers.

Tom Krol: I love that advice, because there’s two things, Jen, that you just are totally dialed in, and you hit the nail on the head. First of all it’s, make time for it. So one thing that I want, anybody who’s listening, if you feel like you don’t have the time, the key is, it’s all about priority management, not time management.
So if it’s important to you, you will make the time for it. Just like anything else, Tony Robbins always teaches us in this life, you don’t get what you want, you get what you have to have. So the reality of the situation is, if you really want it, you’re going to make it a priority, you’ll realize there’s no such thing as time management, and then magically time will appear. So I love that advice, and especially too, that you said it’s a numbers game, it’s really true. And the thing about being on the phone, which I love, is you’re 100% right, it doesn’t matter how good you are at talking on the phone, right? How eloquent you are, it’s all about being a truth teller, and a truth seeker. That’s the key.
Hold these sellers and buyer’s feet to the fire. If somebody asks you a question, and you don’t know what the answer is, be honest, just say, “Hey, you know, I don’t know, I’m just kind of getting started. I don’t really know what I’m doing”, they will root for you, if you are honest, if you try to be something you’re not, which is the worst advice that was ever given in the history of business, is, “Fake it till you make it”, don’t do that. Just be who you are, they’ll root for you.
Yeah, that’s the key. So you’re 100% right, I totally, totally agree. So go ahead Charles, what are your thoughts?

Charles: That was it. I mean I would say, like you say, massive imperfect action-

Tom Krol: Right.

Charles: There’s no substitute, before I got into the tribe, Jen will tell you, I had every book on wholesaling, and flipping, and I mean, my head was spinning, literally, my head was spinning, because there was no direct instruction, and I loved my first call with Cody, he said, “Just drop everything, just listen 100%”, I said, “Thanks. Good. That’s easy.”.

Tom Krol: BAM! I love it!

Charles: I got a thousand books telling me a hundred different things, I said, “Perfect, I’m going all in any way”, but massive imperfect action, and education from action. Don’t be afraid, and just go, just go, go, go, go mess up-

Tom Krol: Yeah.

Charles: Because when you mess up, you learn.

Tom Krol: Yes.

Charles: I think for us, we’re not afraid to mess up-

Tom Krol: I love it.

Charles: We’re not afraid to mess up, and just go, and honestly, you know, everything you taught in these first six months, I teach sales, it has helped me grow my other business. [crosstalk 00:34:18].

Jen: Immensely.

Tom Krol: Is that true?

Charles: I swear to you.

Jen: Its absolutely truth.

Tom Krol: Oh wow that’s awesome. All right.

Charles: I’ve trained sales for a long time, and just tweaking those massive imperfect actions, education from action, and it gets them to understand, and I’ve actually, you helped me grow my other business probably 25% in six months.

Tom Krol: Oh man! I am [crosstalk 00:34:42] right now we are, as soon as this call’s over, you guys are going to get a testimonial button from me that says, “Please leave Wholesaling Inc. a testimony”, because that is awesome.

Jen: Yes, seriously.

Tom Krol: I love it. That is very, very cool, man it’s funny, because if any of my five sales managers that fired me, over a seven year period, for me being in sales ever heard that, they’d be like, “What is this guy talking about?”.

Charles: It has been so good.

Jen: It’s absolute truth, yes.

Tom Krol: That’s awesome.

Charles: It’s so good, and just, it makes it very simple, right? Just go do it, but I would just tell everyone, you’re going to mess up, you learn from doing it, and you get comfortable with being uncomfortable-

Jen: Uncomfortable, yeah.

Charles: And just be you, like you said-

Tom Krol: Yeah.

Charles: You know, for us, we always, that’s how you build rapport, people want to do business, we have gotten calls from sellers that have literally gotten our postcard, and said they’d gotten others, and they called us because it was just us, and it says, you know, “God bless Charles and Jen”, they said, we just like that. It was just you, and honestly the woman who we did, she said, “I just came from church, I got your card, and it said God bless, and I felt like it was a message from God, that you are my angels to come help me”, that’s literally what she told us.

Tom Krol: I love that, and I just do want to tell you, that saying came from, because now we put it in our cards, on a lot of our cards, which is awesome, or actually, I don’t know how many cards, but I just want to say that, that saying, I want to give credit to Rick Ginn, who lives in my territory in Florida, on the Treasure Coast, he’s an awesome guy. And that was his idea. He came up with that, he’s a marketing genius, he’s a probate expert, he’s a wholesaler. You know, he’s been investing for a while, and he knows all the tips and tricks, but that came from Rick Ginn, and he’s awesome, so if you guys don’t know him, look him up, it’s Rick G-I-N-N, and he’s an awesome guy.
But that came from him, so I can’t take any credit, as a matter of fact, everything that I do, just comes from taking advice from other mentors, so I have no, there’s no original genius here, everything comes from a bookshelf of books, and-

Charles: Same thing, absolutely.

Jen: Same thing we do.

Tom Krol: Yeah.

Charles: Literally the same thing we do.

Tom Krol: That’s it.

Charles: I steal word tracks from everyone.

Tom Krol: Yeah. So very, very cool. Well guys, that is an awesome adventure, I have one last question, which is, if anybody is thinking about, if anybody who’s getting started, a business book that you’d recommend? Or a resource, any books that you guys would recommend that somebody check out, if they’re kind of just starting, or if they’re struggling, or what does that look like?

Charles: I would definitely say, I don’t [inaudible 00:37:15], but Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity-

Jen: Yeah, I [crosstalk 00:37:17].

Charles: I mean, it’s not a business book per se, it kind of is, but I think it just gives you perspective first, on kind of what you’re doing, and where you’re going, and kind of where your faith is. Because it’s tough when you start something new, it’s tough, and you got to understand that you’ve got to, there’s got to be a faith piece to it as well. So that’s a really, really important one I would say.

Tom Krol: That’s awesome.

Jen: Yeah, I agree.

Tom Krol: Yeah Jen, you kind of feel the same way? Yeah.

Jen: Yeah, Go-Giver, I mean The Go-Giver, I kind of started dabbling in that, I haven’t finished it completely, but you know, that’s something that I feel like is important too. But the Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, I think kind of just sets you off, especially for being super brand new, and just digging in head first, I think that’s the best way to just get this all launched, so-

Charles: And understanding your money pipeline, that by not giving, you’re clogging yourself up.

Tom Krol: Right.

Jen: Absolutely.

Charles: So having that abundance mindset to start it, I think will help so much just to start, like, “Okay. I just got to give, and it’ll come back, however the Lord wants to give it to me, it’ll come back”, and then I love, Rhinoceros Success.

Tom Krol: Oh, you my favorite. Yes, my favorite book.

Charles: I just read, I just read that one, I do Audible, and it’s funny, I actually made it mandatory for my sales guys to read it, and they love it. They’re like, “You’re right, I just need to go”, and I was like, “Just go. Don’t even think about it, just go”, you know? And they’re like, and it’s actually helped.

Tom Krol: I have so many notes in that book. I believe that Rhinoceros success is the number one, I’m honored to tell you guys that I’ve to become friends with Edwene Gaines, from the Four Spiritual Laws, and I’m friends with Scott Alexander, I can’t believe it, because four years ago I was riding a lawn mower, and totally broke, and now it’s like, I cannot believe I could call Scott Alexander just like say hello to him, it’s crazy.

Jen: Good for you.

Tom Krol: Yeah, it’s crazy, but he’s going to be, by the way, in Orlando, so if you guys want to meet him personally, and hang out with him, he’ll be in Orlando, hanging out with us at the 2018 January event, so yeah, check it out, but well awesome guys. Well, those are great book recommendations. It is been an honor to be on this journey with you, and hear your incredible story. I know you guys are going to do even greater things, so I want to have you on the podcast again, and 45K in eight day deal, I love it. That’s crazy.

Charles: Tom, I need one thing, I’ve been waiting for this for six months, man. I need to hear the bell. I’ve got to hear the bell.

Tom Krol: I was just going to say, we are ringing the victory bell, here we go, hold on guys, hold on.

Jen: Woooooooo!

Charles: There it is.

Jen: Literally the first time we heard the podcast, he’s like, “I can’t wait for us to get the bell rung for us”.

Tom Krol: There you go, there is your beautiful victory bells. And I’m sending one out to you guys, I’m making a note right now, you’re getting your own victory bell where you’re [crosstalk 00:39:55].

Jen: Oh you’re so sweet, thank you.

Charles: Thanks man.

Tom Krol: So great, great job guys.

Jen: So fun.

Tom Krol: Very awesome. God bless. Enjoy it, and yeah, I want to hear more stories so, and if you can make it out to Orlando, make sure you make it out. I want to spend some time with you guys, that would be awesome.

Jen: Definitely, yeah, we’re thinking about it.

Tom Krol: All right.

Charles: Yeah, absolutely.

Tom Krol: All right, cool. Sounds good guys. All right.

Jen: God bless you. Thank you.

Tom Krol: Talk to you too, god bless, bye bye.

Charles: God bless guys, thanks.

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